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Saturn in Aquarius Anointing Oil

Saturn in Aquarius Anointing Oil


Organic jojoba, ritually combined with herbs of Saturnian and Aquarian provenance during Sphere + Sundry’s chosen Saturn in Aquarius election — the one and only for another 28-years.

Organic Solomon’s seal, caraway, dandelion root, mullein, St. John’s wort, bladderwrack, comfrey leaf + root, oregon grape root, horsetail, skullcap, thyme, shepherd’s purse, parsley, and fermented white pu-erh tea. Venus’ role in the election, represented by the addition of softening, beautifying white chrysanthemum.

Chilly elemi, frosty borneal camphor, glacial blue apatite, and seeds of white foxglove and obscure morning glory.

A dried and pressed, tri-petaled snowdrop adorns each standard + roller vial, along with genuine white gold.

Use to anoint the self and objects, for constructive Saturnian and Aquarian ends.

Pairs beautifully with Asclepius and Venus materia.

Arrives in your choice of standard 1/2 oz glass vial for $75 (with optional Dropper Cap Kit), a 10 ml “flawless glide” steel roller for $60, or mini 5 ml vials for $33.





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Creation Data

Morning of January 23rd 2023, hour of Saturn. Chart in image gallery.

Fixed Star

Planetary Body



Malefic, Neutral


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
glacial clarity

Came at a time when my Father passed. Helped me to find peace in the stillness while providing me with the clarity and focus to aid my Mother as we transitioned into this new phase of life without him.

G. M.

This is such a bright, assured, and actively grounding Saturn. With an Aquarius cluster including Saturn in my chart, this oil makes me feel so at ease with myself. It feels light and airy yet substantial, and is just nice to have on. A gentle and feel good hit of Saturn for me!

Solid and Fun

I am really loving this oil, way more than initially expected so much that I gifted it to a few people as well. It has me feeling connected with the winter season, I have been going out and socializing more than usual, enjoying the snow, winter activities, winter hikes, enjoying nature, the ice, and the beauty of this season! Very grounding and stabilizing


This oil is stunning from an experiential standpoint. The sensual experience of meeting this oil blew me away. The scent is incredible. I wanted to slather myself in it, but unfortunately I can't handle Saturn materia right up againts my skin. I've used it to anoint a few petitions so far, and I plan on using on a few other ritual objects in the near future. The vibe is so solid, yet as light and elegant as ice crystals. The air element really comes through, as does the benefic whisper of Venus to soften those hard Saturnian edges. Such major Saturn-Goddess goodness here. My Aquarian-heavy self is in awe, and so thankful for this reflection of how beautiful Saturn can be.

Ambrose Baker
Cooling and protective

I love anointing myself with this as a way to honor my Saturn in Aquarius! Whenever I use it, I find myself more logical and less emotionally volatile (cancer stellium LOL). Also feels very protective energetically. Bonus for how it smells!

Definitely gives you some discipline

I received a decant some time ago, and decided to use it today since I had to catch up a bit on my to-do list (already a sad affair due to illness). Managed to keep focused and get things done, but also know when to disengage when I wanted to linger on a task. I layered with Mercury in Gemini, so maybe that's why I don't feel as heavy with it (nor do I have the frenetic GOGOGO from Antares).

Energizing focus

I used this oil for the first time when I had a limited timeframe and was tired but needed to clean up and de-clutter my mom’s house. I paired it with Asclepius and Eirene subset and felt like the Energizer Bunny as I cleaned up — I was focused, my energy was consistent, and the process was fairly smooth without any arguing. So it was a huge success in my opinion.

Dane Stanley
Austere, beautiful

Feels like the dead of winter on a mountaintop. I mostly enjoyed saturn in aquarius as a transit, certainly more than capricorn or pisces so far lmao... have only just started to experiment with it in Candle work and that went great. Discipline, spaciousness, "leave me alone please/get out of my way I'm handling it" vibes

Angela Kirby

I feel supported, inspired and invigorated with this series. Independant and like I can stand strong in my beliefs. So good thank you


Using SIA oil to anoint candle and roll them in SIA powder. This series feels like the direction, structure, and organization that goes hand in hand with the effects of Exalted Gemini. I get the ADHD energy and motication from Exaclted Gemini and the "falling into place" and having a General oversee everything with SIA. I never thought I'd enjoy Saturn materia but I've realy warmed up to this series.


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