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Venus’ Aerial Delight BPALs

Venus’ Aerial Delight BPALs


Thee Elizabeth Barrial of iconic indie perfume house Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (and Head Bruja in Charge @ Twilight Alchemy Lab) crafted the following luscious scents in our Aerial Delight election window —


Both an attraction oil and an oil of good fortune, Aphrodite’s Harvest confers riches through beauty and the arts, removes scarcity and fear of scarcity, and grants an abundance of sensuous boons. This oil can also be used to draw in lovers and opportunities for exposure and advancement in the arts.

Lilac from the TAL garden (Syringa vulgaris), lemon verbena essential oil and herb from the TAL garden (Aloysia citriodora), catnip essential oil and herb from the TAL garden (Nepeta cataria), lemon essential oil and peel from the TAL garden (Citrus x limon), Sri Lankan lime essential oil and peel (Citrus x aurantifolia), cardamom essential oil and green pods (Elettaria cardamomum), lemongrass essential oil and leaf from the TAL garden (Cymbopogon flexuosus), Bulgarian rose absolute (Rosa damascene), red sage root (Salvia miltiorrhiza), vetiver essential oil (Vetiveria zizanioides), periwinkle (Vinca minor), white sage from the TAL garden (Salvia apiana) and clary sage essential oil (Salvia sclarea), mugwort essential oil and herb from the TAL garden (Artemisia vulgaris), mandrake root (Mandragora officinarum), and red clover blossoms from the TAL garden (Trifolium pratense).


She recognized the round, sweet throat of the goddess and her desirable breasts and her eyes that were full of shining.

This is an oil that amplifies and enhances beauty and sensuality while rekindling libido. This oil is used to bolster self-confidence, rekindle your love of your own body, and to help you find comfort and pleasure in, with, and through your body.

Rose petals and rose absolute (Rosa damascene), patchouli essential oil and leaf (Pogostemon cablin), red vegetal musk, benzoin oil and resin (Styrax tonkinensis, Styrax benzoin), tonka beans (Dipteryx odorata), vanilla absolute and vanilla bean (Vanilla planifolia), cubeb essential oil and berries (Litsea cubeba), wild-harvested damiana leaf (Turnera diffusa), peppermint essential oil and leaf from the TAL garden (Mentha x piperita), spearmint essential oil and leaf (Mentha spicata), periwinkle (Vinca minor), white sage from the TAL garden (Salvia apiana) and clary sage essential oil (Salvia sclarea), mugwort essential oil and herb from the TAL garden (Artemisia vulgaris), mandrake root (Mandragora officinarum), and red clover blossoms from the TAL garden (Trifolium pratense).

(Please do not use on your genitals or any other sensitive body parts.)


Mother of laughter, and welspring of blisse.

An oil for kindness and affection, for rekindling joy and pleasure, and for learning how to laugh again, especially when your heart has been cold and silent for too long.

Rose petals and rose absolute (Rosa damascene), catnip essential oil and herb from the TAL garden (Nepeta cataria), passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), tonka beans (Dipteryx odorata), hawthorn berries (Crataegus laevigata), carnation petals and leaf from the TAL garden (Dianthus caryophyllus), benzoin absolute (Styrax benzoin), periwinkle (Vinca minor), white sage from the TAL garden (Salvia apiana) and clary sage essential oil (Salvia sclarea), mugwort essential oil and herb from the TAL garden (Artemisia vulgaris), mandrake root (Mandragora officinarum), red clover blossoms from the TAL garden (Trifolium pratense), strawberry fruit compound, wild currant fruit compound, sandalwood essential oil (Santalum spicatum), and jasmine absolute and flowers (Jasminum grandiflorum).


Aphrodite clothed herself with garments which the Kharites and Horae had made for her and dyed in flowers of spring – such flowers as the Horae wear – in crocus and hyacinth and flourishing violet and the rose’s lovely bloom, so sweet and delicious, and heavenly buds, the flowers of the narcissus and lily. In such perfumed garments is Aphrodite clothed at all seasons.

Though this is an oil of sensuality and sensual delight, it is also an oil of the arts: creating art, appreciating art, embracing art. This oil amplifies personal beauty in all forms, and amplifies the power of the arts to sustain us, resolve conflict, and educate us. It is an oil that enhances the power of art to create a sense of harmony, concord, and community.

