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Quicksilver Tongue Kolonía

Quicksilver Tongue Kolonía


Water freshly harvested from the headwaters of Mt. Shasta, combined with pure grain alcohol, colloidal gold, and colloidal silver during Sphere + Sundry’s election window, alongside essential oils befitting Quicksilver’s nature and purpose. No artificial dyes or scents. Just very real, unadulterated magic (in the form of 70% alcohol).

Sprinkle on the hands, rub them together, and float them over and around auric body top to bottom for a quick energetic cleansing that banishes blocks to creativity and enjoyment. Promotes energetic flow, playfulness, and liberation from anxious states. Delightfully scents the hands.

Turkish colognes are often sprinkled upon the hands before entering one’s household or business establishment, providing some natural sanitation and also a delightful scent. All our Kolonías can be used in such a way, or as you would any type of Florida Water for general energetic cleansing. Makes it difficult for nasties to glom on or to penetrate the auric body.

Energy Clearing Protocol

For energetic cleansing, sprinkle about a half teaspoon onto the palms of the hands and gently but thoroughly rub together for 10 or so seconds, coating both sides. The hands can float 2 inches from the body or be lightly touching it.

Stand and run your palms from the crown of your head down the back of the head, then start from the top again, going down the front of your face and body, all the way down to the tops of your feet. If you feel any areas “sticking”, continue stroking them until energies disperse, and then proceed with downward sweeping.

Continue skimming from the head downward, running your cologned hands across every surface area, including under the arms, groin, and rear, concluding with the bottoms of the feet by lifting them. You can “flick” the energy off if it feels right, or it will dissipate naturally, however you prefer.

Take 10-30 seconds to close your eyes and integrate the cleansing, feeling the shift, and thank the spirit of Quicksilver Tongue and/ or the Muses for their blessings, cleansing stagnant chi which can lead to blocks in creativity.

This Kolonía can also be used before creating art, performing reiki or doing energy work on clients or loved ones. It can be done on the self, objects, or 3rd parties.

Other Applications

This can also be added to baths, floor washes, essential oil diffusers, or dishes of water for matters related to topics of the Quicksilver Tongue.

Extraordinarily versatile, effective, and potent. A little goes a very long way.

Offered in a 1.7 oz glass woozy bottle for $33, or (sold out) bulk 5 oz for $97


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Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Friday, May 21 2021, hour of Mercury. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. I’m quite introverted and while I love spending time with people, I find it quite tiring. However, using the kolonia before going to social events creates a lovely energetic barrier/field around me that allows me to enjoy the moment immensely without feeling like my energy is draining away. It’s excellent.

  2. I love the energetic shift I get with this kolonia, and the effects are almost immediate. I feel cleaner, lighter, brighter, and better. Lovely stuff.

  3. My first interaction with Mercury-infused materia, and I think it’s a bit easier to digest with the benefics shining through! This kolonia has absolutely helped me cut/move away some of the things that cause dissociation for me. Has helped me feel a bit more at ease inside my own head… Thank you QT!!!!!

  4. I love the Quicksilver Kolonia. The scent is light but feels so refreshing, cleansing, and uplifing. I feel a sense of lightness when using the application techniques that Kaitlin describes above. Stagnant old energy moves and I can feel a positive shift. Thank you so much for this!

  5. I think its easy to conceptualize QST along the artistic lines, and it does well along those lines, but the core that I’m after is “to play means to explore… to be interested… to find enjoyment and nourishment throughout a process of engagement. It pairs presence with a lack of expectation.” 2021 has been a trashcan fire, and QST to me is lightness in a bottle. Not solar energy which is a radiant burst of energy, but rather the ephemeral and delicacy of lightness. Sometimes you have to shake off everything else that is weighing you down, and this does that. I love S&S kolonias, and this is no exception.

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