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Incense of Regulus III

Incense of Regulus III

Classic herbs and materials associated with Regulus include mugwort, mastic, garnet, wormwood, and celandine.

These, along with frankincense, 24k gold, saffron, chrysanthemum, calendula, dandelion root, orange peel, red ginseng, and other plants allied to the powers of empowerment, light, and leadership, were ritually combined, fumigated, and consecrated, during an election featuring the freshly ingressed, waxing Virgo Moon conjunct Regulus, applying to an aspect with Jupiter in Pisces (forming a strong and fortuitous Lion-Elephant yoga).

Create a small, peaked mound, or form lines and create sigils on a bed of ash or sand.

Burn as an offering to invoke the Royal Star’s influence, or during magical operations intended for self-promotion, self-actualization, success, and explorations of a heart-centered, empowering nature.

Smoke bathe the body to banish self-doubt and melancholy, restoring a lightness of being and luminosity to the aura. This can be done as-needed (the morning before an important presentation, for instance), or keyed to Solar days/ hours (or those of the Sun’s ruler) for the purposes of meta-Solar remediation.

To be seen in the best of light, fumigate camera equipment, literal lighting(!), and spaces in which performance/ appearance will be taking place.

Clear the way for creative expression,
slay any semblance of self-doubt,
and above all,
keep going…

Offered in a 1/2 oz glass vial with cork top for $33, or 2 oz bulk pot for $99

Note that Sphere + Sundry’s Incense Powders are designed to be burned *without* charcoal, on beds of premium ash in a firesafe dish or plate. Pour ash, then pat or use a tool to create a relatively smooth surface. Pour the desired amount of Incense Powder into the palm of your non-dominant hand, and use the other to assemble a thin peaked mound, line, or sigil, pinch by pinch. These can be quite thin if desired. The neater and more ridged your shape is, the better it will burn! Light the top of the ridge to ignite.

Taking time to prepare Incense in this way can be a meditative and centering experience, and allows the practitioner to create custom burn times with zero waste. If your line ends up too long, simply use a knife to ‘cut’ the fresh powder away from the ignited portion to use later. 




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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

1/2 oz, 2 oz

Fixed Star




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Night of June 15th, 2021. Moon-Regulus in the 10th, opposite Jupiter in Pisces in the 4th (Lion-Elephant Yoga), Luna's hour. Chart in the image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
An offering well received

I burn this incense as part of my devotional practice. An offering that has been very well received. This is also great to incorporate into spellwork were it fits your aims. Burns well!


Incredible scent, very potent. Uplifting, warming, but also sort of calming.

My favorite incense!

If I only could have one Sphere + Sundry incense, this would be the one. I use this incense every single morning as part of my morning devotions. My body looks forward to the smell of this incense: its energy is warm, radiant, and joyful. I think Regulus has given me the most profound and immediate shift of all the series I've worked with. This incense is a staple for me!

Lisa K
Do not skip Regulus incense in the ritual bathing!

Regulus is The Absolute King for solar-debilitated people in general, but wow, do not skip this incense in the spiritual hygiene/ritual bathing protocol (i.e., smoke bathing yourself)! I use the incense, bath salts, and oil together, and the effect is clearly more powerful with all three than if one was left out. I mainly got this incense to consecrate a talisman, which it was very beautiful and powerful for, but I mostly use it for spiritual hygiene, and I absolutely start to feel the gunkiness if I go too long without doing it.

Diego Murillo
Take A Chance

After just one day I found all I was looking for. It really gave me the kick I needed to begin my journey. I found my head cleared and inspiration carried me the rest of the way. I will be looking into other products in the future.

My favorite Regulus III form

I have a pretty good Sun (unafflicted and in the 9th), but it rules my 12th and generally too much solar sends my thoughts to the 12th. Burning this incense is a beautiful lift to me and wherever I am. I've also used it in conjunction with Asclepius for some much needed work on my paternal relationship.

Kait L
So Powerful

I’m using Regulus to achieve recognition and publishing success for my writing. Wow! Is all I can so. This line has transformed my life in a very short time. Brilliant!


I use this for Regulus devotions or public appearances

Emeline Bieler-Makin
Supported a new job

We used this gorgeous incense to help bring in a new & more exciting job for my partner which he has officially received! Royal & majestic

Reviewer avatar
Kelly S.
Here comes the sun

This incense has a very fluffy texture; light and airy, and feels somewhat insubstantial when working with it, trying to form a mound to burn. But then, once lit, you realize that this weight is deceptive: Regulus III does, indeed, have substance. I mentioned in a review for the oil that Regulus III feels very Ojas-replenishing (Ayurvedic medicine), and this is no less true of the incense, though the effect is more ambient than the oil, which is much more grounded in the physical-emotional body. It's an excellent precursor to working more closely with Regulus (e.g. before anointing with the oil, or using the bath salts), setting the stage for compatible workings. On its own, the incense acts as a mood-lifter that instills optimism and brings warmth and peace to my endeavors, easily shifting any negative mindset or doubts that may be plaguing me. The scent is warm and uplifting, too, like the feeling of the golden rays of a rising dawn on your skin. Always enjoyable!


  1. I believe I have written other reviews for Regulus III before and its near-immediate results in increased visibility and opportunities for public speaking, but I wanted to remark on this incense’s use in the home. Yesterday, I burned some as an offering to increase the vitality of my home after a deep clean and before hosting some friends, and the result was an afternoon of delightful, lighthearted card games (including some hilarious and somewhat unexpected boasts from otherwise incredibly humble guests). Despite the greyness of the day, RIII helped facilitate a golden afternoon with friends that each of us will look upon fondly for many moons to come.

  2. I absolutely love the way this incense smells – it’s sunny and uplifting. It has been amazingly potent for my workings with this star, and helps me to feel grounded and powerful in my body.

  3. Nabbed this as a recommendation from the client community and it’s already one of the most useful series in my arsenal. Amazing for remediation of anxiety, self confidence, ennui, and generally feeling “stuck”. It also smells absolutely amazing.

  4. My beautiful package of Regulus III incense and oil just arrived. I lit the incense. I applied some oil. I prayed to Regulus and offered my gratitude for the blessings that I have received from this glorious star (my natal ascendant is 24 degrees 7 ‘ and my natal Jupiter is 29 degrees 44’ in the sign of Leo – born before Regulus ingressed into virgo) Within 5 minutes I found my custom made fire opal necklace that I have been frustratingly searching for for nearly two years. Thank you Kaitlin Coppock! I placed another order so I can keep this magically enhanced connection to Regulus in my life for a bit longer. My fire opal has been bathed in your oil. Much love and gratitude. Brenda

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