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Age of Air Model Shift + Revolving Incoming Shop Blackouts

Age of Air Model Shift + Revolving Incoming Shop Blackouts
December 21, 2017 Kaitlin Coppock

Sphere + Sundry’s original model was an emanation of Saturn in Capricorn’s Cardinal Earth energy. The focus has been on constant material output and emphasized the processing of orders as quickly and routinely as possible.

With the Age of Air officially upon us, marked by Saturn’s movement into fixed Aquarius and its conjunction with Jupiter (in a decan to do with exile and on the Winter Solstice, no less), we are *today making a pivot toward sustainability.

The energy of liftoff is different than the energy of orbit.

In launching and helping to popularize these methods of working in the world — honed individually and collectively over more than a decade (perpetuated in the form of printed, digital, and spoken word, and later enchanted goods) — the landscape has been forever altered. It’s hard to remember what the broadly accepted intersection of astrology, magic, and materia 2.5 years ago and beyond even looked like… but to anyone who has joined the ecosystem since, it was far from this.

In its short existence (according to website analytics), Sphere + Sundry has moved tens of thousands of units of astrological magic into the world, making for hundreds of thousands of effective doses. From our kitchen. Created, bottled, labeled, and wrapped by hand. Shipped from the garage and then our own warehouse. Since July 11th, 2018.

Needless to say, I am deeply grateful… unbelievably blessed… a little surprised…
and incredibly exhausted.

Working in this way is no longer sustainable, and the world is also different now.

People don’t need to be shown that this is a valid approach, they have quickly moved into *doing it. And more magic coming into the world is a probably good thing.

For my part…

I need time to integrate these shifts, to lie fallow for a bit, and to begin work on what to contribute next.

But I cannot do it running Sphere + Sundry as a one-woman (+ invaluable sidekick!) sweatshop, perpetually confined to the order trenches.

From here on out, we will be closing the shop as needed to prepare for new launches
(as opposed to prepping them while juggling the day-to-day), to rebottle existing stock in batches
(rather than maintain it in a perpetual, revolving manner), and to take additional time for ongoing education, teaching, writing, and just generally… to be a functioning human being person… if I remember how…. if I ever was……

The hope is to continue bringing new series to the world every 1.5-3 months, more or less, and we have plenty of projects slated for 2021 and beyond.

Plainly speaking, these changes are necessary without their coming at the cost of a dysfunctional life and an early grave.

The mountaineering mania that has characterized this last Saturn in Capricorn transit (for me, personally) needs to take (several) seats, pick up its ladle, and take a good long dip into the star-streams from whence it came. As I fill and have more to offer, it shall be poured into glass vials and shipped the world over, and as I grow empty again, I shall return to the source. Fill, ladle, return to exile, repeat.

This new model may shift as we are able to onboard additional in-person help, but this may also be the case forever. Interviewing and training and management are their own additional jobs, and the time and energy is just not there at the moment. The commitment to quality and efficacy remains unwavering.

Functionally for clients, all this means there will be periods of time when new orders cannot be placed, and where I won’t be as accessible.

I will try to define these periods in advance, though they may also be somewhat spontaneous — in the case of illness or whatever unexpected thing have you. This schedule will be maintained in the client community as Events and detailed in posts to the Updates section of the website.

As of posting this announcement, the shop has gone dark (it re-opened on January 1st).

We will be open until Thursday, January 7th and then likely shut down again until the next series debut.

Thank you to our client community, friends, fans, and supporters for making all of this possible.

For understanding, and for insisting I take better care of myself than I even *know how* to do.

For allowing me to self-actualize and find my way under your supportive spotlight.

You are my medicine.

Please do not take this as abandonment… I shall keep mining the stars and returning to you with their luminous transmissions into the foreseeable future.

And I’ll bring courses and books and the other stuff you’ve been asking for. And some things you didn’t but will probably really enjoy.

I just need more space, more of the time.

Forever and always,

Kaitlin + Co.

Comments (14)

  1. Carlota A.H. 3 years ago

    This is the most courageous, inspiring and deserved thing, and personally feel that is the way the world should function. We thrive in cycles, and should respect and honour them.

    I wish you well balanced, prosperous and joyfull endevorus!


  2. amy doran 3 years ago

    Take all the time You need to regenerate yourself, You will need it this month! Peace, Strength and Grace to You in the days moving forward. Be Well Friend.

  3. Ailee John 3 years ago

    Amazing! I have only just found you this year- but I am really excited for all the future holds for you, S+S and this community. Thank you for doing this work which no one else is doing and for making such amazing magic materia for us to use the world over! A true inspiration you are (and your team as well). Happy New Year!

  4. Duffi 3 years ago

    I am so grateful for the space you’ve held for us here. Please take your time & feel your way int your new rhythm. Love you.

  5. Rachel 3 years ago

    Happiest of holidays to you. May you get the respite you need and deserve! *great big hug*

  6. Frank Biasi 3 years ago

    Good call. Enjoy your rest and the fresh air and light that it will bring.

  7. Julie samek 3 years ago

    Yes take the time, enjoy many of those bath salts and pamper items you made, I feel ya. I’ll be doing a lot of the same.

  8. Kajsa 3 years ago

    Glad to hear this and always grateful for you. Be well and whole so you can keep being inimitably you!

  9. Anna Helvie 3 years ago

    Yes. Let’s make this part of the Age of Air and an emphasis on Aquarius: a more egalitarian relationship between provider and customer: with the provider not the proverbial “servant” who must fill every client’s needs all the time without cessation, but an equal who provides important goods and processes* and needs rightfully to engage in self-care in order to continue to do so.

    *Trying to get away from “services” being the term for non-tangibles such as counseling, teaching, readings, etc.

  10. Susan Richardson 3 years ago

    Thank you Kaitlin.
    Happy Holidays and enjoy the much deserved respite.

  11. staley 3 years ago

    this is incredibly inspiring (per usual). thank you for you. ✨

  12. Tanya 3 years ago

    Awww, Kaitlin … beautifully written as always. Wishing you many full ladles in the weeks, months and years to come. 🙂

  13. Yolanda Valenzuela 3 years ago

    Have a wonderful respite and turn of the year.

  14. Terri Campbell 3 years ago

    Delighted to hear you are making space for yourself and your life. Bless you always. Rest, dear lady. Thank you. *will add to my calendar a week of Jan. 2021 order

    Always and forever, may you get what you need, what fills you with joy. Good health, and all abundance, well-being, to you and Austin. Happy 2021. xx

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