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Valknut Binding / Potentiation Ritual

Valknut Binding / Potentiation Ritual


An activation ritual of the Valknut by Robert Fitzgerald, including a post-working sigilization / petition technique for the realization of particular ends, contributed by Kaitlin Coppock. Either can be performed standalone.

Mr. Fitzgerald shares —

The symbol of the valknutr was chosen for the Saturn in Aquarius series due primarily to its tri-form construction, in resonance with the 3 wave symbol for Aquarius. As an energetic pattern it is stable as well as a (literal) movable feast, meaning : it excels at not only binding, but transformation.

This is its original function, in keeping with the innate purity of Saturnian force.

It should be noted that the valknutr, along with many other Nordic symbols (especially various runes) have been appropriated by white supremacist groups over the last forty years or so. The symbol, along with our Coterie, has absolutely no connection to, nor affiliation with, such racist applications. The symbol is herein utilized due to its appropriateness, whereas it has been appropriated by Neo-Nazis. The difference is obvious and apposite to the divine truth inherent in the symbol itself.

Finally, the purpose of the Bind-Rune Spell is to transvoke the essential potency of Saturn in Aquarius and thus vitalize the triune nature of the valknutr.

Available as a standalone hard-copy ritual pack, or as a full set including the Saturn in Aquarius items used to execute the Rite as written:

Slim Vigil Candle
Ink + Skin Stain
Tortoise Incense / Powder

Includes 3 prints of the Valknutr on heavy card stock, and a high resolution downloadable file in your My Account dashboard for making future copies as-needed.





Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 9 in
Creation Data

Morning of January 23rd 2023, hour of Saturn. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body



Malefic, Neutral


No – Ethically, legally obtained goat bone

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Supportive, Clarifying

I felt a pull to this one that I couldn't explain or ignore. Incredibly grateful to have listened.


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