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Luminous Crown Powder

Luminous Crown Powder


Herbs, resins, and gemstones of a Solary, Lunary, Venusian, Saturnian, and Martial nature, consecrated to their holy spheres and suffumigated with frankincense at the height of the Luminous Crown election. Grain of Paradise, Life Everlasting, dried apple, eyebright, holy basil, milk thistle and sunflower seed, orris, angelica, and marshmallow root, slippery elm, solomon’s seal, cinquefoil and white lotus. High John. Sassafras, and bay laurel. Mastic gum and frankincense resin. Rue, mugwort, and sweet woodruff. Ruby, saltwater pearl, diamond, saffron, and electrum, an alloy of genuine gold and silver.

Dress candles, add to mojos and talismans, use as a component in other spellwork, or blow over or toward those you wish to bless and empower. Apply in any way magical powders are typically used.

Ground on the day of the Sun, hour of the Moon, and bottled during compatible days and hours. Marked by the hand stamped and embossed seal of the Luminous Sovereign. Pure, uncut herbs, resins, and gems. Add cornstarch to create your own sachet powder.

Offered in a 1/2 oz glass vial with cork top for $30, or 2 oz “bulk” pot for $90


SKU: N/A Categories: , ,


Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in
Planetary Body

, , , ,


Benefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


1/2 oz, 2 oz

Creation Date

Friday, March 27, 2020. Hour of Sol. Chart in image gallery.

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Luminous Crown Info Sheet



  1. I’ve been using LC to create/support a personal reactivation/restructuring after a long period of stagnation. LC has a serious, deep vibe. There is a “witnessing” element here, I feel seen and guided but not specifically lead. Self empowerment steadied and bolstered with Divine help.

    I have found all powders to be subtle but long acting. I use LC powder mostly to dress candles and sprinkle under/blow over altars and very occasionally in my hair or shoes.

  2. Helps me rally and face what might otherwise be overwhelming. Makes it a breeze to comprehend and coalesce tendrils of higher ideas and possibilities than nerves (which cannot stand up to LC) can make otherwise seem reasonable into workable (and winning!) plans to conquer whatever I face.

  3. Helps me rally and face what might otherwise be overwhelming. Makes it a breeze to comprehend and coalesce tendrils of higher ideas and possibilities than nerves (which cannot stand up to LC) can sometimes make seem reasonable into workable (and winning!) plans to conquer whatever I face.

  4. Just today I was thinking, “Wow, I’ve really been consistent with my emotional, health, and business habits and goals.” Then, it dawned on me, that it must be my Sphere and Sundry.

    I ordered the powders from Luminous Crown, Aerial Queen, and Regulus 3 weeks ago and my life has made a very clear change of course from the moment I got these powders. I’m showing up as a more confident, sure-footed person and getting back into the habits and routines that uplift me.

    I highly recommend the powders because they are so versatile. I throw a pinch in my shoes with the intention that with every step I take I am walking more and more into the highest and best version of myself.

  5. This series is by far one of my favorites because of its ability to make it ok to just sit and be myself instead of having to force myself to be still and be in my own skin. Granted, I have had to cultivate that on my own in my journey to re-parent myself, the energy of this series takes it a bit further by giving me a different perspective, making the necessity into a joy to cultivate my stability so that I am able to take on what is to come. The astral visuals of an auric crown that comes with this series is great, but the practicality that this series brings in self rejuvenation… allowing one to just breathe and be comfortable is in itself worth it.

  6. I have found the S&S powders to be incredibly versatile in all of their applications, and LC is not an exception. This is like walking on your own royal red carpet. Stand tall, straighten your crown, and just own it. Will absolutely be adding it to my wealth mojo bag when I get home, and maybe giving my Venus bag a nice dusting.

  7. I got so much from the Luminous Crown series, and looking at my life since placing my order, I truly believe it to have impacted my life beneficially. And because I used multiple products from the series simultaneously, it’s a bit difficult for me to attribute specific outcomes to specific product. All that said, here’s one way I used the powder, and what I think were some of the effects:

    Ever since I graduated university, my diploma stayed rolled up in it’s little cardboard tube, for a variety of reasons. One day, I realized there was actually some magical potential with it. So, I got a frame for it, whipped up some sigils to put up on the cardboard backing, activated in a creative/artistic way I had never done before (that in itself is very interesting, and I think pretty in line with the series), and anointed that backing with the oil from this series, and also placed some of the powder in it. I then put the diploma on top, hiding all that, and set up the frame. And then I hung it up above my work station, took a picture, and posted on social media.

    Since then, I had a job announcement come across my inbox that was very related to my original degree, moreso than my current job. I applied, and actually got pretty far along in the interview process, but got cold feet about the job. The thing is, though, the organization I applied to is still a useful potential contact for my current job, so it benefits regardless. Going through the interview process has also been useful for my professional development, and assisted me in the process of selecting contractors within my current job. I also had an acquaintance, who is a highschool teacher, ask me about my degree, my current job, and then asked me to speak to her students.

    Additionally, but in a way more broadly speaking because I was going hard at using the whole series, I was told I’d be getting a raise (that I never even asked for), and that raise is roughly a 20% increase in income. That is the last thing I would have expected during a global pandemic and all the astro-weather.

    I highly recommend getting any part of the series that you can, if you feel it will be helpful. In my experience, getting experimental with it is especially beneficial.

  8. Of all the Luminous Crown materia, I’ve experienced this one as the most Saturnian in terms of its grounding nature. It’s undeniable potent, but deeply grounded — like putting down sovereign roots. I’ve used primarily to dress candles, but will be using for gris gris bags. Its power builds – buy in bulk.

  9. This is the first series that I can firmly said has an impact on my magical life – that is, through use of the Luminous Crown materia, a new spirit stepped forward to offer me challenges and opportunities. I used the powder to dress a candle for this spirit, which I’ve burnt during subsequent scrying and offering sessions. It’s astonishingly potent; despite my vial being more than half full still, I’m already considering buying the bulk pot. Even among S+S offerings, this is astounding.

  10. I’ve used this to dress candles, to bless, and to just get shit done.

    The scent is amazing, beautiful. There are no words. If I feel like something is less than in my power, I reach for this. If I feel like someone I love needs help. I know I can go to this powder.

    It is powerful.

  11. I purchased this to dress candles primarily. I had a box of yellow beeswax votives, heated them up with a hair dryer and rolled them gently in the mixture while reciting the hymn to the stars. The scent wafting up smells like golden flowers, resins and heat. A little goes a long way, and even though I thoroughly coated all four candles, I only used a quarter of the powder.
    I’ve already burned down one candle, and I felt much lighter than usual, and something about the candle changed the entire space. Powerful and potent.

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