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Our Divine Coterie of Practitioners must be one thing above all: excellent at what they do.

We are looking to build an invaluable local and worldwide resource for connecting our Clients with like-minded, top-shelf service providers of all walks, especially in the following sectors:

Medical astrology; acupuncturists and TCM practitioners; Ayurvedic practitioners; breathworkers; chi gong, tai chi, and yoga instructors; energy healers; massage therapists; Rolfers; ancestral lineage healers; death doulas, nurses, and hospice providers; fertility specialists; midwives and doulas; bone and shell readers; psychics; tarot readers and cartomancers; coaches and mentors; tutors and instructors in magical development; ritual service providers; artists; and more!

Please note that at this time, we are nearly exclusively highlighting (non-medical) astrologers who are trained in the traditions of which Sphere + Sundry is a direct emanation: graduates of Austin Coppock’s Fundamentals of Astrology and Freedom Cole’s Science of Light.

This is to honor and perpetuate the living lineages of which we are part, and also ensures each astrologer any of our Clients books with on our recommendation has years of training in the remedial arts.

Other astrologers (and practitioners of all walks!) can still take advantage of our referral program with their own links and coupon codes, and may still enter the form below for consideration.

Please note that to maintain the Directory’s integrity,
only a handful of highly vetted new members will be welcomed at a time!

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