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Salve of Regulus III

Salve of Regulus III


Organic mugwort, goldenseal, comfrey root, yellow dock root, calendula, St. John’s wort, dandelion root, mastic, saffron, and garnet.⠀

Fumigated at the height of Regulus III’s grounded and present Virgo Moon election for Cœur Leonis (opposite Jupiter in Pisces), immersed in 3/4 golden jojoba and 1/4 extra virgin olive oil (all organic).

Left to incubate 173 days before being strained in Sol’s day and hour, combined with melted organic beeswax, scented with pure frankincense and refreshing yuzu.

Shaken with generous amounts of 24k gold, spangled throughout.

A highly absorbent, uplifting, and energizing day-side Salve results, perfect for rubbing into the feet, low back, heart center, and shoulders in the mornings, or to refresh before making an appearance.

Calms and reassures the nervous system; anchors the spirit, mind, and heart to the body; and enhances one’s natural charisma. Reduces pain where applied, and offers a comfortable, tempered warmth. Adds sustain to a long day (may disturb sleep if applied too close to bed!).

Illuminate from within, embodying self-assured, quiet confidence.

And a little goes a long way…

Offered in a 2.5 oz tin for $72, or 4 oz bulk pot for $106



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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Fixed Star




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Night of June 15th, 2021. Moon-Regulus in the 10th, opposite Jupiter in Pisces in the 4th (Lion-Elephant Yoga), Luna's hour. Chart in the image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Client Affirmation

A cold + windy winter's day... and I had to meet with clients for an outdoor site visit. I rubbed the salve on my heart and by the end of our hour+ convening, as the mom was writing the deposit for her daughter's wedding, she turned and praised me for my heartfelt enthusiasm, warmth, and care I exude in my role. Regulus was my first foray into S+ and continues to enchant & delight me!

G. M.

This whole series smells so amazing, and the salve is no different! It is bright, sunny, affirming, encouraging, cozy, warm—just a real joy and sweet confidence booster. Excellent for my solar deficiencies and wears easy.

Lovely Meta-Solar Remediation

I'm so glad I took Kaitlin's recommendation to work with Regulus as a more easeful, meta way in to solar remediation, as I was worried diving into exalted sol would be too intense for my natal sol situation. I spent about a year working with Regulus tincture before getting this salve for more lasting application, I usually apply it to my heart and wrists, and I think that gentle build up was really helpful. The scent of this salve is bright and uplifting and it feels lovely. Regular use of the salve over the past several months has brought about a steady support towards finding more inner strength, vitality, and self-love at a time when I have needed that most.

Warm, radiant energy

Wow, do I love this salve. When I wake up in the morning, my body seems to ask for it right away. Working with Regulus makes getting out of bed such a joy! I usually apply this to my heart, and recently I've also started applying it to my shoulders. I feel a nearly-immediate effect from this salve: I feel warmer, calmer, and braver. My sense of well-being has expanded so much since I started working with Regulus. I have shared it with a friend and am planning on getting more for some my friends with 12th house suns. I'll be buying the large salve for myself next time!

Stepping into the spotlight

My natal Sun is in Fall and this has shown itself strongly throughout my life. I am *very* good at my job. Conscientious, observant, helping to bring out the best in the team as well as dedication to excellent outcomes. Yet I severely struggle to put myself into the lead, or even let my full contributions be recognized. This salve is surprising how it will turn the spotlight your way. The first time I wore a little to a staff meeting I almost felt uncomfortable with the way attention and focused listening was directed my way. I say only "almost" uncomfortable because I also felt confident while expressing my knowledge with out being either overly humble or pompous. Somehow Regal and warm at the same time.

Like being lit from within

The first time I put this on it felt like being filled with a warm, golden light— energizing and powerful, sort of like being transformed into a literal star. I’m someone who tends to be more oriented toward others and it was such a powerful shift to feel like a *source* of radiance. Typically I’m more comfortable being a bit invisible, and I’ve been going slow and using it sparingly, but the salve is helping make being seen feel less vulnerable and more empowering!

Warmth. Vitality. Confidence.

Regulus III is my favorite S&S series so far and since salves are my favorite forms, This. Salve. Right. Here. is the real MVP. I can write an essay on what RIII has done for me (and I have in my own personal journal), but I'll be as short as possible here. Given my natal chart and the election chart of RIII, it truly felt like this series was tailor-made for me (though clearly it wasn't)! I have a lot of "hidden" fire in my chart (Mars in Leo in the 12th, for example) so energetically, this salve brings out my inner strength and confidence. Like it's unlocking aspects of myself that are already there--but it brings them out of the corner and into the Light. Physically, it heats me up like no other. And as a person who gets cold easily, it's just what I need. Spiritually, I feel like I can do all things through Regulus who strengthens me. Like a lot of people have mentioned, I'm recovering from burnout, and I've turned to this series to help bring back my Vitality and Inner Light--also my Literal Energy! It has done all of this and so much more...

Walking on Sunshine

I use daily as directed when I have to go to work. I pair with a shielding body butter and really feel the benefits. Productivity, less catastrophizing, and it's improving severe burnout. Boosts the mood. I feel less freaked out about stimuli. I also feel a bit more confidence. This has really helped with calming my nerves. I have a ways to go, but I feel like I can get there with the help of Regulus III.