Crocus petals from the TAL garden (Crocus sativus), paperwhite narcissus petals from the TAL garden (Narcissus papyraceus), hyacinth petals from the TAL garden (Hyacinthus orientalis), Madonna lily petals from the TAL garden (Lilium candidum), rose petals and rose absolute (Rosa damascene), violet absolute (Viola odorata), Himalayan amber oil (Oleum succini), vetiver essential oil (Vetiveria zizanioides), tonka beans (Dipteryx odorata), benzoin oil and resin (Styrax tonkinensis, Styrax benzoin), red sandalwood (Pterocarpus soyauxii), beeswax absolute (Cera alba), periwinkle (Vinca minor), white sage from the TAL garden (Salvia apiana) and clary sage essential oil (Salvia sclarea), mugwort essential oil and herb from the TAL garden (Artemisia vulgaris), mandrake root (Mandragora officinarum), and red clover blossoms from the TAL garden (Trifolium pratense).


Whether awake or sleeping,
I cannot rest for long:
By my casement comes creeping
A distant song.

A song like the chiming of silver
Bells which the breezes play,
Seeming to float for ever
Towards an unseen day:

A song that is weary with sorrow,
Yet knows not any defeat:
Through the past, through to-day, through to-morrow,
It echoes on life’s long street.

Could I but make words of its power,
Bring it from the future here,
Men’s souls would be waking, that hour,
To the victory against fear.

But the vague sweet stanza befools me
With its calm joy, time after time,
And no failure here ever schools me
To cease from an idle rhyme.

That music afar, unspoken,
’Tis I have done it wrong:
I caught, and I have broken,
A distant song.

This oil was inspired by a poem that reflects an aspect of Venus’ dance with Spica: A Distant Song by John Gould Fletcher. This oil assists in healing emotional wounds caused by fear, pain or resentment. It helps enable people to be more loving and more receptive to love.

Benzoin oil and resin (Styrax tonkinensis, Styrax benzoin), red sandalwood (Pterocarpus soyauxii), cardamom essential oil and green pods (Elettaria cardamomum), cherry fruit compound, fig fruit compound and leaf from the TAL garden, Bulgarian rose absolute (Rosa damascene), honey absolute (Apis mellifera), periwinkle (Vinca minor), white sage from the TAL garden (Salvia apiana) and clary sage essential oil (Salvia sclarea), mugwort essential oil and herb from the TAL garden (Artemisia vulgaris), mandrake root (Mandragora officinarum), red clover blossoms from the TAL garden (Trifolium pratense), mimosa absolute (Acacia dealbata), manuka essential oil (Leptospermum scoparium), angelica essential oil and root (Angelica archangelica), red mandarin essential oil (Citrus reticulata), and patchouli essential oil and leaf (Pogostemon cablin).

Offered for $45 each, or full quintette for $225




Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in

No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Morning of September 9th, 2021. Hour of Venus, Rising. Chart in the image gallery


Aphrodite's Harvest, Her Eyes that were Full of Shining, Laughter-Loving, The Cloak of Aphrodite, A Distant Song, Full Venus' Aerial Delight BPAL Quintette

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  1. A Distant song is one of the most intriguing scents I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. BPALs are always a delight, but the deep honey scent of this perfume oil fills me with a resonant joy that was unexpected for the airy nature of Libra Venus. It’s really something special.

  2. This review is specifically for “Her Eyes That Were Full of Shining” with a gentle encouraging nudge for anyone who’s reaching a certain age. I bought this perfume because I was feeling sorrow at what felt like the fade of my beauty and sexual power and I’m so, so glad I did.

    Those who know “Bright Goddess of the Skies” (from the Venus in Taurus series in 2019) know what a powerful aphrodisiac that scent was. “Her Eyes That Were Full of Shining” absolutely has aphrodisiacal powers, though they filter through in a different way. BGotS flipped the physical switch of turn-on, bam. Direct route. HETWFoS makes *me* feel like a beautiful, worthy, sexual creature, and it has an immediate physical effect as well.
    Looking forward to tracking the cumulative effects over time on my sense of myself as a being of Venusian loveliness.

    The scent is gorgeous, btw, like lush rose candy.

    So grateful for this dew-restoring potion. Super precious.

  3. The aphrodite’s harvest bpal has been so amazing! Such a pure sweet, presence. Truly the sweetest expression of venus. Has been nice for centering in social situations and feeling ready for connection.

