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Mercury in Gemini Anointing Oil Mini Set

Mercury in Gemini Anointing Oil Mini Set


Each Anointing Oil in the Mercury in Gemini series, in an adorable lil’ 5 ml Mini.

Offered for $88

In stock




Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Creation Date

Hour of Mercury, Mercury in Gemini on the MC. Moon DOE. June 23rd, 2022. Chart in image gallery




No – Mummified Frog (ethically, legally obtained)

Chart Remediation

Mercury — Good for people who are Mercury deficient and need support for the natal Mercury

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Blind Spots Brought Up - 12H Gemini Review

I've been putting off reviewing this oil because it's been such a ride working with it. To start off, the first set got lost in the mail (something that has never ever happened to me at this location before and you were phenomenal in sending another. Thanks again). In the same time frame, my vehicle started having issues. Those issues didn't resolve until the oil arrived. However, when it did, nothing "changed towards the benefic" - and I was expecting this as Gemini is my 12th house. Instead, while the hurdles with the first issues were resolved, my vehicle continued to have issues/not behave as the mechanic said on my interstate road trip. The people I was traveling with also worked with some of the Gemini road opener oil. We had to use all the resources at our disposal to work through the issues as they arose. We were constantly reminded to center back into laughing about the absurdity and working through anxieties verbally.
However, over the course of that 2-week trip, those same people also manifested as a big part of my "blind spots." I swallowed my voice/objections to keep the peace and trusted people who ultimately were not good for their word (despite best intentions). I learned lessons the hard way about crunching time and not realizing my other options because I'm so tunnel focused on doing it the one way I envisioned. This road trip ended with me being pulled over in a small town 2 hours from my home for going 35 in 25. It was just after sundown in Montana spring and I was only in a t-shirt and pj shorts. I'd had 4 nonconsecutive hours of sleep over the past 2 days. I failed their acrobatics/drunk walk check with a cop who was convinced I was currently "intoxicated" by weed. He arrested me for DUI. I refused to give blood and so it was an automatic 6-month license suspension. I pled not guilty as I didn't do it. As a medical cannabis user of almost ten years, dealing with something like this has been one of my biggest fears. However, despite the DUI, the cards are stacked on my side (from citing the wrong code to huge clerical fuck ups). The situation has shown me just how incorrect some of my self-narratives are around "having to do it on my own" and "assuming people who care about us don't want to help."
That ramble is all to say, working with this set has illuminated my 12h hardcore. It's been one of the scariest times of my life. However, the medicine of fear and hardship I truly feel is the bitter work that eventually gets you to your goals. These three oils are so potent to me and I'm looking forward to continuing to build relationships with them over the next years.


Highly rec the minis if you're not sure which oil is for you! Door Key and the main series have gotten the most use for me so far, but I know Froggy's time will come. This series is *fun* and helps lighten me up no matter which subset I'm using.

Door key Subset:

Set is amazing to try out different items and the door key subset was A STAND OUT! very abre camino vibes x2948282 lots of frog syncs even with this subset! Means what it says when it means ANYONE N ANYTHING!!!

perfect opportunity to figure out whats right for you

I had great luck but a lot of intensity with the exalted mercury series and was hoping gemini would be its more social less task-mastery twin and im really glad I got to try all 3 oils because theyre all great but Ive ended up really heavily favoring different ones than I thought. Froggy Subset does such a better, sweeter, less icky thing than I thought it would, I never feel dishonest but I haven't tasted my own foot since I started using it! the way opener is fun because does a bunch of different stuff depending on what I ask for, and the main gemini series ended up being terrible for work but excellent for unstructured fun and research with the hyper fixation and holding of interest but without the "blink your eye and notice youre about to pass out" effect of exalted. This offering helps me know what I need in what size and what form, 100% would recommend as an entry point.

Adorable and Fast Acting

I picked up these oils from the post office on a heavy news day. A day in a long string of heavy news days, with heavy consequences out in the world. After I arrive at my house, I opened the box and was delighted by the utterly adorable miniature set of three oils in multi-color flecked tissue paper with impeccable packaging as usual. I put on the Mercury in Gemini oil and felt immediately lighter in heart and spirit. I laughed for the first time in a while. This is the fastest acting series yet (makes sense.) I had a sense of levity in the midst of my gloom. Not a sense of denial/numbness, but a capacity for joy despite the overwhelming grief of the times. Such a gift! I like the mini-set as it helps me work with all three oils to see which I like best, and well, they are so cute. I like them all, and may well order full-sized versions of each eventually, but working with a little of each is a good way to begin.

Sooo stinkin' cute!

I love everything about how cute these minis are! They even have little holographic labels, and I LOVE holographic stuff (guess now I know I can attribute that to my Gemini ascendant). They're also excellent for when you can't choose a subset, even when you've run trials with samples (Mercury in Gemini and Froggy for me, personally) because they all work so well. Having a decent amount of all three at a price that doesn't break the bank is so ideal!


As others have said, this is a perfect way to figure out which subset(s) work best for you, and to have a bunch of tools available as needed without breaking the bank. So far, I’ve been using the base Mercury subset the most, since my MC is in Gemini and my career reflects that; however, I can see some situations on the horizon where Froggy and especially Door Key are going to be very useful. (I was least enthusiastic about the Froggy subset, but I’m really digging that one.)

Kara Dastis
Perfect set to figure out what you need!

I’d like to start off noting how CUTE the mini oils are. I want to squish them in my hands! But this review isn’t about that. I never bought a mini set before this series. It seemed silly before, but something about this series and its subsets was telling me “you don’t know what you need yet.” I came to this series assuming froggy would be my number one pal. That it would be a daily use product, that I’d run out immediately. I have found that I like froggy, but what I really needed was the door subset. I am totally surprised and I am so happy I spent the money on the three minis before committing to a full size of all three offerings!

Kelsey Bates
a bite of everything...

LOVE this series! Very bright, very fun! And the trio, imho, is the best way to experience any offering, especially when on a budget. The 5ml goes a loooong way and they smell amazing!

Don’t sleep on these!

These mini oil sets allow you to try out subsets and really gets a sense of which option is best for you. I knew I’d want all of these but I def don’t have the pocket for all these in full-sizes! These sets allow you to hold a little bit of each in your hand, work with them for a while and see what you want to invest in further! All three of these are delicious and time-warping fun but each one has a slightly different flavor. The regular oil is sweet and playful, the froggy is a little more slippery and cunning. The door key oil is (IMO) the most subtly scented of the three if that’s a factor for you.


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