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Salve of Venus’ Aerial Delight

Salve of Venus’ Aerial Delight


Red clover blossom, fenugreek seed, yarrow flower, mugwort, raspberry leaf, plantain leaf, jasmine flower, damiana leaf, valerian root, slipper elm bark, passion flower, and chamomile flowers in a 1:1 ratio of organic jojoba and extra virgin olive oils. Combined with fumigated herbs during our Aerial Delight election window and left to imbue for 5+ months before being strained, melted with organic beeswax and essential oils, spangled with 22k rose gold and poured into tins.

Apply to the low back, feet, neck and shoulders, or wherever your heart desires… well, almost anywhere the heart desires.

Invite lightness and relaxation.

Less good for pain relief than most of our other salves, but great for releasing emotional and mental stress, and enjoying a nice evening of romance or conversation.

Offered in a 2.5 oz tin for $72, or 4 oz bulk pot for $105



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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2 in
Planetary Body

Fixed Star




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Morning of September 9th, 2021. Hour of Venus, Rising. Chart in the image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Amazing for general anxiety and social anxiety

oooookay but dare I say she is my favourite. This was a free gift from S+ (I love you) and I wasn't expecting to love it this much. A breath of fresh air, my shoulders relax and I feel at ease. Somehow perfect for relaxation alone AND socialising. Instant relief, smells so uplifting. As a natal Venus in Taurus person, I have struggled to understand Libra (why don't you want to get naked and roll around in mud cake?). But I get her now, it's the cooling mental ease of refinement. An absolute blessing for my Libra 5th house year, my relationship with Venus and my Saturn return. Sooo many life-giving realistions about Saturn's exaltation in Libra too. Such a blessing. Thank you!

Paired with Asclepius = Max relax mode engage

This is *very* relaxing, especially when I use it with Asclepius - BUT, my one cat is obsessed with any materia from this series. If I leave it out beside my bed she gets pretty social and chatty. It is cute, but I can't use it or accidentally leave the materia out without being sure to budget extra cat snuggle time into my sleep schedule.

So helpful for introverts!

I'm highly sensitive and introverted. I first received the VAD salve as part of a Sphere + Sundry promotion, when it was discovered they had a lot of extra salve! I'm not sure I would have bought it for myself at the time, given that, as an introvert, I'm not *looking* for something to make me more chatty. But wow, I love this salve. Its energy is so soothing. Sometimes even introverts have to be social! And this salve is just a gentle, loving boost. I slathered myself in it when I was hosting my three year old's birthday party, and it really helped me get through having to be social with a crowd (something I honestly dread.) I also applied it to my body one afternoon and then randomly found myself calling a family member I was probably overdue to connect with. I really appreciate the support of this salve.

social butterfly

This salve is great for being social and enjoying the company of others. I didn't get my work/studies done when I applied this the morning of venus day during venus hour and ended up skipping all my classes for the day.

Personally, I like to use this salve for smoothing down frizzy hair and as a based before applying perfume.

When I first started working with VAD I noticed more interaction and communication from the women in my family that I've been having strong tensions and boundaries with. It was like a doorway was opened for the potential to mend the tough relationships particularly with women.

Smells like sweet bliss

I really wish I'd remember that I had this salve more often than I do! I received this as a free bonus during a Venus promo, and was *so* thrilled to have one of them -- this series has been something of a lukewarm Venusian influence on me (unlike the Empress series, which packed a real [sweet] punch), or Exalted Venus, which I had a bit of a rough start with before eventually easing into its good graces. But salves, I've come to find, can offer the most gentle-but-potent distillation of a series' signature, allowing for a soft but easily relatable interface with the powers behind them. This was very true of the VAD salve, which allows me a coherent and comforting Venusian experience, opening the door to better experiencing other VAD materia in my collection as they're meant to be experienced. It's an excellent primer, smoothing the way for proper integration of not only the VAD series, but many others that complement it. The scent is sweetly nostalgic, but also fresh and alive. Enchanting!

All-Purpose Venus

I love this salve because it’s been very multipurpose for me: it helps me relax and come down from more aggressive materia when needed, but it also can help me be social when I need to be. This was my first salve, and I’m considering trying more from other series…

Laurence BL
Smoothing the edges

During the holidays, VAD was a real life saver. She helped me accept myself and accept others as they are, without wanting to change them or myself. VAD helped me treat every moment as a blessing, while being able to appreciate things as they are. What a blessing! I am still in awe.