  4. I think A Distant Song is my favorite of the 5 scent wise. It comes off like a rose and honey incense for me and I love how it smells if I put a little bit in my hair. I’ve been wearing them all with regularity while Venus is in Libra, and A Distant Song specifically has been helping ease a little heartache I’ve been experiencing for the last few months.

  5. Her Eyes That Were Full of Shining: this perfume has such a lovely and unexpected depth to it. It has the light Libran airiness but the fragrance is supported by a much stronger undertone that really goes deep into the body. It’s beautiful.

  6. Laughter-loving: Does just what it says on the tin. And such an uplifting, juicy JUICY! fruity-floral scent. It always takes me by surprise how laughter and good times bubble over whenever I wear this out—especially when it comes to being around people with feminine energy!

  7. A Distant Song: “This oil assists in healing emotional wounds caused by fear, pain or resentment. It helps enable people to be more loving and more receptive to love.” Yeeeeeeeesssssssss!!!!!

    I’ve been wracked for years with regret and sadness due to the break up of my marriage/the family, and had tried just about every approach to healing but to no success. Until this. For about two weeks, I put a few drops on a tealight and burned it in my bedroom throughout the night while I slept. (OK, I know–never leave a burning candle unattended, but it was in a very safe spot and the window was left open.) And now, after a few weeks of this, I feel my heart has released so much pain and is tangibly lighter. And now I actually feel optimistic and ready for another relationship! SO much gratitude.

  8. The Cloak of Aphrodite

    I got this oil to help with art-making, but it did so much more.

    After applying it yesterday, I tried to do some work but was distracted by sights, sounds and colors. And feelings. (Then again, I am easily distracted.) Then, when I went to make dinner, I abandoned the plan at the last minute— it was going to be something I’d made a million times— but I was inspired to try a completely different dish, one of my own devising, and felt very content throughout the steps— being in the garden, chopping the vegetables, all of it. It also took me a lot longer because I slowed down and enjoyed the process. It was a delicious meal.

    Then my partner and I enjoyed some lovely time in the bedroom— with me being totally in the present and enjoying the sensual delight of it. This is pretty amazing because I am post-menopausal and my libido has tanked. But not last night! Also, my partner is crazy about the scent of this BPAL! He had been having a hard day and was feeling under the weather, but Cloak of Aphrodite… turned him round. 😉

    This is a magnificent oil. I can’t wait to take it to the studio!

  9. I was only planning to get Aphrodite’s Harvest but ended up getting a bottle of Laughter-Loving as well as my cards gave me a YES for the latter. I ended up liking Laughter Loving more between the two. It smells of fresh berries and berry jam. But do not be fooled by this sweet gentle scent. It opens your heart ever so slightly to let light in as promised. I’ve felt so much relief when I apply it at the end of stressful days.

  10. Her Eyes That Were Full of Shining ~
    I sat on the dock, feet dangling in the cold sea water, and felt all of me come alive – yes to my aging body, yes to the beauty of grey hair, yes to the resurrection of dormant stirrings, yes to simple yet powerful pleasures of skin, eyes, nose, ears, taste. Being in this 55 year old body is a wonder. True medicine.

  11. Laughter Loving was the first BPAL I ordered. I have been going through a time of negativity and intense heart break. I wanted to get back to at least seeing the silver lining in life. When I wear Laughter Loving – and especially if I wear it consecutive days in a row I find myself looking for the “good things” in life. Even if that’s simply watching a beautiful set of clouds go through the sky. I love how it helps my heart open to the joy and simple pleasures of life. If you’ve been struggling and going through a hard time – something none of us get out of unfortunately – this is a gentle scent to help you still see some of those “good things”! I highly recommend Laughter Loving.

  12. I bought Aphrodite’s Harvest, A Distant Song, and Her Eyes That Were Full of Shining. Wow! All of them have very distinct and lovely scents, and naturally, potent magic.
    I won’t speak much to Aphrodite’s Harvest as it is sold out. But it does have the intended effects 😉 A Distant Song has really helped me do some deep healing from previous shitty relationships, and I think it has helped me get into the healthy relationship I am in now, so I’m super grateful. And HETWFoS has improved my confidence and comfort with being visible. At times I feel awkward in my own body, and in expressing my femininity (more-so dealing with the levels of attention it calls), and it has helped me “own it” a bit more. I am who I am. I can’t help if I’m sexy *shrugs* It’s also helped with my self-connection and connection to my partner in the bedroom. Grateful all around!

