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Luna in Cancer Salve

Luna in Cancer Salve


100% organic: calamus root, mugwort, watercress, chamomile, ashwagandha, calendula, california poppy, all heal, white lotus, milky oat tops, orris root, blue poppy seeds, flax seed, and white willow bark.

Ritually immersed in organic jojoba and coconut oils post-fumigation during Luna in Cancer’s election, and left to slumber for many moons. Strained and combined with organic beeswax on Luna’s day and hour, alongside essential oils of chamomile and myrrh, crowned with white gold.

Soothing and sensitizing. Apply to the feet and anywhere else you’d like before sleep or ritual, to relax, to prime, and to potentiate the influence of Anointing Oils, Holy Waters, and Talismans from other series.

A less volatile/ “safer” offering than the Moon’s Anointing Oil

Offered in a 2.5 oz tin for $66, or 4 oz bulk pot for $99



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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 0.80 × 0.80 × 2 in
Creation Date

Night of April 7th, 2022. Hour and Night of the Moon. Chart in image gallery.


2.5 oz, 4 oz

Planetary Body




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Gentle yet powerful

This has a lovely fresh scent and feels soothing, I try to use it with specific intentions - mostly to help with lucid dreaming and it really works. My favourite salve.

So soothing

I love this salve. I love applying this salve to my belly in particular. It has such a comforting, empathetic presence for me. I feel less alone and less afraid to feel what I need to feel. As a Cancer rising, I really adore having access to this medicine. It is a powerful ally!

Luisa Powell
great for crying

Look, I'm a Cancer sun, and as much as I hate the constant clowning on Cancer as a weepy sign in pop astrology, I have to admit that I absolutely adore a good cry. There is such sacred wisdom at the center of our feelings, and when the ability to enter fully into my feelings as an altered state of consciousness eludes me (because of whatever earthly distractions are blocking my connection), this salve (paired with a priming application of kolonia) really gets me to the heart of the matter. It's similar to Immortal Heart but less concerned with grief or trauma itself and moreso with emotional experience as a whole. Use with caution and perhaps guardrails, but know that you will be greatly rewarded for doing so!


was apprehensive as a 1H aries moon conjunct Mars but I love! i use on my feet and belly to relax + layer w/ water of Asclepius for protection since I've learned I'm quite sensitive to materia and the moon for this election is on my Chiron + IC. have had such vivid, whimsical dreams and sleep really well. I definitely feel droopy tired if I don't lay down after using. also wanted to listen to meditation playlist after applying and once I opened Spotify, went to an artist from the playlist, it started playing a song I didn't touch (didn't touch anywhere on the screen) and it was "asatoma" which is part of Om Asatoma prayer meaning: "Lead us from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light and from death to immortality." It is used as a purifying prayer which is chanted for the wellbeing of oneself or for humanity." Thanks moon moon :) PS listening to gentle ocean waves ASMR is an expeeeeerience after application!

Heymish Rorke
possibly my favorite single product of all S+S things rn

was wary as a sag rising/scorpio moon but oh baby! I love it a lot. sometimes it does a sleepy baby bear trance thing for me, but more recently as ive been struggling to take care of myself when I use moon-moon she calls me to like, oh instead of just rubbing this on my chest, ill actually take the time to rub it all over where it hurts and actually rub it in and listen to Kristin mathis' hymn and like - take a second - . I dont have a mom but I feel like this is how a mom might care for me. the moon is my mom & I love her


This salve is beautiful treating balm for dry and itchy skin (or nerves :)). Beautiful dreams if applied at night too.

Amy Spurway
Soothing balm for jangled nerves

This salve smells like comfort. When I was a kid, one of my favorite bedtime snacks was a cereal called Mini Wheats, which are small sugar coated wheat biscuits. In milk, they smelled sweet and comforting and cozy, and the minute I applied this salve to my chest at bedtime, I exclaimed ‘Wow! This is Mini Wheats!’ In fact, I had to go buy a box to confirm the olfactory memory and sure enough, there is the same soothing, sleepy, snuggled-under-a-blanket-getting-tucked-in smell that feels like safety and simplicity. It is one of my go-to bedtime salves for gentle, restful sleep. One of my favorites.

A Dreamtime Portal

Luna in Cancer salve is relaxing, soothing and comforting for my natal Aries moon. I can often feel uncomfortable in my body, and I've found this salve to help me ease into a slower, more somatic awareness and bodily softness.
Each time I've used the salve before bed, my dreams have been extremely vivid and potent. My partner has the Moon in Cancer conjunct Jupiter natally, and they also have incredible dream recall anytime materia from this series is used. This is their favourite series to date! I've found that applying this salve on your own or with a loved one can allow for organic, deep and compassionate emotional intimacy.

PMS medicine!