Romana Clifton
no one cried!

I used this salve liberally while my mom was visiting for a week over the holidays. She and my kids got along better than usual and we enjoyed doing art projects together. Sure, we got on each other's nerves a bit, but no one cried, so that is a win as far as family visits are concerned!

Charm. Grace. Beauty.

For any fans of Downton Abbey - I honestly feel like the Countess of Grantham every time I use the VAD salve. It's like I am embodying charm, and the elven manner mentioned in the write-up is true!

When I use VAD while alone at home, I'm inspired to redecorate or reorganize my apartment or do any and everything to make it prettier. I also have the urge to tend to my patio garden or water my indoor plants--making the Garden Delight become true-to-life.

When I use VAD while out in public or with friends. I'm truly chatty AF (and I'm not like that normally with strangers). I have a lot of socializing that I have to do for my job, and VAD helps ease the "pressure" of socializing with soooo many people that I don't know and making good impressions.

Also - it smells DIVINE :)

Soothing, sweet and social

As advertised! Soon after Venus devotions and applying the salve, a difficult relationship situation simply dissolved, and was followed by a delightful evening of meeting fun new people and a great concert at a neighborhood place never tried out before.


  1. airy Venus for the win!! this salve is absolutely luscious while being light enough for daily use. it feels insulating, but in the “is this really worth worrying about?” sense. recalibration of priorities, with emphasis on what matters most! i find myself reapplying on days when i need more beauty/ease – truly a lifesaving offering

  2. I find the salves are the best way for me to get the feel of a series, and if available are usually the first thing I order. My first experience of this salve was paired with Asclepius and honestly, the result was a memorable relaxation high. Impressively so. I rub the salves in as directed, but none as much as this one. I want to keep massaging this in, every single time I use it. It is so silky smooth. True in that I don’t notice as much pain relief as other salves, however the energetic tension that is released is just as beneficial as pain relief. As far as scent, softly sweet (white?) floral but not too strong (for any scent sensitives out there). Very lovely to experience.

  3. This salve was brought to me by my first ever S+S synchronicity “oopsie”. I ordered Salve of the Immortal Heart, but VAD salve was shipped instead, and the S+S team were generous enough to let me keep it, which I am grateful for every day. This has become probably my most used materia (along with Jup in Sag) and has helped me welcome pleasure and joy back into my life, and I’m so grateful that Venus decided I needed some of this aspect of her in my life, along with the more boundary-embracing Eirene. The trine to my natal Gemini Venus and opposition to my Aries sun makes for beautifully clear and smooth social interactions, as well as lots of laughter. Truly a joyful pot of magic!

  4. This series is great for use in intimate settings. I was born with a natal Venus applying to an out of sect domicile Saturn and under the beams of a Saturn-ruled Sun. This series has taught me so much about myself, intimacy and letting myself just be in love for its own sake. This is a beautiful series and such a gift. I highly recommend this salve as a way to relax and embrace love, especially if you struggle with letting that happen as I often do.

  5. This is an absolutely beautiful salve. I immediately ordered another one so I can slather with impunity. It is “light” enough for everyday (in contrast to the Empress salve) yet with a transformative depth. It smells enchantingly good. When I first encountered Venus in Libra materia I was taken aback at how “chill” it is- now it instructs my Aries Venus self on a whole other way of being. Venus materia is potent, and based on repeated experiences I think it can affect estrogen/progesterone in certain cases, which could be fantastic if used with intention. (Thinking about Kaitlin’s note on the face oil re: the intelligence of Venus guiding effects, what is needed, etc.)

  6. The scent is superb, intoxicatingly floral and finishes to a powdery aroma reminiscent of somebody elegant having just walked by. It evokes the desire to connect and relate and is more cerebral in that some of the other salves are lovely and hypnotic but it also completely avoids any neurosis tendencies – a balanced, calm, benevolent state of mind envelops you. This materia came just in time for some particularly tense interpersonal interactions and smoothed things over beautifully. Diplomacy and social ease made manifest. So pleased and grateful for another amazing offering from S+S.

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