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Luminous Crown Self-Igniting Incense

Luminous Crown Self-Igniting Incense


Herbs, resins, and gemstones of a Solary, Lunary, Venusian, Saturnian, and Martial nature, consecrated to their holy spheres and suffumigated with frankincense at the height of the Luminous Crown election. Grains of Paradise, Life Everlasting, dried apple, eyebright, holy basil, milk thistle and sunflower seed, orris, angelica, and marshmallow root, slippery elm bark, solomon’s seal, cinquefoil and white lotus. High John. Sassafras, and bay laurel. Mastic gum and frankincense resin. Rue, mugwort, and sweet woodruff. Ruby, saltwater pearl, diamond, saffron, and electrum (an alloy of genuine gold and silver).

Ground on the day of the Sun, hour of the Moon, and made into a self-perpetuating incense powder. Form a mound or sigil pattern on a heatproof surface, over ash if you wish, and light well.

Burn during rituals for self-empowerment and manifestation. Take a smoke bath to clear limiting beliefs and assist in deeper integration. Elevate the atmosphere before ritual or meditation, and use as an offering to spirits of a compatible nature. Center and consolidate your auric body. Fortify defenses and boundaries. Elicits competence, brightness, and an energized calm. Promotes luminous embodiment of one’s own spirit.

Offered in a 1/2 oz glass vial with cork top for $30, or 2 oz “bulk” pot for $90


SKU: N/A Categories: , ,


Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in
Planetary Body

, , , ,


Benefic, Neutral

Chart Remediation

Moon — Good for people who are Lunar deficient and need support for the natal Moon, Sun — Good for people who are Solar deficient and need support for the natal Sun


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


1/2 oz, 2 oz

Creation Date

Friday, March 27, 2020. Hour of Sol. Chart in image gallery.

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Luminous Crown Info Sheet



  1. I’m a big fan of Sphere + Sundry wares and LC incense is pretty incredible. My first use was during a Mars day and hour and I found it to be intensely activating and it almost ran too hot! Since the first use, I’ve made sure to time my uses with either Venus or the Moon (day or hour) and it’s felt much more balanced – still very activating but not quite as full-on.

    I struggle with sovereignty and boundaries (my energy getting pulled in too many directions, not knowing what’s mine and what’s someone else’s, etc), and LC really keeps me aligned with my center in such a strong but gentle way. I like the incense a lot and may also consider purchasing in another form.

  2. This is some of the most lovely, versatile incense I’ve had the pleasure of using. As someone with a lot of placements in challenging spots, I’ve been able to use this in different ways to lift me up and let myself shine more than I naturally do. I’ve been using it in offering and also as sustenance to feed a spell jar (to great benefit!). Couldn’t recommend this series more!

  3. LC self-igniting incense has become my go-to for many rituals. I love that it has the flexibility to tune into the most helpfully sovereign sides of different planets and the luminaries, which makes it great for whenever you want to reach out to any or all of them. Using LC in general is a bit like having a bunch of super important and influential people in your contacts. Need a wise bureaucrat? Oh, just let me call my old colleague, Saturn. Tactical support? Message this guy, Mars. Ready to call in some love and beauty? BFF Venus is here for it. Looking to dazzle ‘em? My buddy, Sun, will know what to do. Trying to hold all the feels in a dignified and generative way? Get in touch with the Moon, she would be delighted to help.
    The scent of the incense is tough to explain, because I feel like I pick up on different notes of it depending on which facet of the planetary party I’m calling on. It is complex, but there is a peppery, grounded, ancient-ish scent and vibe to it. Like being in the presence of the ultra-powerful, who just *know* how to get things done because they’ve been doing their respective thing for an eternity.
    LC self-igniting incense lights and burns beautifully, works several layers of olfactory magic, and is wonderfully versatile. I wouldn’t be without it.

  4. I have been using LC oil and incense regularly since it’s release, and WOW how my life and relationships have changed in the past few months! I’ve been setting boundaries and advocating for myself in a way I never have before in my life. So much so that it’s actually been fairly uncomfortable for both myself and the people in my life I desperately have needed to set boundaries with.

    LC very obviously illuminates where you’ve lacked boundaries in the past and if you’re not used to standing up for yourself in that way, beware the growing pains. My heart is so achy and I have felt SO sad for a lot of this process. But it’s still such an incredible weight lifted when I finally say the things I’ve been holding in for too long.

    I’m naturally someone who doesn’t stay angry and wants to smooth things over and make them feel better, so standing my ground even when it’s painful and causing friction has been incredibly ground breaking for me.

    Highly recommend if you’re looking to grow. I’m a couple years away from my Saturn return still, and I already know LC is exactly the preparation I need.

    Signed, a Cancer Sun & Moon w/ Saturn in Pisces in the 4th

  5. I think this is my favorite incense from Sphere & Sundry to date. The scent transports me to both a temple AND a bakery! Because over half the pantheon are honoured in this series I’ve been using it for planetary prayers every day other than Wed/Thurs to great effect. This series feels like a throne for my Saturn- ruled 8th house Aqua sun.. I feel more assertive to state my opinions rather than backing away into the shadows and i’ve become less hurried/ stressed, taking on a stoic grace rather than FML-ing all over the place. LC slowly teaches you things.. what an honor to be able to partake of it!

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