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On Magical Pacifism, the Need for Sanctuary

On Magical Pacifism, the Need for Sanctuary
March 10, 2022 Kaitlin Coppock

On Magical Pacifism, the Need for Sanctuary

Last night I posted an update to the Client Community [below, following this intro], did evening mantra practice, and sat down for dinner.

As we watched the classic 1997 animated film Anastasia, I looked down to be confronted by an accidental ketchup dove, curated simply by the indiscriminate swiping of tater tots

One of the odder syncs, but definitely resonant given ketchup’s being a foodstuff with an uncomfortable resemblance to bloodshed.

Food for thought.


The reception to the post itself has been positive, and the responses so thoughtful and powerful, that it felt semi-akin to moral obligation to share it more openly.

I do this with tremendous trepidation because the public square is on fire, and the discourse only fuels it.

Yet breadcrumbs must be laid to the precious few Sanctuaries these times have to offer…

In my relatively brief career as a public practitioner, numerous waves of witch war have come across my doorstep, and not once have I ever cursed anyone in the field. Back or first.

This isn’t cool because it isn’t edgy, but I guess I’m coming out of the closet, here and now — as a proponent for what could essentially be characterized as Magical Pacifism.

Cases can be made for all kinds of positions on maleficia, and I genuinely respect that.

Everyone is in command of their own practices and approaches, and alone must account for the karma and consequences their actions sow.

That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in rock solid defenses, or wise implementation of the Benefic Curse, and doing whatever it takes to protect one’s own interests.

I just feel, deep down, morally speaking, that my liberty/ “will” ends where the magical noses of others, begins.

and that bigger dividends are paid by focusing on *my own* flourishing than the destruction of another’s, because someone else’s destruction is literally not my gain.

it is only Loss.

and Trauma.

and more Pain.

and it makes the world a *worse* place.

and that makes me not want to live here.

[and judging from the opioid epidemic and stats on deaths of despair, I bet many of our readers feel that way sometimes, too]

So out of a combination of pure, unmitigated self-interest, multiplied by the deep concern I have for the wellbeing and safekeeping of those in my care, I offer the following…

[brought to you by tatermancy;
by which I mean Eirene]

The Post

A bit about current events, and how politicized the world has become, and how I *personally* view magic and Sphere + Sundry’s intersection with them…

My heart is — like *everyone’s*, I’m sure — breaking over world events.

It’s been broken for some time now, over a lot of things very few of us as individuals have much (if any) direct control over.

What we *can* control is the amount of toxicity we let spill over into shared spaces, and the degree to which we *personally* contribute to the pollution of shared psycho-spheres and mind-streams.

I view and seek to maintain Sphere + Sundry as a form of sanctuary from excess toxicity.

A place where — if you are like-minded, like-hearted, and well-intended, you are welcome.

Where anyone who preserves that Spirit is appreciated and embraced.

We are a *genuine Community*, by which I mean — people who have come together for the shared purpose of spiritual practice and improvement of Self + Sphere, AND who have authentic, deep seated good will for our fellow travelers.

Even if we do not know each other well yet.

That alone differentiates us from [lowercase] “community” — networks of people who have found themselves sharing space by nature of similar interests or vocations, but who don’t necessarily give a flying fuck about whoever else is in that space with them, AND, may very well wish serious ill on those who hold any space they’d prefer for *themselves*.

Where we choose to spend our time + the online platforms we’re drawn to says a lot about who we are and what we value

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for keeping political posts to a minimum, for the sake of those who need a break and want to focus on the other things that bring us together — astrological magic, healing, and self-improvement.

That being said, my head is *not* in the sand about the dire events our lifetimes flow through, so I will share the following:

When you think of historical real-life mages with shady backgrounds and “bad” reputations, who do you think of?

I think of Rasputin.

Who was apparently also tremendously powerful.

Just because the West has lost its connection (OPENLY) to war magic and the role of mages in war, does not mean other nations and cultures have.

[Redacted in public’s] head magician is a man named [Redacted].

and he does not work alone.

I *personally* think it is [redacted], dangerous, and likely ineffective to be trying to curse [redacted person] or [redacted nation] right now, or advising other non-expert practitioner-followers on social media to join in.

This isn’t personal or aimed at anyone in particular, despite how other dramatic events might make this look (I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while now).

