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Water of Regulus III

Water of Regulus III


Pomegranate, passionfruit, mugwort, celandine, mastic, and garnet, distilled with water from the headwaters of Mt. Shasta throughout the day of the Regulus III election, beginning in Jupiter’s hour.

Left to bask on the Altar of Operation, and incubated for more than 160-days tucked away with the rest of the series.

Mixed with essential oils of yuzu and frankincense, and a small amount of cosmetic-grade golden mica.

Shake well before using as a body, linen, or aura spray, to wash away self-doubt and bring a soft illumination. Mist altars and offerings of a Solar nature.

One of the gentlest items this series has to show…

Offered in a 1/2 oz travel or sample size glass spray bottle for $30, or full 2 oz for $72


SKU: N/A Categories: , ,


Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 2 in
Fixed Star




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Night of June 15th, 2021. Moon-Regulus in the 10th, opposite Jupiter in Pisces in the 4th (Lion-Elephant Yoga), Luna's hour. Chart in the image gallery

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Regulus III Info Sheet



  1. I adore the water of regulus. It smells and looks amazing, glittering and sparkling with particles of gold. I use it for work/public situations and I feel so much more confident, positive and grounded. It helps me to shine and has been a total game changer for me. Thank you so much!

  2. Love this hydrosol! I feel warm and joyful just reaching for it. I teach yoga twice a week and on days I feel anxious about leading the class I use this on my solar plexus to boost my confidence in a gentle way.

  3. I’ve recently delved into the world of Sphere + Sundry and spent a massive amount of time reading & researching to decide which of the materia to try first. I have always felt a closeness/affinity to water, so the waters and kolonias made the most sense to me in regards to the type of materia to try first. This was the first of what I’ve tried and my favorite as of right now. I have a Sun in Libra and have difficulty connecting with our star sometimes. This helps in a way that doesn’t knock me off my feet & leave me feeling unmoored or unlike myself – its refreshing, rejuvenating, it brings the spirit to life. Just the scent of it makes me smile and I reach for it when I need some light in my life. I think the Regulus III water is so approachable and friendly but that doesn’t diminish its powerful magic.

  4. This is absolutely excellent! I have been experimenting with this when doing public facing work when I want to make sure that I am really sharing myself authentically. It is BRIGHT to say the least! I’m happy to say that it’s brightness is joyful, energizing and crisp with clarity. A little goes a long way, and while I would love to use it with abandon because it is so aesthetically delightful, that is far from necessary.

  5. Gives me a sense of tangible inner warmth. I’ve experienced being extraordinarily calm, grounded and self-assured as a result of working with Regulus II.

  6. I use this Reg III water for all kinds of situations, particularly in conjunction with products from the Empress and VAD series when I want to feel and look my best. I also use this in conjunction with products from some other series when I want to feel more confident, more likely to be heard and seen in a group setting, and comfortable in a given situation. It is a great choice for either work or going out and has a gentle, clarifying vibe upon use.

    Interestingly, Regulus III can support having or cultivating a more favorable perception of my body and appearance. This is especially noticeable when seeing reflections of myself and was something I discovered on accident when initially using Regulus III products.

    The above effect could be influenced by my chart’s placements. I have a 12th house sun with Mercury and Libra in my first house, and an exalted Jupiter.

    In any case, this series can contribute to feeling more worthy, able, and inclined to be visible in ways that come naturally to me. That has been helpful. This series is also gently fun or joyful – I have occasionally found myself smiling and having a better time than expected hours after use of this water and other Reg III products.

    The Reg III water has become an essential part of my present routine.

  7. I love all the items I have from the Regulus series, but the water is my hands down favorite. Firstly, it’s gorgeous, the golden mica swirling in the bottle is a triumph in beauty. Secondly, it smells absolutely divine. As far as magical applications go, I use it to brighten my mood, help give a boost of confidence between zoom calls, and to clear energy around my altars. In that regard it functions a bit like an Asclepius water, but less antiseptic, more glowy and joyful.

