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Saturn in Capricorn Oil

Saturn in Capricorn Oil


A mélange of stone root, comfrey root, thyme, hemp seed, elder berries, black eyed peas, pu’erh tea, onyx, and various roots, stones, beans, and bones of a Saturnian nature, combined, and ritually fumigated with prayers for the Greater Malefic’s blessing, tempered in the election by Jupiter’s co-presence in Capricorn. Immersed in long-lasting, rancidity resistant 100% pure meadowsweet, including fossilized dinosaur bone.

A grounded and true-to-form take on Saturn, which serves as the cornerstone for the series entire. While other sub-sets of Oils, Incenses, and Powders incorporate additional ingredients, including carriers of various nature, animalia, and precious metals to achieve more specialized aims, Saturn in Capricorn’s Oil is the one to work with for educational purposes and the most direct engagement with Earth’s outermost Sphere.

Formulated a la Temperance edition to mitigate overly-malefic manifestations, a touch of frankincense and ritually harvested evergreen sprigs from the altar help ensure Saturn in Capricorn’s impacts are as productive and life-supporting as possible, while remaining within bounds of the Saturnian arcana.

The power and potency of talismanic magic is not always a blessing…

It is easy to crush and to curse and to create misfortune with strong Saturn elections, so for the best results (and with personal application in mind), we do recommend roping Jupiter or other benefics into the electional mix and adjusting the formulary to create something which will, for instance, reinforce boundaries and provide a sense of discipline, but not cut off all psychic air flow and trigger major depression, poverty, and hopelessness.

This Oil can be applied to the self or jewelry during once weekly Saturn devotions in Saturn’s day and hour for planetary attunements, or used to anoint objects and ritual tools of a compatible nature whenever necessary. It can be used to dress candles for Saturnian devotion, or for candle magic designed to erect boundaries and facilitate binding.

Promotes discipline, structure, practicality, responsibility, self-sufficiency, long-life, protection from the meddling of others, and a deeper understanding of Saturnian principles, including long-range planning, *productive self-sacrifice, and the merits of isolation, hard work, and complaint-less devotion.

While we have done all we are able to mediate negative manifestations and create something as “positive” as possible, Saturn is the Greater Malefic… anything truly Saturnian *will* have characteristic side effects. Remember that cosmologically speaking, all of the Spheres balance, moderate, and temper one another, and Saturn’s primary job is providing containment and context. It does not exist in a vacuum, nor (as living beings) should our engagement with it.

For this reason, we do recommend using Saturn’s materia in conjunction or rotation with other more benefic, uplifting, positive, and life-giving series. A little bit of Saturn provides structure and safe space for the “good stuff” you wish to fill yourself + your life with. Too much without the intervention and support of other influences will not render the best results, and may lead to a lack of joy, vitality, and the like. Use in moderation, and with mindful intent.

Arrives in your choice of standard 1/2 oz glass vial for $75 (with optional Dropper Cap Kit), or a 10 ml onyx gem roller for $60, each with hand stamped Saturn label.


SKU: N/A Categories: , ,


Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in
Planetary Body


Malefic, Neutral


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Sunday, November 22, 2020, hour of Saturn. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. I have Saturn in Capricorn conj my Ascendant natally and my Saturn return was the greatest period of my entire life; wanting to continue that sense of “coming into myself” and “come home,” I purchased as much of this series as possible. The Saturn in Capricorn oil is immensely calming, soothing, and brings me into an immediate sense of self-autonomy and “Everything is going to be fine-ness.” It genuinely feels like some one is sitting with me, not in a comforting sense, but a strong mentoring presence. I am a lifter/body builder and occasionally combine this with Mars materia to go to the gym and it is *phenomenal. My romantic partner can occasionally tell when I am using the materia – I make decisions a bit more forcefully than I normally do haha.

  2. As expected, Saturn in Capricorn packs a punch! In the best of ways, obviously. I’ve used this as a meditation aid with wonderful results! One of His strongest messages for me has been to slow down, double check, and be responsible and He also has allowed me to visualize the Walls that keep me from moving forward sometimes.

    Before this it was very hard for me to see the things I had to do and do them! But SiC has made me more of a realist! He helps put all my ducks in a row. He has also pushed me to throw away a couple of extra projects into the trash because they aren’t worthwhile and just take away focus from my primary work.

    I will probably never be A Realist, but Saturn in Capricorn provides a lot of grounding for me. The smell reminds me a lot of my Grandmother’s house.

    I used this weekly for a month and since then I’ve used it maybe once every two weeks. He’s not a walk in the park for me, but a very necessary influence.

  3. I struggle with productivity and usually have to take an ADHD medication in the morning. I decided to do a small application of the Saturn Oil to start my day, tempering it with Sol in Leo oil as recommended. I had not taken my ADHD medication yet. Even from a small amount, the rise in my heart rate with really noticable, and I was taking on effects that were similar to my medication right from the bat. It’s been a few hours and with my medication now also in my system, the amount of focus and clear headed accuracy my thoughts have is really incredible. I had originally bought this for buckling down on future projects and studying, and I’m now extremely glad I did. I think next time instead of Sol in Leo I might temper with the Empress oil, the sun ambience is a bit energetic and the Venus aspects might be more beneficial for my personal purposes. Regardless, a really powerful product.

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