On Witchcraft as Market Force — Sephora Selling “Witch Kits” and #InstaWitches

On Witchcraft as Market Force — Sephora Selling “Witch Kits” and #InstaWitches
August 31, 2018 Kaitlin Coppock

On Witchcraft as Market Force — Sephora Selling Witch Kits and #InstaWitches

This was posted to Facebook and Twitter on August 31st, 2018.

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When I launched Sphere + Sundry, some of my serious occult friends asked, their pearls clutched dearly, how I could bring myself to market on Instagram, and why. Others asked why I’ve been so transparent with my creation process.

The answer is — “Witch kits” being sold at Sephora.

A lot of “us” are having feelings about this development, but market forces have been trending in this direction for quite a while now.

The last time Neptune was in Pisces oversaw the Spiritualism movement, where every Becky, Jane, and Susan were holding parlor séances. And it’s not so different now.

So… should mega corporations and clueless charlatans be the primary beneficiaries of the public’s mounting interest in magic and esotericism?

Clearly not.

Those of us who are offering astrological services, magical services, healing services, and who are trying to change the world for the better, are uniquely poised to ride this wave AND help elevate the standards and vibration of what is offered to the public.

The reason I’m transparent about what goes into the creation of *actual* magical materials is to show someone who comes home from Sephora with their newfound witch kit how magic can be SO MUCH MORE than a hunk of rose quartz and a questionably sourced sage bundle.

And remember — everyone starts somewhere.

Many good witches will be born from this trend, and others will never pick up a sage bundle again.

The point is, YOU deserve their money.

Not Sephora.

Do good work and market it well. Make this late capitalist hellscape your bitch, on your terms. Let the #witchesofinstagram light the way! And by light, I mean LITERALLY pay your utility bill.

Your magic is your own, and the term “witch” doesn’t mean anything. It never has. And we all know that buying a “witch kit” does not a witcheth make. So don’t let it bug you.

Keep your eye on the prize. Offer real magic and real wisdom for real money. The public is salivating for it, and it just might save our planet.

And, I for one would way rather live in a world where interest in magic is coming in and the tide of soulless materialism is going out.

So God bless the witches of Instagram, and every dollar they spend.

Every. Single. One.

Comments (2)

  1. C 5 months ago

    I want to let you know that as a young, actually practicing, magic practitioner, I really appreciate you being active on Instagram. It is hard to find good, legitamite resources out in the black pit of the internet. Having your presence in my feed is endlessly inspirational and refreshing. Thank you for what you do!

  2. FreemanPresson 6 months ago

    And lo, do many things come to pass, including sensible blog posts about mind-searing pre-tendencies. Thank you.

    P.S., I love the oil.

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