I’ve used this salve with great success to recover my mojo after several years of overwork, chronic illness, and the inevitable burnout. It’s helped with solar deficiencies in my night chart and I get goosebumps every time I read the accompanying prayer. It’s less showy than I thought it would be - which is what I needed - and instead feels like a very grounded, stable confidence. This is a PRECIOUS resource and I am so grateful to have found it!


A Salve I wear most out of my S+S products. Heart Opening, Confidence Lifting and always feeling like I am at my best when i wear it. I adore this and the Regulus range. Thank you Kaitlin.


  1. Like a warm ray of sunshine. On a particularly low energy day this provided the uplift I needed. The effect is immediate but not aggressive. Lovely.

  2. The warmth of this salve is intense, halfway between summer sunlight and the dry heat of a brazier. It is heating, insulating, and slightly anesthetizing: emotions dial down, while focus and intent dial up. I rub it on my solar plexus and the shells of my ears to feel protected and buffered and, honestly, a bit djinn-like; it adds a bit of flame to my aura. In practical terms, it helps me detach from emotional states that impede me while I’m at work (so don’t wear it to your therapy appointments, is all I’m saying). Its effect is very similar to Heart of the Lion from Regulus II; I find this offering the driest, least Jup-juicy, and most solar of the Regulus III line. Also, I love it and I never want to run out.

  3. This salve has been a lifesaver on days when I’ve been feeling a bit run-down. The scent is warm and uplifting. It rubs in easily to the skin and has a soft heat to it, like sitting in the rays of the early morning sun.

    It’s done wonders to power me through low-days – raising my personal power and giving me the energy I need.

    I also find my cats being ultra curious about it – haha…

  4. This Regulus III series was made within hours of my Solar Return last year so when I realized that, I was fast to snap some up. I bought a couple products but the salve has been my favourite. Perhaps it’s the simple application! I didn’t end up using it much at first, I think I was fairly imbued with this energy as a whole body last year but as the year wore on and I moved towards a much more difficult solar return for 2022, I found myself drawn towards its application more and more.

    I have used it before answering questions in a livestreamed AMA for my department at work and I found myself feeling especially comfortable and courageous on camera. I have used it before meeting new people that I wanted to make sure met the real me and not my social anxiety. I have used it on days when I have felt I lacked sunshine, externally and internally. Every time I have found myself energized and pleased at the end of the day. Thanks Sphere and Sundry team 🙂

  5. I used a bit of this magical salve (on wrists, throat chakra, & behind the ears) prior to meditation and experienced the most transcendent yet also deep confidence-boosting trance.

  6. I stayed away from salves due to the price point and not knowing how to use it, but decided to give salves a whirl. Originally I thought that the application would be slightly more difficult than the body butter, but the salve itself sink in nicely and quickly, and has been surprisingly easy to apply. From a body butter vs salve perspective, all the Regulus 3 goodness you can expect in the body butter, but slightly amped up. From my perspective, this sits between the body butter and anointing yourself with the oil. It’s a coating, like the body butter, but more amped up (less so than just straight up potency of the oil).

    I have had a season of leaning into Regulus 3 to help me extrovert, and shine in a new organization, and being seen as a leader in the field. Happy to report that the salve delivers all of that R3 power in another application process.

  7. This salve is one of my everyday go-to favorites. I got it in place of the oil because I found it had better staying power and the same effects. I massage it into my solar plexus on days when I am going to need to shine at work (aka always LOL) – and use some on my shoulders as well! This is a very powerful potion to make you highly visible and I think it has also contributed to keeping me in the light during some of the darkest times in my life. I love this product.

  8. Oh Salve of Regulus III….how I love you!!! Whenever I need a comforting boost of confidence or to calm my frayed nerves I massage this magical product on my chest, neck and wrists. It feels luxuriously divine and smells wonderful…all my senses are soothed instantly. I pair this one with my Empress oil or Exalted Venus oil and find they work really well together for me:)
    I’m new to practicing rituals and performed my first one on the New Moon in Pisces earlier this month and used Incense of Regulus III along with the Salve….perfect for my first time! Love this series!

  9. I’ve been using this salve for a few months now, several times a week, on its own and as a layering component. Slowly but surely, I have grown in confidence, self-assuredness, the ability to speak publicly, to perform creatively in front of others, and to kindly stand my ground (without getting defensive). This series has been a quiet game-changer that continues to unfold for me. So happy it exists!

  10. I’m addicted to using the salves on my feet. With this salve: a noticeable but subtle physically insulating effect, reasonably desensitized but not completely numb nor floaty (like Jupiter in Pisces salve). The salve relieves pain and discomfort while lending energy in a manageable way. The whole Regulus III series has been beneficial for legit clinical burnout, aiding in the recovery process which has been difficult to navigate.

  11. I just received this today and applied a tiny test amount to my lower back, the origin site of long-term chronic pain. less than an hour later, my eyes teared up because I realized I hadn’t felt discomfort or thought about my pain in that time frame. it’s been several hours now and I’m still enjoying the full benefits. it’s pain relief without the immediate soreness of tension releasing. I could cry again now, I’m so humbled by Regulus and so grateful for this magic. <3

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