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Q+A: Why do you call your wares “offerings”?

Q+A: Why do you call your wares “offerings”?
July 29, 2018 Kaitlin Coppock

Q + A : Why do you call your wares offerings?

A few people have asked — why do you refer to your products as offerings? Beyond sugar-coating “marketing” speech, there are two reasons.

[The passive voice is being used in this article to be inclusive of our phenomenal collaborators]

The first is that all of our wares are created by means of a ritual process. Everything we make is a literal offering to the powers that they serve — to help further their objectives in the world. This incense belongs to Mars. This water is holy to Asclepius. This candle, when lit, burns with the starfire of Regulus itself. Each and every item is an earthly missionary, spreading the charge of its patron celestial power. A battery of devotion.

The second is more nebulous, having to do with the spirit in which we offer our wares to the public. It is an honor and a pleasure to be able to do this work, and to have it be accepted and procured by our clients is mind blowing.

We are an intermediary channel — Priests and Priestesses tending to the powers we serve. In spiritual terms, those are the aforementioned celestial powers providing the magical charge for our wares, but in human terms, that is every single person who ever has, or ever will, place an order.

You supporting our work is also a way of feeding the Gods, spirits, and powers associated with each series. All the coin spent on such offerings is an actual offering in a classically religious sense. The transaction itself is in return for more than a physical product — it is a portion of sacrifice for the magic. In exchange you receive a holy relic, blessed and charged by the powers imbuing.

You too are a divine power. As the infamous Mr. Crowley once said, “every man and every woman is a star”. Each client is a star, whom we also serve with heartfelt devotion. It’s why we put so much care into our instructions, packaging, shipping, customer support, and things that we post. The aim is to aid and empower our clients to the highest of our ability, and we wish them every success and triumph. This is carried through in our personal devotions, where we always petition for our clients’ protection, empowerment, and financial security.


Because a rising tide raises all boats. We are a community, and we’re all surfing the same rough waters, trying to avoid the same sharks. It is our duty to care for one another, and to make the world a better place in the ways which we are able.

Sphere + Sundry is the way we’ve found, and we will continue striving to provide the best offerings possible to all manner of planets and stars, whether they be of fire or flesh.

And to our clients, divine and treasured —
thank you, from the bottom of our heart,
for supporting the Work. For choosing our offerings 

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