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Body Butter of Exalted Venus II

Body Butter of Exalted Venus II

A divine herbal infusion of organic lavender, passionflower, lemon balm, ashwaganda, valerian, spearmint, and more, ritually immersed in a proprietary blend of skin soothing oils post-fumigation during Exalted Venus II’s election, and left to slumber for many months. Strained and combined with organic shea butter and coconut oil, chilled, and delightfully aerated.

Smells like… a lavender snickers bar?, which may not sound good, but as is Body Butter’s way — is mouth wateringly phenomenal

Apply to relax, unwind, and open yourself to socializing, self-love, and pleasure.

Body Butters are less physically altering, explicitly “medicinal” forms compared to Salves, but with the same herbs in lighter concentrations, leading many to apply Butters by day and Salves by night.

Use to attune to the Venusian sphere and to potentiate other materia and talismans.

This batch of Body Butters, like Luna in Cancer’s, were stiffened using more shea butter than usual, to help offset the Summer heat in our residing hemisphere. It’s gotten great reviews so far and is likely to be the standard moving forward.

If yours *does* happen to melt in transit, it can be put in the refrigerator and then re-whipped, or used as-is left to its own devices. It doesn’t impact its magical efficacy or nourishing properties in any way. It can also be melted on purpose and used as a warm massage oil.

Offered in your choice of 2 oz glass jar for $33, or 6 oz bulk pot for $78

Important note: Body Butters are prone to melting in transit during hot weather, especially when shipped ground and/ or not collected immediately! 

They are whipped (like cream) to create a soft, spreadable texture. When Body Butters melt in transit, the air within gets separated from the oil base, making the jar *appear* less full. Rest assured that we never send “half empty” Body Butters. You are getting the *same amount* of product when this happens. None leaked if the exterior of the jar and label are not oily. Your Butter can be restored by putting it into the refrigerator and re-whipping it, or used as-is, whatever you prefer! It retains its magical and herbal potency regardless of air content. 

Refunds or replacements are not given for items that melt in transit. Only the Client understands what the weather is like in their area around the time they order, what their personal mail scenario is (put inside a climate controlled building or likely to be left in a hot mailbox?), and what type of shipping they choose. If your order qualifies for free shipping, please add your preference as a note if you have one. You can also refrain from obtaining items that may melt in hot conditions by saving those acquisitions for cooler weather. 

Thank you for understanding!




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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Creation Date

Morning of April 7th, 2022. Hour of Venus. Chart in image gallery.


6 oz, 2 oz

Planetary Body




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews

Beautiful scent and texture, I have to stop myself from using too much of this and I already think I need to re-stock. It's super relaxing and I like to combine it with Fomalhaut body butter before sleep.

Lynn McM
Unparalleled for sleep

This body butter has become part of my bedtime routine, thanks to the advice of a friend. It calms and refreshes my mind and helps provide the relaxation I really need to sleep like nothing else I’ve tried. I combine it with the Divine Physician bb if I’m achy or uncomfortable and DA bb if I’m feeling anxious or vulnerable. Highly, highly recommend.


Exalted Venus II is one of my favorites - going by the scent alone. It's sweet and flowery, without being cloying or choking. It's hard not to want to slather it on daily - very "EVII, take me away" vibes. Perfect when applied after a hot bath or shower, it's relaxing and nourishing. Will keep buying this until it sells out.

Heymish Rorke
just like GOOD VIBES SPREAD lol

I brought it to a dinner and after we all washed our hands I went to put some on and then the person I secretly want to marry was like WHATS THAT and I was like ah, its good vibes hand cream here take some then I rubbed a little onto their hand trying not to be conspicuous but they did find me hilarious and captivating through our super delicious dinner. IMAGINE WHAT I COULD DO WITH AN ENTIRE HAND MASSAGE YOU KNOW?

Love in a bottle

To the fellow Cap Moon natives: you need this body butter. Any resistance and fear to love, relaxation and overall sweetness simply melts away.

