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Mars-Jupiter Tincture

Mars-Jupiter Tincture


Organic and wildcrafted yohimbe bark, nopal cactus, cinnamon, tribulus fruit, horny goat weed, chili, kava kava root, ginger root, maca root, red root, fo-ti, nettle root, cayenne pepper, ginseng root, fo-ti root, fumigated with Mars’ Degree of Exaltation Incense x boswellia resin at the height of Sphere + Sundry’s Mars-Jupiter election, and tinctured in whiskey and spiced rum with colloidal gold.

Note that Mars, Venus, and Luna Tinctures are prone to shifting hormonal balance — sometimes profoundly! When taking Talismanic Tinctures internally (such as if you were to make your own… user’s own risk), homeopathic doses of 1-3 drops are recommended, and usually just once or twice a week for attunements. If you are pregnant, breast feeding, or hormonal shifts may cause issues with birth control, stick to topical or offering applications only!

Offered in a 1/2 oz glass dropper bottle for $30, or full 1 oz for $55.

Note: While this contains nothing inedible or poisonous, it was not created in a commercial kitchen to GMP standards, so it is not suitable or intended for consumption. Use externally to anoint yourself (nowhere sensitive) or objects. Keep this (and all our wares) out of reach of children. Do not use while pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Any internal consumption undertaken at the user’s sole risk and liability.



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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Creation Data

June 21st 2022, hour of Mars. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body



Benefic, Malefic, Neutral

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Angela Kirby
fast delight

the tincture has got some punch, love a drop under my tongue as well as top of head to connect in with the higher realms of self. Enthusiasm I feel with tempered excitment ….I love it

Leah Hagan

As a Mars in Aries (conjunct my Ascendant and my North Node :’)) girl, I bought this with the intention of using it along with some cooling and tempering remediation (if that’s the word: more like reconciliation) of that powerful and somewhat overheated Mars in order to bring me into better alignment with its energy and help direct my energy better. It just being *in my house* has done some powerful work on me, my energy levels, and my temper. Instead of flaring up and burning out, I feel far more energetic in a way that isn’t fatiguing: I feel like a good, steady hearth fire ready for cooking and warming, rather than a bonfire out of control. I am so glad this called to me and I got it!

This slaps!

This materia has the quickest, most noticeable results of any I’ve worked with. I’m truly amazed at how much energy, tenacity, and willpower it’s given me in just a few short uses. It’s like caffeine but with no crash. Exactly what I needed to get out of the slump I’ve been in.


I don't normally write a review until I've had time to hang out with an item for a while, but how fitting that I would feel the urge to skip ahead with this one bc man oh man is this a turbo pack.

I specifically ordered this item for help with a very time-sensitive application that I was dragging my feet with. I knew it would be a miracle if the shipment arrived in time, but I'm used to miracles with S+ materia so I pulled a Hail Mary.

First of all, it arrived right in the nick of time, bc of course. Secondly, it works exactly as intended. I said my prayers, took a few drops and got straight to it. (For the record, I did do a formal offering of tinctured coffee and well-dressed candles later in the evening.) The work at hand was a long and deeply personal essay, the type of which would normally make me cringe and pout and agonize for hours over every sentence. With this tincture, though... it's like my Big Girl Brain kicked in and I could organize my thoughts with clarity and calm. Everything step by step.

I realized that much of my issue with writing (and probably everything tbh) was that I start working on step two before I've finished step one. So, as I'm coming up with the points I want to make, I start wondering what order they should go in, or as I'm writing one section, I get distracted by the next section and it just tangles up the tracks of the train. With this influence, it became very easy and obvious to simply finish one item before moving on to the next, and it all flowed smoothly. Not without effort, but def without angst.

I did have to "power up," a few times over the course of the 6+ hour writing process, and it got harder as I went on, but not nearly as hard as I would have expected.

The best part was the final editing. This is normally the most fraught phase of writing for me, since the awkwardness of a phrase will feel like a personal attack and then I second-guess how to fix it from a place of insecurity and embarrassment. Instead, everything felt straightforward. This sentence doesn't work because there's not enough of a layup. This phrase can be said another way that flows better. This paragraph runs on here. Everything became simple, specific, and surprisingly dispassionate. I expected the fiery nature of Aries and Mars to be more emotional, but this felt like my grumpy toddler feelings were being put in the backseat so a grown-up could drive the car.

