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Ink + Skin Stain of Regulus III

Ink + Skin Stain of Regulus III


An all-natural light yellow alcohol ink made entirely from botanical sources, fumigated and combined during the Regulus III election: pomegranate, goldenseal, turmeric, life everlasting, mastic, bee pollen, and saffron, left to incubate 160+ days before being strained and combined in the hour of Sol with colloidal gold + organic honey — one of the oldest known ink fixatives, employed by Ancient Egyptians.

This ink works with dip pens or paint brushes.

The cap also features its own brush, which can be used to create a light yellow background for petition papers.

Use as a temporary tattoo stain on the body itself, tracing sigils, glyphs, or names of power, especially upon the heart or Solar Plexus. In ritual, before ritual, or for the purposes of practical enchantment.

It doesn’t matter what skin tone you have (it’s so light it’ll probably only show up on fellow ghost-toned people); what matters is that it’s there 🌞

Incredible versatility…

Offered in a 1 oz glass bottle with brush tip for $66

Warning: do not apply to the skin of people with pollen or honey allergies. External use only.

In stock



Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 2 in
Fixed Star




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Night of June 15th, 2021. Moon-Regulus in the 10th, opposite Jupiter in Pisces in the 4th (Lion-Elephant Yoga), Luna's hour. Chart in the image gallery

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  1. I love using this as a body stain. I immediately feel clarified, confident, and happier upon putting it on my skin. I often use it before important meetings and I have definitely noticed a difference in how people treat me: more compliments for my work, more acceptance. Love it.

  2. This ink is amazing. I use the ink in everything from sigils and artwork to painting my skin. Applying this ink to my skin produces a feeling that fortifies and strengthens me. The ink is worth every penny and I highly recommend. It gives me confidence but also seems to just make a bright light around me that changes the way people interact with me. It sort of makes you very visible and respected. It could probably be a lot for someone who is not comfortable being in the spotlight so applying to sigils or other items not directly to the skin may be better but for those that are ready to shine or have to whether they want to or not, this ink delivers.

  3. I cannot begin to explain how much I love this materia. Regulus is my heliacal setting start and I have always felt a kindred connection to this star since I learned about it. This type of materia is excellent for an artist, I’ve used it in pieces that sit over my desk and I’m reminded of Regulus energy with it. I would love to see more materia like this in the future— dyes and inks and other items that can be used in creative projects. Highly recommend!

  4. I have used this ink and body stain more than any other product I have from this launch. It gave me a huge boost in recent job interviews and promotion. It was kind of funny, I got scheduled twice for the same position.

  5. Love this ink and body stain. Used as a body stain, it’s just the boost I need for hosting events and content.

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