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Mercury in Gemini Salve

Mercury in Gemini Salve


Gives your feet wings!

Organic and/ or wildcrafted chickweed, lemongrass, bayberry root bark, caraway seed, fennel seed, celery seed, and coriander seed in certified organic extra-virgin olive oil, following fumigation of frankincense and ritual consecration during our Mercury in Gemini election. Combined with organic beeswax and essential oils, before being poured, and finally, crowned with variegated blue leaf.

Like Regulus III and Exalted Mercury, this is best applied during the day time, as its effects are lightly stimulating, rather than sedative. Works wonderfully when used before putting socks on and setting out for the day, as it greases the Mercurial wheels and makes getting from point A to point B easier, faster, and certainly more magical! Brings luck, communications, and money. Use before vending, working trade shows, or when you’ll be on your feet a lot. Helps keep pain at bay.

Offered in a 2.5 oz tin for $56 or 4 oz bulk pot for $96



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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 0.80 × 0.80 × 2 in
Creation Date

Hour of Mercury, Mercury in Gemini on the MC. Moon DOE. June 23rd, 2022. Chart in image gallery


2.5 oz, 4 oz




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

Chart Remediation

Mercury — Good for people who are Mercury deficient and need support for the natal Mercury

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
great for peopling for this sag rising

I went to a community event with this and some other gem-merc stuff on recently & the event was packed packed packed (usually my nightmare) and I was nervous but okay and even surprised myself by standing up & saying my thing in front of everyone. Even more impressively, I was there to scout for something and ended up seeing an old friend who had two totally separate pieces of really super essential important helpful game-changing info. this mercury is not like exalted, it is not that reliably well behaved, more like its great for like super handy surprises. im liking it more and more as I go

Fun in a Tin

There's a palpable zingy feeling I get when using this materia. It's cheerful, bubbly and activating. I like how it's an all-purpose Mercury friend that helps to do a multitude of things from opening the way to creating ease and flow in places of blockage. I use it to soften Virgo anxiety and over-thinking as I find it helps me to embrace Mercury in many forms. Helps with diplomacy, strategic thinking and lightening up. It brings out joyful, playful expression which is a healing balm, for sure.

Keeps me on track

I find this salve pretty gentle, especially compared to the Exalted Mercury series. It's just what I need to not get too distracted during my self-directed work days. It does seem to help me be more productive and connect with my customers more, too. It's easy to use without having to worry about a hard landing at the end of the day, which I appreciate.

Grace Penn
Beautiful buzzy energy ✨️

I'm wearing it now and I can definitely tell potency when mercury is direct but the feeling is almost nullified during retrograde. Anyone else.? Because I'm buzzing rn. I have mercury in Gemini in my vedic chart which I'm definitely feeling. I notice I'm faster and aglie on my feet too.

Good for Supporting Fun and Humorous Times, and For Supporting Speech

Virgo sun here with Gemini ruling my 10th house and an ascendant conjunction between Virgo and Libra. To preface this review, I've only had this salve two days. But it had a very noticeable impact on me by bringing out humor and playful word play. This was especially obvious while texting with somebody I'm very attracted to because I felt like I was at the top of my game humor-wise today for hours. This even happened during work! The effects made work unusually fun in the last two days, even if I found I could be distracted by how much I was smiling or suppressing laughter at inopportune times. Overall, this product certainly supported a positive mood and seems great for socializing or playful texting with someone you care about. I'm impressed with it so far!

little jar of Long Lasting Lickety Split for when you want to go as fast as your brain

I find the gemini mercury series very good for social fun and very good for solo play in the form of falling into a wikiwormhole for a long time, I dont find it as ideal for (my highly detailed data-entry involved) work as I do exalted, but I do like it Better for fun times when I want to be able to articulate the absolutely super wavy conceptual mumbo jumbo that my wacky brain love so much. as for the salve in particular, I like the smell, the texture, the nice absorption, and that it helps the effect last basically a full day if I dont do anything to turn it down, so I often layer it under an oil (sometimes exalted, sometimes also gem, usually also winter jup) and a hydro. I like it the most to apply to my feet to make me SWOOSH through stuff like, well, you know.

Angela Kirby
Mercury in Gemini

Fresh, supporting, inspiring that which transports me easily within the Transpersonal … I sooooo love all the work that you do Kaitlin and those who are the space holders and deliverers of your materia thank you [prayer hands emoji]


I'm slowly branching out from oils and incenses to other S+S product types, and this was my first salve. I absolutely adore it! I put some on the day I got it and my inner child/prankster came out. I don't remember the last time I'd had so much fun. I also put it on before doing some writing and ended up understanding a concept I'd been struggling with for months and explaining it in my essay. I definitely like how Mercury in Gemini feels. A bit less serious and focused than Exalted Mercury. Also I adore how this smells. The caraway and fennel really come through in an unexpectedly pleasant way.


What a lovely salve this is! I expected this will be my travel companion as I often go to big conferences and I absolutely taking it with me! Pleasant ease in conversation and manners, quick to maneuver when needed. The accessibility of application - do not need to worry about spilling or braking it while you are traveling is just perfect!


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