That well intended but misguided sentiment is *all over the place* from tens if not hundreds or thousands of voices.

[If you think this post is about you, it is very literally not]

[I am offering what I truly believe, and respect anyone’s right to hold and promote a different, very popular, very mainstream view.]

I think the move is — shocking from me… THEURGY.

Pray to the Gods and Goddesses and Mahavidyas and Angels and Saints and Spheres and Spirits to intercede.

Don’t put yourSELF and your MAGIC in the line of fire.

There are better, more fruitful ways to “spend” it, which we’ll circle back to.

Archangel Michael is very much already affiliated with [redacted nation], and protecting [redacted capitol].

Pray to Him for its protection.

Propitiate Venus to cool war tensions.

Ask that cooler heads prevail.

+ for Sanctuary for all the Innocents of this Earth.

Offer Eirene or VAD *to* Gods or Venus Herself toward that end.

(Eirene as Goddess included)

(Immortal Heart would also be good)

(So would Asclepius)

Let THOSE vast intelligences direct and mediate the energy.

Don’t get *personally* involved, in that sense.

And, please, don’t get Sphere + Sundry involved in trying to curse [redacted person] or [redacted nation], because we don’t want *our* energies tangled up in that giant fuckin mess.

*Offer* to Gods and Spirits and *pray* for the outcome you want.

Just don’t put a picture of [redacted] in a vat of Blood of the Gorgon, tempting as it may be

[Redacted’s] mages likely have *VERY POWERFUL* counter-magic running, and you (and *we*) don’t need to be courting that blowback.

They might even have it rigged so those curses and lamentations become fuel for *their own* ends.

^^ real-ass possibility.

(Let alone the prayers of hundreds of thousands of Orthodox [redacted]/ anyone anti-US, anti-EU, anti-NATO, or anti-West which lend TREMENDOUS auras of protection.)

Use *your* magic and *our* magic to support yourself and those you love and care for.

Use it to help yourself navigate this very stressful, highly chaotic time.

Put your *own* mask on before helping others, and do *NOT* feel guilty about that.

Despite all the shouting on social media, and the sense that if you’re not involving yourself in the discourse or some form of direct/ malefic magical action, you’re not doing something right.

We *all* need to take breaks from all forms of media.

We all need to personally detach from that which we cannot control at times,

because that constant exposure to stress suppresses our immune systems,
and it *literally* kills us.

(please see the work of Dr. Gabor Maté)

I am on Team YOU.

and I care about YOU just as much as I care about [redacted nation], and world peace.

Probably more.

(Definitely more)

and we can do *our part* and do it *all*, but we’ve got to be smart about it.

We’ll get through this.

and we’ll do it by having enough resources to feed ourselves, our loved ones, and fill our (literal and metaphorical) gas tanks.

Continue to focus on the ways you can to improve your own lot.

Assess your true ability to give *what* of your self + resources, and do what you feel, deep down, is for the best.

Make yourself and your life STRONG against the onslaught which is already spilling over into our daily lives.

I care about *you* and *us* waayy too much to suggest anything otherwise

Let the bigger Spirits fight this war, and fuel them with offerings.

Use your personal magic to fortify your own Sphere.

Different takes exist, this is simply my own

This was posted on March 10th, 2022.

Thank you for everyone’s good faith reception/ treatment of these vital sentiments.

Thank you for understanding this comes from a deeply held belief that all people have the Right to almost all forms of Sanctuary — to say nothing of dire needand a First, Do No Harm approach.

Human Spirits all around the world are under all manner of siege.

There is more than one war,
and we’ve all been drafted.

In the event of emergency,
put on
your own mask first.

Lord knows we’ve got a few lyin’ around 😉

Comments (25)

  1. Karen 2 years ago

    This resonates profoundly. Late November 2022. Thank you for this.

  2. Kristin 2 years ago

    ❤ words of wisdom

  3. jamiepsmith 2 years ago

    Yes, a thousand times, yes. xo

  4. taylor 2 years ago

    thank you for this. have been feeling very alone in these times as everyone wakes up and chooses magical violence lmao. it’s a relief to know there is room for these feelings.