  13. The Clock of Aphrodite is incredible… floral without overpowering, fresh without feeling too “clean,” the energetic uplift I notice while wearing it is beautiful. It’s especially helpful (to me) when trying to find creative inspiration and insight. I think this is a lovely oil for creativity and heart-opening. Thank you S+S, BPAL, and Venus <3

  14. Aphrodite’s Harvest is my all-time favorite scent! It smells like a lemon drop and lingers for days, it’s capable of prevailing over other, more unsavory smells and works as an instant mood-booster. Recently, while wearing this perfume, I was asked on a date by a very cute stranger I met at a bar. That has NEVER happened to me before! My bank account has also seen an unprecedented boon since I started incorporating this scent in daily use…no raise at work, no substantial income outside of work, and yet, scarcity just doesn’t seem to affect it. I’m excited to see how working with Venus in Libra and this particular perfume will continue to improve my life! Can’t recommend this stuff highly enough.

  15. I have Venus and Saturn (+ company) in Libra and one thing I am highly concerned with is aging gracefully (aiming for retired prima-ballerina vibe, haha). The Clock of Aphrodite smells like all things refined, things that are getting better/more appreciated with time. When I applied it, it was like I put a swab of the most expensive Monet painting or gorgeous antique furniture to my skin. From all of the BPALs, this one is the most Libra to me. This is the only perfume from this serie that I can wear for work too. It does give vibe of beauty in high accomplishment settings. I am feeling like a MASTERPIECE when wearing it – both esthetically and professionally!

  16. I applied my Venus’ Aerial Delight BPALs this evening before going
    to a small gathering; the smell is heavenly. I was getting compliments left and right, and people I didn’t know started a pleasant conversation; I am pleased with my purchase!

  17. “Laughter loving” smells so beautiful, sweet and fresh, I can’t really explain it. I’m coming out of a deep depressive episode and (along with all the other necessary self care), I feel this helps.

  18. I wear Laughter-Loving very regularly for work meetings, sometimes with the same intent as Multiple Storm Interaction. It helps bring in kindness and joy into the collaborations that otherwise might feel dry or competitive. Probably not exactly what the original intent of the perfume is, but it works for me, and it smells just divine. Also often layer it with Eirene. Love the VAD series to pieces.

  19. I got Aphrodite’s Harvest about a month ago and I just love the scent so much! It’s very fresh and lasts for quite a while. So far I’ve just noticed I’ve had an easier time finding joyful experiences (it seems to have increased my spending a bit while I’m wearing it, but all on things that are worth it).


    My box of S + S arrived today (after I ordered it *yesterday*) and my absolute clown of a Libra rising was like, “I’ll just try a little on my wrists”… I do not exaggerate when I say I had to go shower it off because I had tasks to do and Her Eyes just FULLY SHORT CIRCUITED MY BRAIN. I was floating in sexy cloud soup.

    This is the first talismanic perfume I’ve ever tried. For me the effect is very much “embodied,” but also, I feel like I’m going to maybe float around in a cloud for several hours? What is time? Incredible. I love it. Sexy cloud dressing for the salad that is me.

  21. APHRODITE’S HARVEST smells very beautiful and fresh, makes me feel very attractive when I wear it. It helps with confidence when I go out. Can´t wait to try more of these BPALs.

  22. The day before Her Eyes That Were Full of Shining arrived I met someone – my first new romantic connection in a long time. (This also happened serendipitously in a public space, with a clear sign of Venus’s presence showing up in an image located there.). Since then romance has blossomed and I have enjoyed a reinvigorating and delicious journey back into my body and sensuality. In short, this works! The scent is gorgeous, one of my favourite BPALs so far. A true delight.

  23. So, even though I am heavily influenced by Saturn in a lot of ways, I am a Taurus rising. I have been trying to focus on venusian energies that manifest in my life & body.

    My partner purchased Aphrodite’s Harvest for me for Valentine’s Day. I’ve been using it fairly casually every day. Slowly, I have been noticing the way I’ve been giving myself grace. I have been tuning in more to the needs of my body. I also noticed how long my hair has gotten very quickly! I usually apply this oil on my neck, crown of my head, and tips of my hair!

    I love, love, love S+S/BPAL materia so much! Thank you for creating such magical products!

  24. The Cloak of Aphrodite smells amazing. I love music and I love to dance but unfortunately for me, I have two left feet. Also I couldn’t memorize choreography even if my life depended in it. This of course makes my whole experience with going to Zumba very unpleasant. However, when I wear this oil to my dance class, I feel that I am more relaxed and can enjoy the music, and class more, which in turn helps me dance better and stay on beat!! Did I already mention this smells amazing??!!

