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Bath Salts of Thema Mundi

Bath Salts of Thema Mundi


Round 2 of Thema Mundi will ship as soon as mid-January, or as late as March. Updates will be given in the Client Community as they become clear!

Pre-orders are now closed. Round 3 is likely to open in the Summer or Fall of 2024. You are welcome to sign up for the Waitlist to be notified when next they open!

Dead Sea salt, magnesium, organic essential oils, and herbal matter from all 7 planets in the Thema Mundi chart, combined as detailed in the write-up. Topped with dried flowers given as offerings during the operation.

Use to cleanse and connect with the Universal Divine, the Powers that be, and your innermost potential to create, to grow, to understand, and to manifest.

Thema Mundi will be bottled to order exclusively by its Creatrix, in Miron violet glass akin to its altar cloth, preserving its contents for years to come.

This materia has been through 14 highly elected consecration procedures since 2019, in a process that is likely impossible to faithfully recreate for another 28-years. It is *extraordinarily powerful*, and limited edition in the truest sense.

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16.9 oz Violet Glass Apothecary Jar, 8.45 oz Violet Glass Apothecary Jar

Creation Data

See Chart Details in Gallery.

Planetary Body

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Using this salt as a mini-bath for my hands brought such a great feeling trust in the process and that every exactly as it supposed.

Primordial Bath

When I use these bath salts, I feel as if all my defenses are down and I am open and available on a deep level to connect with supportive forces — though these supportive forces may seem very subtle at the time and not instantly impactful, it feels like a slow build to something important.


I very carefully began engagement with TM and decided I should start with the bath salts. As others have noted, I didn’t notice immediate impacts but could tell that they would reveal themselves later. Indeed, they did! Big life altering events – they in fact set me free in a sense. Quite stressful but at the same time changes that were necessary to get me on what I believe was the right path for my soul’s greatest experience. You could say maybe those events are unrelated – sure, maybe. But I knew by interaction this would shake a few things up that needed to be. I waited quite a while before taking another bath with the salts. This time I was on the other end of the Tower moments and working towards the Star. With this bath I set the intentions for the dominant feelings I wanted to experience in my life moving forward. Afterwards I felt incredibly optimistic and ready to put into motion some big life magic. With patience I will see what comes but I have a feeling it’s going to be something incredibly beautiful.


A truly powerful bath salt when I use this I can hear the power in my home , this may sound odd but it is truly something that one has to experience. I set my intentions when using this and things seem to go my way.


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