Unsolicited Endorsements

Unsolicited Endorsements

What follows is an aggregation of general endorsements from friends of Sphere + Sundry,
for which we wholeheartedly thank them!

To leave or read Testimonials of individual offerings, visit each items page.

Austin Coppock
of AustinCoppock.com

Goritsa Svortsan
Living Legend of Horary Astrology

Aaron Cheak
of Rubedo Press

Spencer Michaud
of SpencerMichaud.com

Clifford Hartleigh Low
of The Sorcerer’s Blog

Amy Jo Gleason
of AmyJoGleason.com

Christina Caudill
of Radiant Astrology
Testimonial starts at 11:06

T. Orval
of Shield + Envelope

Elizabeth Barrial
of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
and Twilight Alchemy Lab

Kelly Surtees
of Kelly’s Astrology

Michael Lux
of Necromantic Matters

Ashley Bober
of Astro Ashley

Brendan Davis
of Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom

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