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The Many-Jeweled Crown

The Many-Jeweled Crown


One of 3 perfumes graciously composed upon the Luminous Crown election by Empress Barrial of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Twilight Alchemy Lab.

Of The Many-Jeweled Crown, she shares —

This is a treasure trove of boons from a host of celestial kings and queens: a glittering gift of courage and physical strength, honorable leadership and authority, wise counsel and prophecy, finding wonder and delight even under adversity, cleansing and purification, beauty and vitality, joyousness and affection, harmony and skill in the arts, honeyed speech and diplomacy, courage and physical prowess, stability and the blessing of bringing ideas into material form.

In addition, this is an oil of manifestation. Used in conjunction, the strength and power you channel from the Queen’s Exultation can be further refined and expressed in the material realm through the Many-Jeweled Crown.

Fossilized amber oil (Oleum succini), frankincense essential oil (Boswellia serrata) and tears (Boswellia papyrifera), gold copal (Agathis dammar), bay laurel essential oil and leaves from the TAL garden (Laurus nobilis), rosehips (Rosa rubiginosa), anise seed (Pimpinella anisum), star anise pods and essential oil (Illicium verum), lemon verbena essential oil and leaves from the TAL garden (Aloysia citriodora), sandalwood essential oil gleaned from wild-harvested Australian heartwood (Santalum spicatum), honeysuckle tips (Lonicera periclymenum), spikenard essential oil (Nardostachys jatamansi), immortelle essential oil (Helichrysum italicum), jasmine absolute (Jasminum grandiflorum), motia attar (Jasmin sambac), vanilla absolute and Madagascar vanilla beans (Vanilla planifolia), star jasmine petals from the TAL garden (Trachelospermum jasminoides), sunflower petals from the TAL garden 2018 harvest, honey amber resin, 24-karat gold, silver, and saffron stems.

PLEASE NOTE: this oil IS vegan.

Arrives in an amber glass bottle for $45

Out of stock

Out of Stock... theoretically! If there is a red banner on the main image indicating this item is Out of Stock, then it is truly spoken for. Other items are just in need of bottling and will be made available at some point in the future. Join the waiting list to be notified of any restocks.



Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2 in
Planetary Body

, , , ,


Benefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

Creation Date

Friday, March 27, 2020. Hour of Sol rising. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. This oil makes you feel in control, empowered, and with all the dignity a sovereign can have. I always use it when I have important meeting when I want to command respect and admiration.

  2. The Many-Jewelled Crown is densely grounding and assists in the plucking of ripe fruit from invisible vines. I bought it as well as the Queens Exultation and for some reason never used it. I cracked it open on a whim and every time I’ve used it since, something big has happened. But never what I set out to do – always something bigger and better that I didn’t know was available or possible has manifested. People in positions of power have smiled upon me. A new prospective client told me they recognised qualities that made me right for a project I wasn’t aware existed. They offered to open doors for me and ease my passage into new realms. It’s a very powerful oil. I’m keeping it for special occasions and great big things that may or may not exist (haha) now because I’ve just noticed it’s sold out. I rub it on my solar plexus before important meetings. This one is on a par with the agora but in more of a quiet achiever versus roll up roll up and check my fabulous wares kind of way. It’s not spruiking, it’s whispering but in all the right ears.

  3. I always adore the S+S BPALs, and this is no exception! A particularly potent and striking manifestation of the effectiveness of this materia is that the last time I applied it, while working as a Marshall at a local COVID vaccine clinic, I spent the whole day having people coming up to me (a young, visibly queer, non-medic) as if I was the person in charge, even in a room full of managers, doctors, and middle-aged white men who people normally assume are the boss. I felt that kind of effortless power and sovereignty that this materia promises all day, and because of it I was able to be even more of service, and successful in that service, than normal.
    Plus, the scent is intoxicating!

  4. needed too many things today, so I figured I’d pop the Luminous Crown because I needed some Mars, Venus, and Solar persuasion going on, and I’d figure that I might as well just throw everything in there. I was going for a leadership punch, and this absolutely delivers. I’m all about manifestation and this delivers in spades.

    Will definitely have to incorporate the use of LC for material wealth now.

    As a scent though, I get mainly resins, and a bit sandalwood, and vanilla, and whiffs of jasmine, and amber. It’s warm, golden, and very diverse.

  5. I’ve been a long time BPAL customer, and when I saw that there would be 3 perfumes focused on sovereignty I jumped on it. Many-jeweled Crown is an absolute gem, with its gentle ability to bring out your desires into physical manifestation. And it smells AMAZINGly good. Amber + copal + frankincense, sign me up!

    Thank you for this creation!

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