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Kolonía of Regulus III

Kolonía of Regulus III


Water freshly harvested from the headwaters of Mt. Shasta, grain alcohol, and colloidal gold, combined at the height of the Regulus III election and left to bask upon the altar. Incubated for many months tucked within consecrated herbal matter for the series, finished with essential oils of helichrysum, frankincense, and yuzu, and a keepsake heart of garnet.

Turkish colognes are often sprinkled upon the hands before entering one’s household or business establishment, providing some natural sanitation and also a delightful scent. This can be used in such a way, or as a type of Regulus Florida Water for energetic cleansing, drawing goodness and illumination — anytime or before ritual. Makes it difficult for nasties to glom on or penetrate the auric body.

Shake well to integrate and disburse golden drops of essential oil before use.

Energy Clearing Protocol

For energetic cleansing, sprinkle about a half teaspoon onto the palms of the hands and gently but thoroughly rub together for 10 or so seconds, coating both sides. The hands can float 2 inches from the body or be lightly touching it.

Stand and run your palms from the crown of your head down the back of the head, then start from the top again, going down the front of your face and body, all the way down to the tops of your feet. If you feel any areas “sticking”, continue stroking them until energies disperse, and then proceed with downward sweeping.

Continue skimming from the head downward, running your cologned hands across every surface area, including under the arms, groin, and rear, concluding with the bottoms of the feet by lifting them. You can “flick” the energy off if it feels right, or it will dissipate naturally, however you prefer.

Take 10-30 seconds to close your eyes and integrate the cleansing, feeling the shift, and thank Asclepius for his protection, sealing the auric body from negativity.

Asclepius’ Kolonía can also be used before performing reiki, energy work, or any other healing activity, on clients or loved ones. It can be done on the self, objects, or 3rd parties.

Other Applications

This can also be added to baths, floor washes, essential oil diffusers, or dishes of water kept at the bedside for protection. May disturb sleep.

Extraordinarily versatile, effective, and p o t e n t .

Offered in a 1.7 oz glass woozy bottle for $36, or bulk 5 oz for $106

Please note that the 1.7 oz glass woozy is 100% out of stock and will not be returning.


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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

1.7 oz, 5 oz

Fixed Star




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Night of June 15th, 2021. Moon-Regulus in the 10th, opposite Jupiter in Pisces in the 4th (Lion-Elephant Yoga), Luna's hour. Chart in the image gallery

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  1. This Kolonia is both at once incredibly sattvic and warming; I enjoy it’s sense of majesty which seems able to restore confidence and order. It’s warmth is soothing and provides invigorating yet calm support. Highly recommend!

  2. Love, love this kolonia (as well as the Regulus water) as a simple preparation before socializing. It helps me get into a warm, happy head (and heart) space to be fully present and connected with whoever I’m spending time with. Social time feel more restorative, less draining, and like I’m spreading good energy out in the world <3

  3. Refreshing starter to cleanse before the dressing of other materia following. It energetically removes toxic debris to usher in intentions being set in motion. Divine Kolonia.

  4. Kolonía of Regulus III was my introduction to Sphere + Sundry. I was guided to this resource by my dear friend and reader whom spoke of the care and artistry of Kaitlin Coppock and Sphere + Sundry. Upon receiving my Kolonía of Regulus III I was struck by the high custodial efforts of the packaging. Unboxing my Regulus was a ritual onto itself and its application has been rewarding and affirming. I feel connected to my light and value systems with the subtle and uplifting accord.

  5. For me, all kolonias are the gentlest way to experience a particular series. Regulus 3 is no exception. Comparatively to R2, R3 has a much more emotional balance + depth going on, where the sort of confidence has emotional gravitas. If Regulus’ series are about confidence, R3 provides additional emotional perception to your rolls. The kolonia is a great way to dip your toe into R3 materia, particularly if this is your first foray into S&S materia. This would make a great starter gift to anyone who is looking to harness some Solar energy, and may not necessarily know where to begin. Let R3 guide you.

  6. Swooosh! It’s a beautiful cleansing and uplifting feeling, and great if you’re give to holiday, or other, blues. It’s not overwhelming at all, but you just notice that you’ve been smiling for awhile without any reason for it.

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