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Thema Mundi Talismans

Thema Mundi Talismans


Round 2 of Thema Mundi will ship as soon as mid-January, or as late as March. Updates will be given in the Client Community as they become clear!

Note that no more standalone Talismans for Thema Mundi remain… the final available are being paired with Large Altar Globe Sets.

The election chart for the casting of the Thema Mundi Talismans by Tony Mack can be found in the image gallery.

These were fumigated with Thema Mundi Incense and contain Thema Mundi herbal mix within. They were created on the day of the Aries Ingress per Marsilio Ficino’s “How to Construct a Figure of the Universe” from The Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book 3. This is the only Aries Ingress for another decade+ to feature co-presence with Jupiter.

Modeled in hard carver’s wax and cast in electrum, gold, calcined salts of Sphere + Sundry’s Thema Mundi materia, and a portion of casting sprues [metal from the channel that fills the castings, which talismans are later removed from] saved from S+ planetary series’ comprising the Opus series. Casting was accompanied by suffumigation of S+ Thema Mundi incense.

The front of the piece consists of a heptagonal blazing star, representing our seven planets or “wandering stars”. The star is encircled with a zodiacal wheel engraved with the glyphs of the signs, positioned with cancer rising as it is in the Thema Mundi aka chart of the world. This image is set over gold, behind which a portion of S+ Thema Mundi materia was deposited before setting each layer together.

The back of the piece is an engraved image of the Thema Mundi chart, showing the planets in their corresponding houses. In the “empty houses” [8th-12th], the constellations were engraved as they would be observed in the night sky houses at the time of the casting.

Each talisman arrives in a keepsake necklace box bearing a Thema Mundi wax seal and includes a 20″ silver chain.

Offered for $4,800

No longer available for pre-ordering

Spoken for... theoretically! If there is a red banner on the main image indicating this item is Out of Stock, then it is truly spoken for. Other items are just in need of bottling and will be made available at some point in the future. Join the waiting list to be notified of any restocks.



Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 2 in

Ornate, Standard

Creation Data

See Chart Details in Gallery.

Planetary Body

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

Talisman Intial Impressions

First engagement was on a Sunday. The talisman seems somewhat tuned to Solar timing, that was the time the talisman first wanted engagement after waiting in the altar for nearly a month.

The TM talisman is physically light weight despite substantial size. Larger than a VAD deluxe, maybe similar in size to original EV. Spiritually, the talisman is very heavy. A more intense aura than any others. Combined with the talisman's physical lightness, it makes for quite a wearing experience.

It feels somewhat like a magical coin of dread power. When I saw myself wearing it in the mirror, I was reminded of the first luxury jewlery I ever coveted: the Bvlgari Tondo Sun pendant.

Expect time to get weird and also your life to wrap itself around the necklace that you believe is wrapped around you.


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