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Candles of Regulus III

Candles of Regulus III


Light{s} in the Darkness contribution: 3″ Shortie ($108) and 6″ Tall ($168) pillars.

White beeswax dyed a natural, gentle yellow solely by the inclusion of saffron while melting.

Vessels fumigated with frankincense and prayer during Sphere + Sundry’s Regulus III working, poured and set during the election window.

Crowned with 24k gold and a ❤️ of high-grade, faceted garnet.

Burn in the background during important interviews and appearances. Light during Solar rites and rituals for success, visibility, and the accumulation of personal power.

Helps to cultivate a charismatic, luminous, and self-determined aura/ mindset. Gaze and meditate upon its flame.

Use the candle’s light to feed Regulus talismans and other implements and icons of like-purpose.

Offered in the client’s selection of a 2 oz glass jar ($90), or ultra long-lasting slim vigil for $168

Pillars were also poured for this election, but will be released at a later date…




Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Fixed Star




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Night of June 15th, 2021. Moon-Regulus in the 10th, opposite Jupiter in Pisces in the 4th (Lion-Elephant Yoga), Luna's hour. Chart in the image gallery

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  1. This candle is my favorite for reconnecting with my inner child through song + dance. It creates such an enveloping warm, safe space to let out the parts of myself I had tempered down long ago. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. The sheer lack of care of what I look like because I’m just so enraptured with the glow of the moment.

  2. It’s wonderful that there are more candles being made for a lot of new Sphere and Sundry series so that more people can try them (myself included!), and I have found that the candle format is really useful for harnessing the Regulus III vibes. On top of that the vigil format is great for lighting the candle at very specific times without worry about wasting such precious wax while waiting for the proper amount of burn time to be fulfilled (from a candle maintenance perspective). The melted wax pool reaches the edges of the glass quickly so you can burn it for maybe an hour at a time if you wish.

    If you care a lot about keeping the appearance of the candle wax/glass soot-free, I suggest trying out one of those rechargeable electric lighters—it’s good for reaching into the vigil candle glass (where there’s less air/oxygen to keep a match lit) and the lack of a flame reduces any chance of extra soot building up on the glass.

    I found this candle extremely comforting to have lit in the background while preparing for job interviews and during a very long Zoom job interview itself (I got the job btw!). The wick burns cleanly and evenly, and the little red heart gem looks so pretty when immersed in the melted wax just under the candle flame. I imagine this style of candle would be great for meditating on as a weekly practice or for burning in the background of other appearances, etc. It’s covert enough and fairly worry free.

    The utility and effectiveness of Regulus III as a whole really snuck up on me, and even though I actually found Regulus II to be too much for me personally when I tried it (too different from my usual behavior) I use Regulus III items almost daily as a boost for my general energy levels and self-assurance. I’m really shy and have had to do a lot of coordinating with different people at the new job, but it really seems like I am slowly able to grow into new confidence levels without having to think too hard about it, so I can function in the world! May be less of an issue for some other people, but for me it’s huge! Very grateful for this series; Thank you Sphere and Sundry for making this and many other treasures available to people who can benefit from it.

  3. This candle is incredibly special, I absolutely love how everything about it is so radiant and uplifting! I’ve been working with it incrementally, interspersed with other Regulus III materia, to bring more light, ease and confidence to my work especially. I’m feeling more optimistic and less anxious about that area then I can ever remember. The effects have been slow and subtle, but with a steady build, and I’m very grateful and excited to continue engaging with it. The accompanying prayer is so beautiful and inspiring, too. Heartfelt thanks to Regulus and S+S!

  4. The candle is gorgeous, lit and unlit. I had some trouble with tunneling but it gave me a reason to sit with the candle and focus on the flame while I tried to even out the burn. It was enchanting and I felt like I was drinking in everything this series has to offer.

  5. This candle is the most divine, soft, and bright yellow color. Burning it produced the brightest light (not largest flame) but just the brightest most delicious light I’ve seen from a S&P candle. The candle has also been talking to me, it’ll go out after a bit, and just now it dimmed to a smoking ember, only to emerge again with a fresh flame. I am intrigued!

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