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Mars-Jupiter Portable Altar Cases

Mars-Jupiter Portable Altar Cases

Limited edition portable Altar Cases, inspired by Mars-Jupiter’s color palette.

Learn more about them here!

Offered for $99


Out of stock

Spoken for... theoretically! If there is a red banner on the main image indicating this item is Out of Stock, then it is truly spoken for. Other items are just in need of bottling and will be made available at some point in the future. Join the waiting list to be notified of any restocks.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 4 in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Derek O'Neill
Fantastic item!

I *love* my Asclepius travel case. Fantastic for traveling with some of your material and the ophidian detailing on this case is bar none. Great job!

SO perfect for all of the things!

I knew this would be good, but with the exchange rates it took me a bit to convince myself to purchase and I am so glad I did. This is so well constructed, it appeases my extreme detail oriented mind and makes it so I don't have to overthink my materia when travelling. I love it, a lot. Will probably buy another, or the mini one for my purse. PURE GENIUS.


The cozy is so cute and well-made! I like to bring sample/travel sizes of Asclepius and Mercury materia when I travel so this will be perfect for keeping them safe.

mars-jupiter altar case

i didn't think, being not a traveler, that i'd have use for an altar case, as neat as they've been - until this series and this one. once again hitting the gym, i realized the BIG NEED - i used to worry over an exalted mars spray just rolling around in my old bag, me trying to keep its charge and respect by rolling it back into red tissue paper to store every time until that completely disintegrated - having this case will be much easier obvs! the ink & small kolonía fit together in the large pouch & i'm hoping the talisman can drop into one of the segmented holds on the other side.

Absolutely Perfect

Don't sleep on these altar box cases! If you travel with your Materia at all these are absolutely essential to have to prevent spillage and breakage. They are also just **very** well made and beautiful to behold! I have the light colored one because when I needed to buy one that was all that was in stock and was a bit worried on the onset that it would be hard to keep clean/not very hardy. I was so wrong! The fabric is heavy and nice and holds up really well. It's very easy to spot clean and the padding makes a huge difference. I highly recommend this!


I have 3 altar cases including this one and this case is by far the most luxurious! The soft compartment is perfect for crystals and other delicate items. I understand the price difference having this case in hand—it’s extra crisp and somehow cozy at the same time! I wish I could take a nap in that soft pocket myself.

I’m in love with this case!

I had to go out of town at the last minute and packed 3 BPALS, 4 roller balls, 1 mini oil, and 2 spray bottles as well as a bunch of crystals in it. It’s so organized with all of the slots and having the 2 separate zippered pockets. The velvet fabric inside is so soft. The craftsmanship is beautiful. The zippers are very smooth. And the case is the perfect size. The insert that holds the bottles is removable but I don’t see that I would ever do that as it’s so useful having it in there. I am really in love with this case.

Beautiful Design, Extremely Practical

I had considered getting the case in black, but the snake design really stood out, and since one of the uses for Asclepius materia is to cleanse/keep a clean slate, it seemed thematically appropriate to get an Asclepius case for any materia I needed to travel with. I just brought it on a beach vacation, and it was perfect: I took four travel-sized waters plus a BPAL perfume in one compartment (the perfume bottle fits as snugly as the 1/2-oz water bottles do), and my 2-oz Exalted Venus II water in the other compartment (it fit diagonally). Definitely a travel game-changer!

Beautiful - Amazing Quality

I absolutely love this custom pouch. It holds my bottles in place perfectly and there is room plus a whole other pocket for larger items. The quality is amazing. I definitely will be purchasing more of these if they are available.

A Special Case for Special Work

I have left a review on the basic forms in regards to function (10/10) but wanted to express my joy at having a tailored bag specifically for Asclepius as it's the materia I'm most interested in traveling with. The bag is breathtaking and energetically potent even before I put anything into it. I am even going to be able to dedicate one side of it to a travel altar, something I've wanted to do but never pulled the trigger on. Clearly I was supposed to wait for this blessed carrier.


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