  25. Her Eyes That Were Full of Shining~
    Such a sexy, spritely, youthful, gorgeous scent. makes me feel like the moment you lock eyes with a sexy stranger on the dance floor. A beautiful aid in embodiment and feeling a sense of play and joy. Thank you Kaitlin, Austin and Elizabeth for another perfect creation.

  26. Get all 5 if you can, and I don’t say that lightly. It’s a worthy investment. This series might be my favorite BPALs to date. Of the set, my favorites so far are: A Distant Song, Laughter-Loving, and Her Eyes That We’re Full of Shining. All of them have a similar base that creates a cohesive theme and purpose- but each captures a beautiful sensory experience of different facets of Venus in Libra’s wheelhouse. And truthfully, the fragrances are a delight (teehee) to wear; I could wear one daily. Some are more green/citrusy and grassy, others more “perfumey”, sweet and resinous. And I have never seen a set of BPALs start such a buzz in the community forum. We love discussing different notes and sensory experiences of them. She is, indeed, chatty! And I notice in myself that my mood is lifted and communication seems to flow more openly and pleasantly (at the very least!) when wearing one.

  27. A Distant Song,
    “This oil assists in healing emotional wounds caused by fear, pain or resentment. It helps enable people to be more loving and more receptive to love”
    Yes, it does. I’ve just started a relationship (after receiving this offering) with someone who is so kind and giving and genuinely appreciates me – all of those things are VERY DIFFERENT from what I have allowed myself to experience in the past.
    It’s funny how much therapy I’ve had about allowing myself to be treated well and how beautifully this BPAL supports that.
    I’ve also used this when feeling shy about sharing work I’ve done and enjoying my kids. Truly a life changing perfume and I am so grateful.


    Falling asleep with this on felt like drifting off in a warn cloud’s embrace. When I wear it I notice that I’m not irritated by things that normally bother me and interactions with others flow a lot easier and with more smiling and understanding. It’s like having a bit of Venus’ charms at your disposal.


    Not only does this smell of Spring and joy in a bottle it feels good, like a warm embrace. Even better: it opened up my own creativity and allowed writing to flow and ideas to expand without a critical eye or judgement.

  30. Does anyone else always speak too soon? haha almost three weeks ago, I left a testimonial on the page for the VAD Altar Box Sets; it fully captured the elation I was experiencing at that time due to the energies present within the materia. Not long after, though, it seems that deep wounds & sore spots began to be triggered INTENSELY following application (very Immortal Heart-esque lol). I thought maybe I was overdosing & that if I backed off, things would “revert” to how they were in the beginning, but that hasn’t really changed anything. Even looking at how the election for VAD interacts with my chart, etc. I can’t quite figure out why this would be happening.

    BUT, I do think that these BPALs could perhaps be thought of as almost “separate” entities. I haven’t tried them on their own yet, without the influence of the rest of the series, but it’s pretty clear that materia created by two different people is going to be at least somewhat distinct. With that being said, I love all five of them. The one I was drawn to most, and that I knew would be my favorite, is Her Eyes That Were Full of Shining. It’s gorgeous & sensual. Laughter-Loving & The Cloak of Aphrodite are both wonderful as well. The other two don’t call to me as much, but they’re no less potent & beautiful. I can’t praise these enough!

  31. This is a review for Laughter-Loving. I’ve been really picky with Venus oils for a while since falling in love with the OG Bright Goddess of the Skies – it’s still my absolutely all time favourite and the most ‘me’ perfume/magical item I own. However, Laughter Loving really spoke to me in a different way – a promise of remembering the joy I used to feel on a small, everyday basis, before everything that happened in the last 2 years. So I decided to try it out. I’ve only worn it once, but it was glorious – I was able to relax and enjoy myself, not nitpick things, and actually have fun in situations where I’d normally be pained by jealousy. I’ve also noticed it really inspires me to be generous without any fear of scarcity – I’ve decanted some of the oil itself for an online pal to try! Definitely would recommend for reopening any hearts, in a decidedly non-romantic way.

  32. I was so excited when I discovered Sphere+Sundry! It is a unique and special space, each moment beautifully crafted with such tender loving care. Each essence carefully considered & eloquently described. I held my breath waiting for Venus’ offerings to become available & was not disappointed. I let myself float thru the descriptions to see what spoke to me & heard the call of Aphrodite’s Harvest. It was a perfect match! Exactly what I’ve needed. Thank you so much Kaitlin!!

