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Hermanubis II Statue + Opening of the Mouth and Eyes Ritual Set

Hermanubis II Statue + Opening of the Mouth and Eyes Ritual Set


Long have I searched for a genuine statue of Hermanubis, until fortuitously stumbling across Oliver Laric’s extraordinary project Three D Scans, which features copyright free 3D models of museum statues.

One of the pieces in his collection is an exact replica of the Hermanubis statue on display in the Vatican Museum created during the 1st-2nd century AD.

Statues are currently only available in white, and stand just under 5″ tall. Every set from the Hermanubis series includes the statue completely gratis. This set includes the items necessary for performing the Opening of the Mouth and Eyes ceremony, a ritual performed on the dead Pharaohs, mummies, and statues of ancient Egypt in order that they may speak, breathe, and see — to wake them.

A modified form of this rite is included, along with the Oil, Natron, Elixir, and Incense required to perform it, to open the mouth and eyes of your Hermanubis statue. Being awakened and charged in this manner empowers the figure to act as a vessel for the God’s power. The ingredients of the Rite can be adjusted and the same ritual performed in order to enliven other statues, such as Asclepius.

Due to the time time involved of 3D printing, only a few of these can be offered at a time. Join the waitlist if a selection is unavailable, to be notified when they are check-outable again, likely once per week…




Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 1.25 × 5 in

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  1. Hermanubis is an Experience. From an incredibly potent Halloween celebration with my ancestors, to ongoing magical work leading me towards an initiation/ordeal I’ve been expecting for…some time, along with constantly being powerfully clear in divination (even for blind third parties!, very reassuring for my skeptic brained self), the divine experience I’ve had contacting and beginning to relate to this God has been nothing short of extraordinary. As I fall deeper into the chthonic treasures Hermanubis has to share, I just want to thank you for making the introduction, Kaitlin.

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