  8. I’ve forgotten that I have ordered Water of Regulus III, and when I went to unpack my Empress Materia, I found this and took it as a sign to start using this materia. It has become an instant favorite and has the most obvious effect on me out of all the S&S Materia I’ve used. A few sprays and I feel lighter, happier, and more confident. It works really well in lessening the depressive and dark moments, as well as dissipating anxious moments that sometimes lead to small panic attacks. The yuzu smell is also wonderful! Though be careful of spraying too much. I did that once and ended up with a headache that lasted for a few hours. An incredibly potent yet gentle magic comes with this materia, and I’ve ordered another to keep in stock!

  9. ugh worth it for the smell alone! bright, fruity and potent: even just a whiff of the spray is enough to feel my energetic body collect and unite.
    The first night I put this on, I had so much fun dancing in front of my mirror and just being alive. It’s hard to explain, but I feel like it helps me enjoy life more.
    I’ve only just begun using it regularly but notice the spray instills such confidence and clarity in me when I give astrology consults. I feel so good at creating a warm, inviting space where both of us can shine.
    As someone who thinks a lot about community, sharing space and stepping back, I love the “introverted” Jupiterian quality; everyone can drink from Regulus’s cup and be full (and it doesn’t demand I always be at the center)
    I am so excited to use this more as I do more public things. But in the meantime I love how much it fortifies my creative work behind the scenes and helps create a vision that will be birthed in time.
    gentle, yet powerful.

  10. The water is so beautiful and comforting. I feel like it helps wash any melancholia away. Like others have said, the smell is gorgeous as well is the presentation. I will likely be going through it v quickly.

  11. Look, I’ve had a lot of fantastic S+S experiences that cannot be written off as coincidence or placebo.

    This is the first product that I’ve distinctly been unable to tell “is it magic or placebo,” but I don’t really mean that as a bad thing?

    It’s that the impact is gentle, but the yuzu scent is SO GOOD and the gold sparkle is SO UPLIFTING that it’s impossible not to smile and maybe shimmy a bit as you spray a cloud of this over your head with reckless abandon.

    It has the desired and intended effect, but everything about its presentation is so gorgeous that in truth, it kicks in before I even use it.

  12. R3 water smells fruity and delicious (strong passionfruit and yuzu notes for me!). I honestly wanted to keep spraying (which probably has a layering effect). This is a gentle, cheerful, and wonderful way to experience Regulus. Would purchase for non-magickally inclined users, because who doesn’t want to wash away self-doubt and bring on a gentle confidence?

  13. Oh my goodness, this water is WONDERFUL. I was planning to skip the Regulus series to save up for a future release, but I’m a sucker for sparkle, so when I saw this I couldn’t resist buying a bottle. And I’m SO glad I did! I honestly credit this with helping me stay calm through a difficult holiday season, as well as a very stressful January. (To the point that I’m pretty sure it played a crucial role in helping me stay healthy, even when it seemed like everyone I knew was getting sick.) Not only does it smell lovely, but I’ve found that one spray gives me an instant sense of peace and assurance, even in situations I would normally find nerve-wracking. It’s hard to say which S+S product has had the strongest effect on me personally… But if I wanted to show someone else why S+S is so amazing, I’d probably offer them a spritz of this! I really do love it that much. I did find it gentle, in that the energy is distinctly soothing and cozy. But I can also say as someone who struggles to stay calm, that this water packs exactly the anti-anxiety punch that my Virgoan heart needs. I’m already thinking of repurchasing, it’s just that good!

  14. Applying Water of Regulus 3 makes me feel like a lioness mama with my kids, playful even during this dark dreary slog of winter, able to accept their energy without overwhelm.
    It also makes me look incredibly hot. So hot that I’ve created and deleted more than one dating profile since I received it- dang it, Capricorn Venus is in Retrograde right now.
    Emotionally it played a key role in healing some issues related to my dad/patrilineal line that I’d been having a really hard time with until this series. Thanks to S+S for making this magic happen:)

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