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Saturn in Aquarius Spell Soap

Saturn in Aquarius Spell Soap


Organic glycerin soap imbued with consecrated Saturn in Aquarius materia and coconut charcoal, scented with organic essential oils of chilly eucalyptus, austere vetiver, icy elemi, and velvety jasmine absolute.

Features a bifurcated black and white design.

Offered in a 3″ x 1″ disc for $48.

Please note that some of these soaps ended up more marbled than others! The loaded herbal components can make these slightly “scratchy” on the skin, which can serve to exfoliate, or, use your hands to work up a lather and transfer it to whatever areas you wish to wash!

In stock




Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 9 in
Creation Data

Morning of January 23rd 2023, hour of Saturn. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body


Fixed Star


Malefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Slimming body parts that needs it :)

One great unexpected use for this soap I found is to use it on body parts that need to shrink a little bit :) use in shower with that intention and it works quiet quickly!

A deeply penetrating cleanse

This soap has just the effect I hoped it would. It gives me a deep down cool, clean feeling and a beautifully clarifying experience. It provides a sense of order and a call for boundaries that set limits not only in interpersonal experiences but also with my own personal muck. Love the marbled look as well!


This soap is a regular part of my Saturdays. Application of Saturn in Aquarius materia can lead to some aches and pains if you are prone to them already. I “spiritually overdosed” by using the soap, salve, body butter, and anointing oil together one day and it was rather painful. I am only knocking one star off of this because of the danger of some pain coming up for people with chronic pain. When applying Venus’s aerial delight AFTER Saturn in Aquarius, that effect can really be cut to nothing. So there’s a work-around, but it requires more work and materia. The scent of this soap is wonderful and evokes the imagery for this set. A wonderful Lite version of spiritual cleansing with incredible ease of use. A little bit goes a long way!

Clean + Clear

The soaps are such a beautiful form of Materia! I am always floored by the helpfulness of a good shower but Magic Soap really turns that knob to 11. There are certain subsets that combined with the water element just tend to "hit harder" in my experience and SiA is one of them. Somehow combining this soap with the water of your shower not only cuts away emotional/physical/psychic grime it also primes and grounds the physical vessel. Expect to have Big Picture Shower Thoughts about how to restructure your life effectively.


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