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Ink + Skin Stain of Exalted Venus II

Ink + Skin Stain of Exalted Venus II


An all-natural light pink-purle alcohol ink made entirely from botanical sources, fumigated and combined during our Exalted Venus II election: plantain leaf, spearmint, copper, and more, left to incubate before being strained and combined in the day and hour of Venus with colloidal copper + organic honey — one of the oldest known ink fixatives, employed by Ancient Egyptians.

This ink works with dip pens or paint brushes.

The cap also features its own brush, which can be used to create a light background for petition papers.

Use as a temporary tattoo stain on the body itself, tracing sigils, glyphs, or names of power, especially upon the heart, Venus, and Pisces ruled areas of the body, in addition to meridians and acupuncture points to support organ systems. In ritual, before ritual, or for the purposes of practical enchantment.

It doesn’t matter what skin tone you have (it’s so light it’ll probably only show up on fellow ghost-toned people); what matters is that it’s there 

Incredible versatility…

Offered in a 1 oz glass bottle with brush tip for $63

Warning: do not apply to the skin of people with honey allergies. External use only.

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Photos coming as soon as they’re available!

In stock




Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .75 × .75 × 2 in
Creation Date

Morning of April 7th, 2022. Hour of Venus. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body






HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Powerful tool to write reminders or desires on your skin that only you. know are there. The light colour plays favourable to this mean.


This is the first ink I have worked with in rituals. Normally, I don't utilize sigils although from time to time I have felt led to. Originally, I thought this ink would be wonderful for consecrating offerings like wine to Venus since the ink would absorb into the label.
But during Leo season, I began a journey of self-actualization and Venus revealed that this ink would be the main tool for these rituals.
I can say that when worn on the skin, the effect is STRONG! And it's the most blissful feeling, like being surrounded by your very own personal cloud of Venusian pleasure.
Dreams come more easily during sleeping with this ink on the body, and I found that I remembered details of the dreams quite well.
Self-love rituals were also more intense; I'm sure that when used with a partner, this ink will provide the same all-encompassing feeling of acceptance and joy.

Truthfully, Venus retrograde was really difficult for me as it landed in my natal 5th house. But this ink and the hydrosol helped immensely; giving what felt like a lavender-laden oasis to me so I could practice self-acceptance and release past selves without wishing them ill.

I'm sure this ink would be great for any Venusian works, but I would especially recommend it for those of us who are hard on ourselves. It reminds me of the Immortal Heart series in that it does not rush you from any emotions you are feeling, but rather gently guides you from any feeling that is not serving your ideal self and allows you to reprogram your way of thinking/seeing your reality.
It is a beautiful feeling!!! And of course, it's a libido booster, but sweetly so.

Thank you, always, to Kaitlin and company for this offering!!!

Easier to Draw / Write With Than Oil; Good for Layering With Other Venus Materia

I will paint this on my skin or petition paper for rituals when the mood strikes me, as well as before I know I will encounter social situations where I could benefit from Venus' support. I most often paint Venus sigils but also names or goals. I'm glad I bought the ink to try it; it's helpful to have this ink on hand for when I want to add a boost of Venus materia to a working.


I'm really vibing with this series in general. I like inks for the versatility. I find it super relaxing and creates a general ease of being.

Reviewer avatar

I know the shade is mentioned as being light in the listing, and in terms of skin, perhaps that's preferable. I just wish that, for use on paper or other surfaces, this could be slightly darker & more opaque. I'm also not entirely a fan of the consistency, but maybe that's the price one pays for "all-natural" (which is exactly what I always want, I try to avoid synthetics in most things & with magic, I absolutely won't fuck with them at all lol)

When I first tried this ink, I found the scent intoxicating & actually just anointed my wrists with it haha... I'm still haven't figured out the best way to work with the inks, but I'm very glad I have my precious EVII & will always use it when inspiration strikes.

Lovely ink

I’m a huge fan of all the inks I’ve tried but this was the very first I purchased that got me hooked! Scent isn’t the point but this one sure is nice. I like writing love letters with paper dipped on this delicious ink.

Body Sigil Drawing

This was the first ink I bought for body-based sigil drawing. I used it under clothes at a professional networking event, and appeared lightly faint on the skin. I not only met potential collaborators but was also asked out on a date! (still dating suitor at time of ✍️ ) It felt like the ink and sigil were casting a spotlight for those to be drawn in.


I was gifted this ink by my partner (thank you, Venus!) and it’s been such a helpful magical tool in sigil work. I’ve used this ink on paper as well as directly on my skin, and both methods create huge impact. The color of the ink is beautiful, too: a light pink-lavender, delicate and pretty.


  1. I was gifted this ink by my partner (thank you, Venus!) and it’s been such a helpful magical tool in sigil work. I’ve used this ink on paper as well as directly on my skin, and both methods create huge impact. The color of the ink is beautiful, too: a light pink-lavender, delicate and pretty.

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