In retrospect, it makes sense because I have Mars and Moon in Aries natally (in the first house, no less) so *of course* everything feels personal and highly charged and *of course* Daddy Jupiter would have a calming, grounding, maturing effect. It might be simply because of my natal placements, having a Mars that needs calming down rather than revving up. I could imagine it potentially having the opposite effect on someone with Mars in more of a deficit natally, idk, but for me the influence bordered on Saturnian (like, Saturn.. but make it happy).

Finally, having submitted my application at last, I was met with a completely unexpected roadblock at the home stretch that put everything in jeopardy. All my efforts seemed to be for nothing because of a scheduling snafu that I seemingly had zero power to change. I did pout a bit then, but there was a sense of not giving up even as I tried to shrug it all off. A little while later, I got the idea to check one other sneaky backroad into a solution and it worked! It ended up being an expensive solution (it is Jupiter we're talking about after all) but it was a solution no less!! Power and victory through persistence, precision, and calm under pressure.

All of this on my FIRST DAY of using the stuff.

Really, truly works as advertised, and then some. I look forward to leaving additional feedback after I've had time to test-drive long-term, but the initial impression was, indeed, like lightning.


I've been taking one drop of Mars Jupiter in Aries tincture a day since it arrived. One drop is plenry of power... for reference since starting the tincture I've basically purged and cleansed every room of my house, including the closets where I was hiding everything from sight.... I have 12 GIANT bags of clothes, shoes, purses to give away (join your local Buy Nothing group if you havent!), and basically gutted my kitchen cabinets and tossed all the old plastic containers, coffee cups old food, sad cookie sheets that were taking up space. It feels so great to declutter and purge... and I've just not been motivated until now. I also feel less hungry, which may also be an SIA effect, but worth noting because of the spice/cinnamon. 10/10 use this is you need to tackle a project you've been avoding for 3 years (not kidding on the 3 years part).

This is the combo for me to Finally Move My Ass

Ok I have an afflicted mars and a “well-placed” Jupiter. I’ve worked with other martial materia and combined it with Jupiter materia trying to get what I got with this tincture! This election is just chef’s kiss for comfortably switching tasks and stepping where I normally don’t have energy to do so! I’m buying the full oz next time

Reviewer avatar

This is actually a gift I'm giving, but seeing as I'm super sensitive to energy, I think I can review that aspect honestly. Holding this tincture, I felt an immediate rush of power. There was no sense of being overheated, overwhelmed or "too Martial" at all {and sometimes I even feel anxious/ jittery/ hyped up or almost excessively Mercurial when involved with Martial energies, possibly due to my Mars being in sidereal Gemini, but NONE of that happened here} . . . just pure, unadulterated, shining energy that feels renewing, strengthening and DEEP. As if the roots of one's being are receiving proper nourishment, leading ultimately to stamina, health, enduring vitality/ life force & preservation. It's truly like a breath of fresh air! Less like straight Fire, more like the freedom & power of unrestricted Qi flow. Interestingly, Jupiter is correlated to the Liver in TCM and that's responsible for the free flow of Qi. Mars corresponds to the Heart, but I don't feel like elaborating on that right now lol

While this series may be naturally aligned with Yang, what I experienced felt like tonification of the Jing Essence as a whole {both the Yin & Yang}. That all-encompassing restoration is imperative in my eyes, and I'm very impressed with this because I wasn't expecting it. I did sense beforehand that this series would probably be good for me — despite not intending to use any of it topically or internally due to issues with some herbs present — but not to the level of such foundational remediation, especially in terms of physical health.

Edit: The individual I gave this to experienced an unfortunate physical reaction from it {affecting health, used as directed}. Everything I wrote about the energy still stands, and the recipient feels that they might be able to continue working with it energetically by doing the same thing I did — holding it/ keeping it within their presence. The herbal makeup of this, and the rest of the series, combines some very intense stuff that requires due diligence when assessing whether to "go all in," so to speak! I don't say any of this to be negative, but out of a sense of genuine well-wishing.


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