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Attuning Tincture of Regulus III

Attuning Tincture of Regulus III

100% ingredients: organic mugwort, goldenseal root, dandelion root, wormwood, calendula, orange peel, red ginseng, turmeric, mastic, saffron, a touch of honey, and 24k gold, immersed in top-shelf cognac following fumigation of frankincense and prayers for Regulus’ blessing during Sphere + Sundry’s third operation for Cœur Leonis.

Cognac is a distillation of champagne, a beverage long associated with nobility, wealth, celebration, and opulence, whose bubbles impart a quality of literal effervescence and therefore elevation, making it a most worthy medium for the embodiment of our patron Royal star.

Anoint that which you do not want getting oily, add to floor washes, and the like.

(For a sense of its impact, see testimonials for Regulus II Attuning Tincture)

Offered in a 1/2 oz glass jar with dropper cap for $35, or 1 oz for $60

Please Note: To promote the longest shelf-life possible and reduce the likelihood of leaking during transit, this Tincture now arrives sealed with a flat closed cap, with a glass dropper bulb + 5 ml Mini vial for collecting the displaced excess on the side (for travel or gifting!).

We suggest only inserting the bulb during periods of routine application, and keeping the flat cap for times of dormant or less active use, especially since droppers can allow for evaporation and discoloration over time.

Disclaimer: While this does not contain anything inedible or poisonous, it was not created in a commercial kitchen to GMP standards, so it is not suitable or intended for consumption (legally speaking). Use externally to anoint yourself or objects. Keep this (and all our wares) out of reach of children. Any internal consumption undertaken at the user’s sole risk and liability.




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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

1 oz, 1/2 oz

Fixed Star




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Night of June 15th, 2021. Moon-Regulus in the 10th, opposite Jupiter in Pisces in the 4th (Lion-Elephant Yoga), Luna's hour. Chart in the image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Sunshine in a cup

As an occasionally depressed 12th House Sun / stellium who could definitely use several boosts in the solar department, I have a lot of love for Regulus III. The mini oil really helped me get through a hard winter and I imagined its punchy, friendly energy would be a wonderful addition to a morning beverage, so I was so happy when this once "100% sold out" tincture came back online. I wasn't sure about it at first because I didn't totally know how to handle its energy (I've said it before, but Regulus III is SO STRENGTH CARD), but I was probably a little over-eager and impatient with it. Regular work with the tincture has helped me get back to a nice place with myself in the midst of a crazy, but not bad year, and it's a joy to work with. I will say, in my experience— YMMV, but I wouldn't recommend more than a drop at a time of this stuff if you're taking it internally! It's chill energy, but 2-3 drops gave me AWFUL headaches at the beginning. Might've just been a readjustment to the materia after a few months of not working with Regulus at all, but I feel like a drop is plenty. Regulus takes time to work but is a reliably positive force and I'm super grateful for the solar boost ☀️

When it's time to be seen

This, along with the oil, has provided me with much needed attunement to be comfortable being in the spotlight. I've always been more comfortable in the background but this has helped me step up and be seen!

Regulus Tincture

So glad this is back in stock! The mugwort in this blend is really strong so I tend to use this tincture more in floor washes, anointing candles and myself. I've also added a few drops to watercolour mixes with great results. I cant' say enough good things about Regulus in general, but also how versatile and potent the tincture is!

Solar Remediation

I accidentally got some tincture on me at one point – and the effects were immediate. I recall a supercharged feeling of yang, empowerment. At the same time, I used Regulus materia on another occasion and experienced the opposite – I felt a lack of confidence. Perhaps a light was shined on issues on my path to empowerment. After all, it’s solar remediation.


This tincture have a very strong, protective, confident quality. As a Leo rising and having a strong link with Regulus, but struggling with all those leonine qualities, it has helped me a lot ! It's great for feeling empowered and has lead me to work with the Sun afterwards without feeling burned.

Quiet Confidence

As someone who can experience incredibly anxiety being seen by others, this tincture has been so helpful. When having to present publicly or engage in a big group, this tincture washes away anxiety and leaves me with a neutral, grounded feeling where it's almost hard to remember what I was so anxious about in the first place. I feel a quiet confidence when I take this.

Love you regulus

Regulus is amazing. I don't work with Sol materia because of my chart —I started with Regulus II and this tincture was a little more chill for me to experience, it might be because I've been doing more Regulus work leading up to it but nonetheless I really rely on it for clearing my spirit, after I do ancestral work and want the sun out, to feel true in my skin and radiate from the inside out


I have waxed poetic about the beauty and glory that is Regulus III in my life, and the tincture is no different. Once I saw it had cognac I jumped at the chance the buy. I did decide to taste it despite knowing that it's not recommended for internal use, and I was not overly fond of the taste. That's putting it lightly. Since I'm used to taking herbal tinctures internally, I was skeptical of how it would work by applying externally. Turns out it's potent AF. I rubbed it on my palms and applied to my heart center and solar plexus area, and I didn't layer it with other Regulus III materia because I wanted to see how it would work on its own. I felt warm, confident, optimistic, and all of the wonderful things I know Regulus III to be.

