Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to where I live?

We ship all over the world! Shipping can be calculated on the Checkout page after you’ve made your selections.

Rates are pulled live from UPS + USPS.

If you are overcharged, a refund will be issued when the order is packed!

Please read the info on the Cart page regarding which of our shipping options might be best for you, and be sure to add any comments regarding customs disclosures in the notes field at Checkout.

Click here to view current fulfillment times and admin updates.

Do you offer consultations? Can you look at my chart?

Given time constraints (among other things!), Kaitlin (👋 hi, that’s me!) cannot offer consultations or custom recommendations based on natal charts or most other factors.

For guidance, please see this article 🔮

For remedial suggestions based on natal factors, we recommend Austin Coppock, Austin’s year II graduates, Freedom Cole, or any of the referrals Freedom may make.

Can I add to an order that has already been placed?

Yes! As long as the order has not shipped, you are welcome to place additional orders.

After they get packed, postage will be purchased, and you will be promptly refunded any excess.

Multiples are typically flagged for consolidation by the shipping platform automatically, so there is no need create a support ticket notifying us of dual+ orders (we’re almost never manning the support portal in real time in the workroom, so thank you for the consideration but it just ends up cluttering the inbox!)

If we miss combining them, Sphere + Sundry’s policy is to refund your excess shipping regardless 🤓

You are definitely invited to write in if you feel a refund has been missed, however! We enjoy offering custom services of this nature, but it does increase the odds of a fuck up…


Will you come on my Podcast/ YouTube/ &c?

You can ask (and thank you!), but probably not 😅

Keeping operations moving is a more than full time job, so at this point my focus is best kept on the actual work over media + promotion.

If you would like to send an invitation, a list is being kept for if/ when this changes. The offers and opportunities are genuinely appreciated!

There is so much more I would be doing if the time were available…
PLUS, I am weirdly shy 🙈


Fake/ Trained Extrovert with a 12th House fallen Sun
(Who has Done Too Much Regulus Magic)

If I write asking a question that has already been answered in this FAQ will the answer be different?

Nope 😹

Still need help? Contact us…

Please note that we are currently short staffed due to Covid-19 and the Holiday season. Sometimes we are able to respond same-day, but others are taking much longer. Thank you for your patience in the interim. We have changes in the works that should drastically improve response times in early 2021 🙏

Due to a high volume of emails, it’s not possible to respond to every request.
Correspondences regarding placed orders and by paying clients have the highest priority.

Long and personally involved messages regarding chart placements asking for recommendations will likely go unanswered,
because we do not offer personal consultations. Please see this article 
for guidance on making your selections! Thank you.

Updates + Current Status

Fulfillment and administrative updates, including current estimated shipping times
+ anything else noteworthy…

  • Age of Air Model Shift + Revolving Incoming Shop Blackouts

    Sphere + Sundry’s original model was an emanation of Saturn in Capricorn’s Cardinal Earth energy. The focus has been on constant material output and emphasized the processing of orders as quickly and routinely as possible.

    With the Age of Air officially upon us, marked by Saturn’s movement into fixed Aquarius and its conjunction with Jupiter (in a decan to do with exile and on the Winter Solstice, no less), we are *today making a pivot toward sustainability.

    The energy of liftoff is different than the energy of orbit.

    In launching and helping to popularize these methods of working in the world — honed individually and collectively over more than a decade (perpetuated in the form of printed, digital, and spoken word, and later enchanted goods) — the landscape has been forever altered. It’s hard to remember what the broadly accepted intersection of astrology, magic, and materia 2.5 years ago and beyond even looked like… but to anyone who has joined the ecosystem since, it was far from this.

    In its short existence (according to website analytics), Sphere + Sundry has moved over 23,000 units of astrological magic into the world, making for hundreds of thousands of effective doses. From our kitchen. Created, bottled, labeled, and wrapped by hand. Shipped from the garage and then our own warehouse. Since July 11th, 2018.

    Needless to say, I am deeply grateful… unbelievably blessed… a little surprised…
    and incredibly exhausted.

    Working in this way is no longer sustainable, and the world is also different now.

    People don’t need to be shown that this is a valid approach, they have quickly moved into *doing it. And more magic coming into the world is a probably good thing.

    For my part…

    I need time to integrate these shifts, to lie fallow for a bit, and to begin work on what to contribute next.

    But I cannot do it running Sphere + Sundry as a one-woman (+ invaluable sidekick) sweatshop, perpetually confined to the order trenches.

    From here on out, we will be closing the shop as needed to prepare for new launches
    (as opposed to prepping them while juggling the day-to-day), to rebottle existing stock in batches
    (rather than maintain it in a perpetual, revolving manner), and to take additional time for ongoing education, teaching, writing, and just generally… to be a functioning human being person… if I remember how…. if I ever was……

    The hope is to continue bringing new series to the world every 1.5-3 months, more or less, and we have plenty of projects slated for 2021 and beyond.

    Plainly speaking, these changes are necessary without their coming at the cost of a dysfunctional life and an early grave.

    The mountaineering mania that has characterized this last Saturn in Capricorn transit (for me, personally) needs to take (several) seats, pick up its ladle, and take a good long dip into the star-streams from whence it came. As I fill and have more to offer, it shall be poured into glass vials and shipped the world over, and as I grow empty again, I shall return to the source. Fill, ladle, return to exile, repeat.