  5. amy 2 years ago


  6. Simon 2 years ago

    Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart for so blessed and blessing words. Thanks for your advices… I never thought about war magic even exist

    • aleksandra zelenina 2 years ago

      Thought something similar about the days of Trump and people calling for the curses on social media. I suppose I was naive enough to have thought I was on the *right* [left side], turned out there was no sides, just an ugly ball of hate and division that picks up momentum as it rolls.
      As a person born in redacted nation, and of the nationality of the other redacted nation, I can say that the average person walking down the street of both those nations knows more about magic, and natural law than someone who decided to read a book about it. It is in the soil, water and air, it is drank in with mother’s milk. It smacks you in the face with its presence in those lands, if ever you visit.

  7. Jay Thorpe 2 years ago


  8. A 2 years ago

    Pacifism is the best focus on the train station

  9. RyzomeRyan 2 years ago

    Good stuff, thank you.

  10. Sister Nobody 2 years ago

    A MILLION TIMES YES and thank you so much for this post. There are well meaning people who think you need to totally immerse yourself in, constantly look at news/fear porn/Main Stream Media propaganda and embody/fight against ALL the suffering of the world to “enlighten” yourself and do the proper “shadow work”. Like…..cry and sob, wring yourself out, wear yourself out and watch it all 24/7. No thank you. It does me ZERO good and yes…lowers my defenses and immune system (thank you so much for stating this fact that should be obvious, but I got it immediately with an “Oh yeah…that does happen). I’m particularly affected by this kind of toxic wildfire “oversharing” by social media, family (some of whom seem to LOVE the drama..like it’s a damn soap opera), etc. so my boundaries have gone way up to gently let them know it’s not up for discussion with me, and if they think I’m a selfish asshole for noping out of that shit, so be it. I am aware of what’s happening, of course. I am asking Higher Ones, particularly Guardian Angel Michael and his band, to help humanity daily. But I am also busy fortifying and beautifying my little Sanctuary and family here….making us strong and protected with love, beauty, daily care with ritual to preserve the abundance we have. I’m a Pisces Sun with my natal Venus in Pisces, and The Empress is my numerology Tarot birth card. What can I say? It’s what I do best. I will tend my own Garden (literally and metaphorically) and put one foot in front of the other. Again…thank you for this gracious and intelligent conversation.

  11. Eleni G 2 years ago

    This was simultaneously like visiting an oasis and also getting ones rudder straightened for the course ahead. Thank you.

  12. Diode 2 years ago

    You had me at tater tots and it didn’t waver. <3

  13. Jas 2 years ago

    Thanks for this important message. As we live through this earthly adventure, learning to focus on our own healing is our primary goal. It is when we all work on our selves that we help everyone else best. Detachment and focusing on peace that still exists within us is the only way out of chaos.

  14. Natelege el-Shair 2 years ago

    Thank you Kate. You are a true gem.

  15. Daniel 2 years ago

    Thank you… thank you… thank you. And I appreciate the email directing me to this post. More of this is needed in the world, and I’m grateful for your voice.

  16. Sharon 2 years ago

    Thank you. Tatermancy love. Yes, sanctuary.

  17. Sheila Reynolds 2 years ago

    What Kim said! Thank you Kaitlin

  18. claire 2 years ago

    This poignant post arrived while I was smearing my own lunch’s ketchup of bloodshed. On behalf of my Mars in Libra, I beseech solidarity through tatermancy. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Kevin 2 years ago

    Thanks for this Kaitlin! I couldn’t agree more.

    • EMILLER 2 years ago

      Thanks for sharing to wider list.

  20. Sarah 2 years ago


  21. Kim 2 years ago

    Thank you for a powerful post and food for thought. As a newer practitioner, I do see the posts calling for direct, targeted action against specific individuals, often involving a group spell, incantation, or otherwise. In stressful times it’s “easy” to have an almost knee-jerk reaction of joining the bandwagon and throwing whatever I can at these ne’er-do-gooders. Your thoughts and opinions have a lovely grounding and balm effect to these initial feelings of both rage and helplessness, and I find your advice to be a wonderful reminder that yes, I need to put on my oxygen mask first. It’s also a lovely reminder that there are more productive and even tangible ways to help the causes I believe strongly in; and while many of us want to see some quick, fierce comeuppances, it is not our punishment to dole out and we can support the higher spirits in dishing out just desserts. Blessed be!

    • Sheila Reynolds 2 years ago

      Thanks for expressing my thoughts so succinctly ❤

  22. Gabe 2 years ago


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