Befriending myself

To be honest, I wasn't sure at first quite how I felt about this series. It felt indulgent, deeply tender and loving in a very direct way. Did I deserve this unapologetic softness and pleasure? Could I allow myself to simply release into all this beauty? Well, I learned to. This body butter gently led me and showed me that yes, this sweetness was available to me. Yes, I could have this gorgeous experience and not be worried if I was worthy. This has become a needed balm to my rest and enjoyment.

Luxury in a Jar

I'm generally more of a Salve person over the Body Butters, but this Body Butter is THE BEST. The smell is sweet yet herbal and not overpowering. The texture is thick in the jar but melts seamlessly into the skin. The effect makes me relaxed and in sync with my body, but it's not too relaxing that I can't use it during the day. It's soothing and calming while allowing me to remain functional.

That's the Virgo Ascendant in me wanting to be functional LOL. And one significant thing this series continues to teach me is that it is ok to JUST BE and NOT DO. :)

Love this

My partner doesn't like scents on me so this one is all for myself. Lavender chocolate for the win.

Reviewer avatar

Soo glorious! Its usage leads to a near-immediate sense of unparalleled ease, pleasure, peace, relaxation & embodiment~ sinking into oneself with adoration, a blissful reawakening to the splendor of one's beautiful self. Such perfection!


One of the loveliest butters at S+S - this have very subtle flowing energy shift that carries you away worry free without any resistance from the brain & body.


  1. This is my first S&S with the new formulation (more shea) and this formula absorbs much easier, sinks into the skin better, and just smells lovely. I like to use this Exalted Venus body butter when I need to pamper myself, feel fabulous -whether for myself or others, and in general ease myself into a better mood. Beautiful. Would buy again if I wasn’t such a hard core salve fan these days.

  2. THIS BUTTER IS SO AMAZING. To enter the venusian sphere and feel your entire fantasy? THIS doll right here. The artistry, creative flow and venusian energy attached to this formula is STELLAR. 10/10

  3. I love all the body butters from S+, but this one in particular leaves my skin softer & silkier than anything. The scent is less gourmand than the Empress butter, with a gentle herbaceous quality that’s quite pleasant. Really facilitates entering an overall state of “wow, isn’t this nice?” no thoughts just vibes

  4. I know Butter Ocean is amazing too, but gosh this is just as good. I use a little every Friday night after my shower to celebrate being reunited with by love because we can only see each other on the weekends.

    Relaxing, soothing, and I swear it actually melts so quickly into the skin, it’s noticeable. Lovely fragrance. I love applying it after a long relaxing shower in the glow of my light night before climbing into bed to watch Baby Yoda, and cuddle.

  5. This body butter is so relaxing, I hear myself sigh when I put it on! It is creamy and moisturizing and spreads across my skin easily without leaving a greasy residue. I feel nearly instant relief from anxiety and notice my breath deepening and my muscles relaxing. It definitely helps with falling asleep at night and I also use it as a bedside lip balm. The smell is sweet without being overpowering and lingers nicely on the skin. I’ve put it on my daughter as well and she said; “It smells so good, you wanna faint when you put it on!” I’ve used up my first jar and have bought the larger size to replace it as it’s my go-to day and night. I notice my household softening in tone and mindset thanks to EVII’s influence. Gentle yet, powerful.

  6. DELIGHTFUL! The EV butter has such a lovely delicate scent, the new consistency is excellent and it takes you straight to Venus “blissville”. I prefer to use it after bathing and focus on my chest, décolletage, stomach and hips. I’ve also been using it on a surgical scar to send a little love to it and hopefully help with the appearance. Relaxing, easeful and sexy. Venus butters are my fave butters.

  7. I slathered on this lotion before going out to a show and the musician I was seeing told everyone in the room that he thought I was adorable, so 10/10 would recommend!

  8. This is a beautiful body butter, the scent is lovely and it definitely brings the feeling of a “mini vacation.” It very relaxing and is great for more gentle self care practices. The Venusian effect is more gentle rather then in your face, something I definitely appreciate with this materia.

  9. I am loving this body butter so much! I love the lavender fragrance and it goes on so smooth. I am currently using it each night before bed, applying it to the base of my skull, and I am getting really deep sleep as a result. So grateful for this effect!

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