I use this salve on my tummy and lower back during PMS and during my period. It really helps!!! I still have symptoms but they are less severe.


I was initially wary of Moon Moon but got strong, repeated divination results to lean into this series. This salve is quiet but powerful. I use it to boost the healing/ameliorative aspects of other offerings, particularly Butter Ocean. When I apply the salve over other S+S oils, it’s like the other offerings open up and become more present and accessible. Alone, this salve provides openness and creates space for contemplation and communion with those closest to me, but is still a bit less comfortable than when suitably buffered. It truly is like wearing the High Priestess card - not always a comfortable role! Since starting to use this salve with other offerings, I have found myself reaching for it almost nightly.


  1. I’ve approached my work with Luna in Cancer quite slowly as it was my first Sphere + Sundry materia and Kaitlin had made a point of offering caution in her write up. I felt drawn to it when it was announced and refused to talk myself out of this as my first (though part of me tried). I am one of many injuries, including some significant ankle and calf owies, so at first I decided to dabble slowly with some salve in these areas. I was already working with the concept of Saturn as Fascia and so I focused application when the Moon was transiting Saturn’s signs (and yes to the calves and ankles depending on if in Cap or Aquarius). LiC has shown me a path of embodiment…which I was always on, but not conscious of until deep in this work…before it was a healing journey, now it is an embodied journey. As I enter the dark zones of my body and excavate the pain, Luna gives me light to know I am not alone and that I can continue to navigate my experience in a kind and gentle way. When I apply the salve to my ankles it doesn’t just sooth the topical area, but communicates to the rest of my body through the nerves and fascia — offering adjustments and relief. I can be in my body and feel love. I can be in my body and want to be there. I especially appreciate when I have a physio or other hands-on practitioner appointment under the noted transits as applying the salve after treatment exponentially amplifies what treatment would have done alone. This has become such a core part of this journey that I bought a second, larger tin to ensure I’ll have some for the coming years. Kaitlin’s caution is not unwarranted. I use this a couple times monthly at most. In a period where I got a little excited and was putting it on more often I came to recognize that I was a little much (on top of me already being a little much), and so I scaled back usage and am comfortable with where I netted out. A little of a gateway drug as I’ve started playing with several other items and series’ since starting with LiC, and I am ever grateful for Luna’s gentle acceptance of me into this magic.

  2. I usually layer my liniment with Regulus salve, but last month, when the Moon was enclosed by benefics, I decided to add this Luna salve in the mix. It made the liniment extra spicy and I absolutely love it!!! I thought that since Luna is more of a Yin nature it might cancel out the Yang in Regulus but no it just boosted both Regulus and liniment into this absolutely awesome blend of extra spicy relief

  3. This salve has been a gentle swoosh of waves in the way it guides me towards insightful dreams. I already have vivid nights, but on nights when I wear this, I find more clarity around them. The symbols become clear and I’m able to understand the messages from my spirits more easily. The nighttime extends into the day and I’m given a container to explore what is most important for my soul in that moment of time. I have a few Luna in Cancer items but this salve is quickly becoming my favorite.

  4. I decided to test out the Luna in Cancer series with this salve as a more gentle introduction and I found it to be a wonderfully soothing, intensifying primer for anointing oils and body butters from other series. My favorite pairings so far are with Cloud Kingdom oil and Exalted Venus II oil; the former yields an elevated bliss and the latter creates pure embodied joy. The sum of the combination is far more than its parts—the synergistic effect is powerful and can be mood altering, in a good way. The scent and texture is among my favorites of the S+S salves, as well. I’m so glad to have this on hand.

  5. So far, I’ve engaged with the candle, oil and this salve and the salve definitely feels calmer more focused, less dangerous I suppose. I haven’t had negative experiences with nothing out of s+s, though. The salve helps other materia sink deeper into my skin and also further focuses the already super focused materia! Lovely

  6. As someone who was both intrigued by the LiC series and also a little intimidated, the Luna in Cancer salve felt like the best way to jump in. (It was also my first S+ order, eep.) I am SO glad I purchased this! I’ve found that it is both soothing and sensitizing, as promised — and like Kaitlin mentioned, it’s wise to have a goal/process in mind when using. Any potential negative side effects seem far lessened when I am mindful of what I hope to gain (or lose) from each intentional use. It’s worth noting that the only “negative” I’ve experienced has been some emotional discomfort that has actually been really damn good for me… weird how that works 😉 I also have to mention that for any periods of discomfort, there have been at least twice as many experiences of feeling soothed, calmed, enveloped in exquisite softness. Lunar love. Truly fantastic on its own and equally – but differently! – delicious when paired with Cloud King or Exalted Venus II. I plan on grabbing the bulk pot soon because I do NOT want to be without this.

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