    This new model may shift as we are able to onboard additional in-person help, but this may also be the case forever. Interviewing and training and management are their own additional jobs, and the time and energy is just not there at the moment. The commitment to quality and efficacy remains unwavering.

    Functionally for clients, all this means there will be periods of time when new orders cannot be placed, and where I won’t be as accessible.

    I will try to define these periods in advance, though they may also be somewhat spontaneous — in the case of illness or whatever unexpected thing have you. This schedule will be maintained in the client community as Events and detailed in posts to the Updates section of the website.

    As of posting this announcement, the shop has gone dark.

    Current orders will ship early-mid this week and I will be tending the support portal, just not accepting *new* orders until January 1st, partaking of some holiday respite.

    We will open for at least the first week in January and then likely shut down again until the next series debut. This is partially informed by my Vedic astrologer indicating January would be the hardest month of the year for Kaits and to keep it as clear as possible, alongside general burnout and the need to help Austin re-do his website.

    Thank you to our client community, friends, fans, and supporters for making all of this possible.

    For understanding, and for insisting I take better care of myself than I even *know how* to do.

    For allowing me to self-actualize and find my way under your supportive spotlight.

    You are my medicine.

    Please do not take this as abandonment… I shall keep mining the stars and returning to you with their luminous transmissions into the foreseeable future.

    And I’ll bring courses and books and the other stuff you’ve been asking for. And some things you didn’t but will probably really enjoy.

    I just need more space, more of the time.

    Forever and always,

    Kaitlin + Co.

  • Holiday Grab Bag Rush + Eclipse Hold Off

    A high volume of orders came in at once following the 2020 Grab Bag launch 🎄🎁

    Shipping began the next day (Friday) but was avoided Monday given the Solar Eclipse.

    We’ll be back at it first thing Tuesday 12/15 + ship daily until getting completely caught up, likely by end of Wednesday or mid Thursday. As always, you’ll get an email + tracking when yours ships!  🙏

  • Schedule Revision

    The following is an update posted to the client community today…

    The Empress will likely not grace us by Christmas, y’all. She’s living up to her name and taking her honey soaked time.

    Apologies. This is 2020… and we don’t get to have nice things in 2020 🥴

    Helper has been out sick and no supplemental aid has been available due to quarantine measures. He is feeling better and back as of today, but we haven’t even been able to start yet and these things are taking weeks to prep with only two people and load balancing the day-to-day.

    Traffic to the website is 25k spiking around launches, so the stakes are too high to be caught under a spotlight with my ass out trying to rush things, and I am scared of pushing ourselves and risking getting sick (not just with Covid, but with anything — our immunities are not strong right now).

    I know I don’t have to qualify myself to you at this point. You are all more supportive of me than I am to myself.

    Thank you for being the collective Mother I never had 💖

    Your kindness reparents me on the daily.

    …Going to resist setting another date until we get closer to the finish line. We will be working on it as soon as we are able and it is a priority to deliver as soon as realistically possible.

    I JUST WANT TO PLEASE YOU 🥺😫🤣 (laugh-cries-dies in Libra)

    Though I do have to say, all this makes sense given how trash transiting Venus is at the moment.

    HOWEVER, we have some other fun supplemental Christmas drops to make, and the Ritual Bathing Kits will also be restocked later today featuring a sexy new mystery blacksmith.

    Apparently I get *around with blacksmiths 😘😆 WHO COULD BLAME A LASS…. or anyone with a pulse…

    If you have an order on hold for Empress and would like it to ship now (or whenever), just let me know. She *will be the next release, probably no later than mid January at the latest, but I don’t want to make further projections I may not be able to keep, given the current operating conditions and ever-shifting territories.

    Thank you, as ever, for your patience and understanding 🙏

    You are the literal best, and it is an honor to serve a group of such incredible Spirits.

  • The Thanksgiving Holiday

    And just as normal operations resumed, Thanksgiving happened!

    Going to take this opportunity to catch up on laundry and other neglected domestic affairs 🙏

    All currently processing orders (and those placed in the meantime) will ship on Monday, Nov 30th.

  • Normal Operations Have Resumed

    As of Wednesday November 25th, Helper and I have overcome the Immortal Heart launch-alanche, digging ourselves out one carefully packed parcel at a time.

    Standard operations of shipping within 0-2 postal days have now resumed!

  • Immortal Heart Week 1 Post Mortem

    The first full week of Immortal Heart shipments are a literal wrap — 95% of the launch day orders have now been fulfilled!

    I must apologize to the incoming keepers of the large Altar Box Sets (there was an issue with sourcing enough paint to finish the interiors, but that arrived following delays today), along with a few other big’ns still to be processed.

    If yours has not yet shipped, it will first thing Monday, with expedited shipping on the house.

    Since launches create an avalanche of orders all at once, it’s getting over the debut hump that takes the longest.

    We should be completely recovered with all currently processing orders out the door by Wednesday 11/25/20, returning to our regularly scheduled 0-2 postal day fulfillment schedule.

    My ability to respond to support tickets has suffered the last two weeks, but I am trying to catch up as soon as possible.

    This launch was larger than anticipated (🙏) so we’ve had to re-bottle and build new boxes of all sizes to keep the packages flowing, stretching our mortal limits to make it happen. Getting orders re-homed is our highest priority, but we are working on onboarding someone who can help load balance support tickets for faster responses going forward.

    Thank you (as ever!) for your patronage, your patience, and your understanding 💜

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