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Thema Mundi Candles

Thema Mundi Candles


Round 2 of Thema Mundi will ship as soon as mid-January, or as late as March. Updates will be given in the Client Community as they become clear!

Pre-orders are now closed. Round 3 is likely to open in the Summer or Fall of 2024. You are welcome to sign up for the Waitlist to be notified when next they open!

Each Thema Mundi Candle was anointed with Oil from the central Mother Globe, and crowned with 24k and sterling silver leaf. The tops were not re-melted or treated in any way, so as to maintain their raw and original Form, allowing the Client to be the first to melt them in any capacity. Each is marked at the base in silver paint pen (shown in gallery).

There are many candle varieties for Thema Mundi, all in glass jars, made of a soy-coconut blend.

7 layers poured over 7-days of cloistered ritual with the consecrated powders of each Planet in the Thema Mundi, as described in the write-up.

This materia has been through 14 highly specified consecration procedures since 2019, in a process that is likely impossible to faithfully recreate for another 28-years. It is *extraordinarily powerful*, and limited edition in the truest sense.

The large candles are incredibly massive!

Note that all of the candles from Thema Mundi have been made available in this first batch, so none can ever be restocked. If a size is sold out, it will likely not come back.

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Candle Size

2 oz Glass Jar (2" x 3"), 21 oz Glass Jar (3" x 6.25"), 8 oz Glass Jar (3" x 4"), Large Wide Glass Jar (3.5" x 6"), Magnum Wide Glass Jar (3.5" x 10"), Medium Slim Glass Jar (2" x 4"), Short Wide Glass Jar (3.5" x 4"), Tall Slim Glass Jar (2" x 6")

Planetary Body

, , , , , ,

Creation Data

See Chart Details in Gallery.


FIRE HAZARD — Never leave fire unattended. Clear away packing materials before burning and do not close the lid on boxes while a flame is burning

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Have such a strong presence, i like to use it as a «statue” for the serie.

Beautiful Candle

This candle is really unique and beautiful. I didn’t notice it at first glance but when I sat down wit it to light it for the first time, I realized that there were actually 7 layers to it with powder in between each layer. I believe it’s mentioned in the write-up about that during the creation process, but I forgot about to it and it was so magical to discover it in-person. I’m curious how the magic will unfold as each layer is revealed.

Elvira Rosales

The flame was illuminating, like it is communicating. It radiates a feeling of hope, of happiness, and confidence.

Alex Ess
worth every penny

You might balk at the cost of TM materia, but I assure you it is worth every penny. I say this as a devoted client who has used S+S for years.
I'm leaving this review for the candle, but this goes for any materia in the series. I have the candle, oil, ink, incense, and kolonia, as well as the talisman.
I wasn't expecting to feel the psychedelic effects mentioned in the description at all as I'm usually not susceptible to that, but I absolutely felt them the second time I recited the TM prayer and worked with the materia. I prayed in my own words afterwards and felt a buzziness throughout my body, akin to what you feel when you get energy work done. It was unmistakable.
Since then, several amazing things have happened. I finally climbed out of a deep pit of trauma that had plagued me for years following the death of my husband and the near-death of my only child. I started going to the gym again, engaging with friends, and living my life after many, many years of depression. I was able to resolve a difficult situation that had plagued a relationship with a dear friend. Money has come out of the woodwork in the form of unexpected (and substantial) refunds and freebies. I even got acknowledged affectionately by my crush out of left field, which is something I didn't pray for (lol) but is certainly a nice treat!
There are other more personal matters I won't mention here that are being dealt with by the hand of the divine. This is all to say that this series is 100% worth it. If you're in a rough place, if you need guidance, comfort, material help - really anything - this is the materia for you. I suggest engaging with it sincerely and often. Watch your life change. Magick is real, everyone. Consider yourself among the luckiest to be privy to it right now.


A truly *illuminating* candle. An investment piece that’s so very, very worth it. I’m trying not to say much about the impact because I believe this series is a bit different for everyone, although always impacting us for our betterment.


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