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Mammoth Subset

Mammoth Subset


The backbone of Saturn in Aquarius’ working altar was a large chonk of woolly mammoth tusk, preserved for thousands of years and unearthed recently in Alaska. Shards were fumigated with myrrh during the operation, and ground into this subset, as well as charred and pulverized for the Ink + Skin Stain.

Mammoths are the furry relatives of the elephants we all know and love. There are all kinds of fun mammoth facts tying them to Saturn in Aquarius’ arcana, such as them being 1. long-extinct, and 2. commonly preserved in permafrost and discovered by modern man in almost their entirety, even to this day. People have eaten them relatively recently!

But what concerns us here are the magical merits of the mammoth — those of endurance, resourcefulness, fortitude, memory, strength, and collective wisdom. They were also ferocious warriors, equipped with incredibly powerful tusks to protect themselves and those they loved.

This is the subset of choice for those seeking the most embodied, “heaviest hitting” take on Saturn in Aquarius’ charge. It is more action-oriented and active than Tortoise, and far more grounded than the base series. Excellent before physical activities requiring strength and endurance, and very interesting for meditation and magic.

Ingredients include mammoth bone/ tusk, dammar and opoponax resin, boreal camphor, and high john the conqueror root. Includes white gold, 23k gold, and fossilized amber.

Mammoth Anointing Oil: 1/2 oz Standard Vial for $81, 10 ml “flawless glide” Steel Roller for $63, or 5 ml Mini for $33

Mammoth Incense-Powder hybrid: 1/2 oz Vial for $33 (due to limitation, no bulk pots will be offered).

Mammoth Spell Soap: 3″ x 1″ disc for $48 (please view important tips here)





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Creation Data

Morning of January 23rd 2023, hour of Saturn. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body


Fixed Star


Malefic, Neutral


FIRE HAZARD — Never leave fire unattended. Clear away packing materials before burning and do not close the lid on boxes while a flame is burning, HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium


No – Ethically, legally obtained mammoth bone

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
M. Lemon
Jaw bone-orthodontic treatment support

I have a rare jaw condition (that apparently is prevalent in women of color and increasing age, how fun!) -- and recently needing orthodontic work to prevent dental root resorption (definitely not fun!). I've been burning the Mammoth-subset incense + Asclepius +/- DAII incense every Saturday in the hour of Saturn to help support this 18-month long treatment. I must say this materia is very potent -- the slow-humming, low-grade depression (and just thinking of old age, now that I'm past half-way in this incarnation) is real, and I would caution everyone out there who have the slightest tendency of regressing into depression -- and I've already buffer this with Asclepious and/or DAII. Also -- actually the depression points to the amount of artifact in need of resorption (just like the bone) or integration, so they are there for a reason. However, I found this materia very grounding and producing v. potent effect of patience, perseverance, and increase pain tolerance, even in the most difficult of times (aka when I have to sit still 2-3 hours in a dental chair sans numbing meds). I understand that this subset is more "active" than the Tortoise, but I cannot help but to choose this for my jaw/ortho treatment due to the tusk. Perhaps I should write back in 18 month to see how this materia has supported me during the treatment.


Mammoth Subset

Love the oil

Listen. I've been experimenting with a variety of materia to help with everyone's favorite mundane struggle: productivity. I love Mercury for tasks that are computer focused, emails especially. Antares for getting up and doing. But still didn't find help from those options when it came to more involved boring tasks. Think dealing with account issues, taxes, piles of neglected paperwork. For me, I had a pile of important paperwork I just could not get through for over a year maybe. Nothing with deadlines to motivate me, but still important. Things like setting up my HSA. My brain just dreaded it for some reason, but using this the first time helped me breeze through the pile. And in turn I'm now benefitting from the work I did getting through the paperwork.

Mammoth Incense-Powder

Have worked with this Incense-Powder only a couple times so far, but it's already proved to be so potent. Absolutely incredible.

Mammoth Subset Incense-Powder is Gorgeous

The SiA Mammoth subset Incense-Powder is lovely to work with. It asks for intention and focus, but feels steadying and supportive. The smell is gorgeous, like burning wood and baked goods. Makes Saturnian matters feel more possible to engage with, in the way that I can come to them with realism, perspective, and patience. Really does feel like being transported to an ancient mountaintop...

Cold Intellectual Focus

This is a powerful item to be used with caution. Do you have a goal? Does that goal trump all else in life?.... if only for a time. When you need to tune out your emotions and general human concerns to focus on the task at hand, this is a materia well suited to attain your goals. Saturn doesn't feel good in general, but when using this, it feels GOOD to be making progress towards your intended aim.

Eyes on the far horizon

I have some very specific current challenges that require patient, focused skills of endurance. This incense powder has helped me to feel that I am strong enough to face them and helped me ease into a stoic relationship to the grit of what is real in a way. that can feel fulfilling and purposeful, if not quite pleasurable. I also see some transits coming in 2024 that have my attention that this quality of mind is one worth practicing. This is a serious materia, the strength is potent.


Working with Saturn has always scared me a little. My Saturn is in Cancer which isn't stellar. But this: "the magical merits of the mammoth — those of endurance, resourcefulness, fortitude, memory, strength, and collective wisdom" is so soothing and familiar to me. My maternal Oma's sun sign is Saturn in Aquarius so this subset feels like a warm hug from her... And my family (mom, oma, opa, aunts, and uncle) are Ukrainian/Russian immigrants so the "permafrost" part also deeply resonates with me on multiple levels (ancestry, homeland, the frosty emotions of my opa, the strength and fortitude they exhibited when they left their countries. This is turning out to be a welcome subset of materia.


Mammoth subset oil is less intense, more solid, and grounding than SiA oil. I really like how user friendly it feels. There is definitely something magical about it.

Help with clearing out hoards and purging

I’ve always had a hard time letting material possessions go. I see value in everything. I borderline hoard—I can admit it and recognize it as a trauma response. This is subset is an amazing ally for clearing out mess. Letting go of things I’ve held onto out of scarcity. If this is something you’re working on, this series is great for assistance. This mammoth subset in particular.


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