  33. The Cloak of Aphrodite is the most spring-full, bowers-of-flowers, garden-of-delight scent I have ever experienced. It’s the Vernal version of BPAL’s “Waltz of the Flowers” (a Nutcracker scent from a few years ago), replete with a cacophony of blooms and the delirious sweetness of emergence after winter.

    Contemplating the seasonal creative productivity of the flowers whose scent-song is captured in this perfume results in greater awe & appreciation for the grace of Nature, as well as greater gentleness & resolve in one’s own cycles of creativity.

    Especially apt for those whose artistic creativity has a more explicit relationship with the inspiritus component of inspiration!

  34. I have been using a bit of “Her Eyes That Were Full Of Shining” daily and I am amazed at how comforting it is! I go about my day and I feel good about just BEING in my skin. It is such a gentle nudge to accept and be grateful for one’s own body.

  35. These are some of my favorite BPALs yet. I splurged on all five – it was well worth the cost. I had the most moving experience personally with VAD, and these certainly played a key role. The smells are all truly so beautiful. A Distant Song smells like honey to me, and it does make me feel the most loved. Aphrodite’s Harvest and the Cloak of Aphrodite have both been so helpful in bringing in financial and emotional aid in furthering creative projects (as well as general assistance in life). Laughter loving does feel like laughter when you open the bottle. I can’t speak highly enough of these. Each and every one of these is worth a purchase.

  36. When my melancholy tendencies manifest, they pretty much always divorce me from my body; all feeling, sensuality, pleasure is numbed. Which, for someone with a Taurus Moon, is real unpleasant. Anhedonia. It really sucks.
    I received HER EYES THAT WERE FULL OF SHINING as a gift and it is a miraculous anti-anhedonic. It allows me to re-enter my body as a instrument of delight, to feel pleasure, and to move through the low times. This isn’t just S&S/BPAL does aphrodisiac–it is a healing potion for the entire bodymind.
    Also, it smells really, really great. 🙂

  37. Aphrodite’s Harvest is my first BPAL and the aroma is enticing. The first night (Venus’s night, monday night) of wearing it, I had a vividly joyful and romantic dream. A dream like this has not come to me for years. I’m not sure what or why but I have had consistent nightmares every night for the past few years. What a beautiful testimony to the materia at hand.

  38. I bought the BPALs wanting some gorgeous Venus perfumes that would brighten and lighten and just be generally delightful. They definitely do all that, but there’s a subtle and (for me) unexpected depth to them as well. Venus’ Aerial Delight doesn’t just operate on a surface level – it has a much deeper healing aspect. I feel like breathing in these perfumes gently draws out unconscious negative thought patterns and smooths them over, especially those related to self-image and lack of confidence or love. When I’m wearing them, not only do I feel better about everything, but I’ve also noticed people around me are calmer, kinder and more joyful.

  39. So I know that you all know that these are for real. So let me tell you what happened when I offered some Venus love to my libra sun friend at Venus hour after I said the Orphic hymn….
    She unexpectedly got 4,100$ today, just hours after application. It was APHRODITE’S HARVEST of course.
    I did not get any money today that I know of, but I finalized some designs and collected all the art materials for a project I’ve been nervously anticipating.
    Also you can totally feel the effect of these as you’re ordering them and as they are on their way to you, no joke, this is some seriously powerful magic.

  40. I must take this time (which is actually Venus’s hour) to gush about this MAGNIFICENT offering!!! The Venus’ Aerial Delight BPAL series; Aprhrodite’s Harvest, is the most transformativly beautiful gifts I have ever put on myself. This is actually my first BPAL and it is so amazing I was inspired to purchase another from the series. At first, I wasn’t quite sure of the scent. I’ve never really worn a lemongrass scented perfume. But quite soon after applying it I became absolutely intoxicated…completely, head over heels in love. The aroma is so complex and just builds and develops in the most beautiful way, ending with faint scents of honey. My experiences have included but not been limited to; amazingly vivid dreams, inspirations to create, fantastic love making, easy, lovely conversations with friends, connecting more deeply with the divine feminine, leisurely afternoons of enjoying art and eating sweets with my love, receiving thoughtful gifts from friends…just WOW! My work besty (who actually has his sun in Libra) was like, “God, you smell GOOD!” I really can’t recommend this offering more.

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