Strong Effect

I have used two ways (internal/external). Salve daily at work, tincture when I want a bit more of that lion energy. I've found a boost in my confidence and a centeredness. Good for healing my solar.


With a Sun in a dark house, Regulus is the gentle, starlit solar vibe I love. This is especially helpful when I need to be "on" in a public facing situation. Depending upon the venue, it is best paired with the Eirene subset or Quicksilver Tongue. It's zesty, without being overheated.


  1. It would be difficult for me to point out a specific effect from Regulus III. I bought it solely because of another person’s testimonial that it helped with their burnout. I found that it’s done the same for me too.

    For the last couple months I’ve been taking the Regulus tincture regularly, 1-3 drops in my tea or water. I don’t feel a dramatic change in the moment, rather it works in the background.

    Rrgulus makes me feel more like myself. It slowly dissipates the intrusive mental loops, negative thoughts and insecurities that aren’t congruent with my sense of self. My confidence levels have risen in a way that took me a while to notice. It felt so natural, I almost forgot how badly I was struggling before.

    Regulus III has also been an excellent way to work with solar energies. When I first tried Exalted Sol, it left me burnt, extra crispy. Now after almost a year of working with Regulus, I can now use Exalted Sol and reap the benefits of Solar materia.

  2. It is my belief that tinctures act as a tool to align your body with your spirit and spirits with whom you’re working. I use this tincture ritualistically in the mornings to attune to the essence of Regulus. Really anything in this series slaps but the tincture truly hits in a potent way. Regulus III is life giving, steadying and confident.

  3. I use this just about every day (after finishing the bottle of R2) and I feel like it’s been so helpful for feeling more confident in my relationships and just my overall mood in general. I’ve been meeting more new people lately and it’s been such a help for socializing.

  4. I love this series, it’s been so helpful for me at work and socializing. The tincture is very subtle but I feel an immediate confidence boost. The tincture is great for work related activities which would normally make me anxious. Thank you so much, I will be back for more 😉

  5. To me, the R3 tincture works very similarly to the R2 tincture. It’s great for attunement for the other R3 materia, gives a good confidence boost by itself, and is great for those that want to enjoy the spotlight. I find this very warming and life affirming.

  6. While I still miss the Regulus 2 tincture (was the cognac flavor more pronounced? I think so), this is what I take when I really need that boost of confidence, and this last year has shaken mine so many times…so grateful for Kait’s creations and their life-enhancing effects!

  7. My husband has been using this tincture to alleviate chronic symptoms of anxiety and depression. After the first week, he’s noticed a change in how he feels, more confident and comfortable, and *I’ve* noticed a change in how he carries himself. He’s being more open and communicative, and he’s expressing more hope for the future. Definitely a worthwhile investment!

  8. This is my second S+S tincture and it has surprised me. I was expecting the high like symptoms the QST tincture gives me but no. It’s very grounding and provides a platform so that I can be myself comfortably. It’s very shocking to me. I’m very used to fighting my every impulse (hello angular hyper dignified t-square) and this just sorta helps all those conflicting parts of myself blend. The more I work with it, the more in awe I am of its power. I did a playlist for my solar problems when He arrived, and I don’t even remember having half of those feelings nowadays. A life changer for sure.

  9. This tincture is useful for enhancing presence and confidence when you want to a) do something important to you and b) make a good impression while doing it. It is even more useful when you have to do something you are not used to and do the best you can at it.

    Since I started using this and the Water frequently, I had my hair dyed platinum blond for the first time on a whim and have had several points where something uncanny happened related to my visibility to others in a given situation. These uncanny experiences would always involve me being admired or seen positively somehow beyond what I could have anticipated. My overall confidence has also been better recently and I am often in a noticeably good or “hard to bother” mood after using Regulus III products.

    I usually use the tincture with the Water, and sometimes add the Exalted Sol TALs: Glory & Fame and Confidence for extra oomph. Additionally, I have noticed this line may increase a healthy sense of comfort with the self. I’m simply not sure if the Water or tincture helps more with that with consistent use since I often use them together.

    For reference, I have a 12th house Sun and am a Virgo with Mercury and Venus in the 1st house.

  10. A stable, thorough, hum of light/lightness. I can feel it working through the lower half of my body, dissolving yuck and imbuing a depth of grace. I’m immensely pleased with it, had high hopes from Regulus II happy-heart tincture and this is different but just as good.

  11. I’m just getting to know this beautiful tincture, but it is so bright and lifts one out of despair. As a detrimental Sun person, I’ve found so much more confidence in the spotlight than I’ve ever had. An ease with leadership and visibility. I highly recommend

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