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Mini Consults

Mini Consults


These are restocked periodically. You are also welcome to check our newly launched Referral Directory to book consultations with other qualified Western and Jyotish astrologers familiar with Sphere + Sundry’s catalogue, happy to make natal recommendations!

Mini Consults are 15-20 minute private sessions with astrologer Adira Osland, wherein Sphere + Sundry recommendations are given based on the natal chart of yourself (or a 3rd party).

The scope of these sessions is very narrow (it is not a full reading), although it may include referrals for longer consultations if mantra, gemstone, or other prescriptions are clearly indicated.

You may also book a Mini Consult to discuss results and troubleshoot experiences with existing materia application!

Minis are currently $60 per session

We are booking limited slots at a time, so no one is scheduled too far out. You may join the Waitlist below to be notified when new slots become available. Adira also offers full consultations in her private practice (which can include S+ recommendations), bookable here. Additional astrologers who can give Sphere + Sundry referrals are coming soon!

Out of stock

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Adira’s reading was thorough and affirming. She gave suggestions that changed the way I work with the materia and planetary remediation practices that have shown noticeable results.

Jessica DAmico
A fresh start

After being a committed customer to Sphere and Sundry for the last few years, I was excited to book a mini consult with Adira to see if there is something I missed or could help me optimize. I came to the consult with questions and goals in mind and Adira was able to guide me and we assessed from perspectives that I hadn't thought of previously. She generously gave me extra time so that all questions and concerns could be addressed. Finally, Adira emailed a file the next day of the recording so I could listen again and decide which series to start with on my next journey -giving me a fresh start with my astro-magic voyage.

Life Changing Mini Consult

WOW! I highly recommend a mini consult with Adira! My mind is blown. And this review is a bit late because I have been busy. Instantly my creativity picked up because of my consult with her. Also, she put my mind at ease per the S+S collection that I have and utilize. She was kind, patient and had so many wonderful remedies for me. I cannot wait for a deeper consult with her as well. Yes, Yes and Yes!

Jenett Silver
Fantastic, informative, and helpful.

Adira was incredibly generous with her time, knowledge, and insight - checking in to see if I was familiar with a concept, explaining when I wasn't, and putting everything into a practical context. Highly recommended if you're looking for more specific ways to put the fantastic materia from S+S into practice in your life.

Super helpful!

If you were wondering if you should book this mini-consult, the answer is YES. Not only is Adira lovely and generous (and has what I personally find a soothing voice), but using two different systems brings up what personally is beneficial to you, personally beneficial to you during whatever the astroweather is happening, and generally provides guidance as to what modalities of materia may be personally beneficial to you (me, going to go stock up on certain items I've been skipping!) Even if you have robust practices, it is always great to hear how you can fine-tune/maximize or even if there are other materia that would be extremely effective for you. (All materia will be effective, but this is absolutely about maximizing bang for your buck!). If you're hesitant about this, do not be. But if you're like me, you're likely thinking about a professional reading with Adira to dig into other pieces in your chart!


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