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Quicksilver Tongue Attuning Tincture

Quicksilver Tongue Attuning Tincture


100% ingredients list (all organic or wildcrafted): a delicious blend of elder flowers, white peach tea, red clover blossom, meadowsweet, coconut milk powder, celandine, catnip, agar agar, sumac berry, safflower, plantain leaf, passionflower, orange peel, mugwort, honey, fenugreek, damiana, ashwagandha root, angelica root, blue poppy seed, rue (nominal/ homeopathic amount), slippery elm bark, and red raspberry leaf.

Ritually crafted following fumigation during Sphere + Sundry’s Quicksilver Tongue election, a tropical take on Saraswati’s sidereal yoga.

Immersed in top shelf absinthe with opaline, opal, and precious metal alloys of gold + silver, gold + copper.

Anoint that which you do not want getting oily…

Offered in a 1/2 oz glass dropper bottle for $35, or a 1 oz for $70

Note: While this contains nothing inedible or poisonous, it was not created in a commercial kitchen to GMP standards, so it is not suitable or intended for consumption. Use externally to anoint yourself (nowhere sensitive) or objects. Keep this (and all our wares) out of reach of children. Do not use while pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Any internal consumption undertaken at the user’s sole risk and liability.



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Spray Bottle Size

1 oz, 1/2 oz



Planetary Body

, ,


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Friday, May 21 2021, hour of Mercury. Chart in image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

This tincture has a nice, complex licorice flavor and I find it really useful for getting into flow states, especially when combined with Venus' Aerial Delight. I'm also have my own natal Mercury deficits and I've noticed when I use this tincture (either a couple drops on the tongue, or between the eyebrows or on the crown), I have an easier time finding the right words for the ideas I'm trying to convey.

Anita Fuller

This is a beautiful tincture, it is a really harmonious blend and is excellent for inspiration, dreaming and feeling in tune and at ease with the creative flow. I love how all the planetary elements blend together and it is really nourishing as well. Encourages play.


I reach for this tincture often. - it is the perfect blend of creativity, playfulness, and social lubricant. It easily goes between blissful hours of solitude in creative pursuit to easy breezy cocktail hour full of interesting conversation. Also great paired with Regulus for public speaking.

Seemingly psychedelic nootropic

Have been using it to beautify and reorganize my space while in a period of creative chaos. In which I’ll simultaneously paint, write and clean, buzzing around my room like a bee amidst flowers. At the end of the day, I have made much progress on mundane tasks (cleaning) as well as creative endeavors, things that usually stall me if I try to sit down and tackle them individually. I love how it makes me flow between them with pleasure and lucidity, and the artistic/aesthetic multitasking is fantastic inspiration for my chart ruler Venus in Gemini.

Melanie Ngami
a subtle charge of playful

It took me a long time to understand what Quicksilver Tongue did. It never increased my creative outputs or budged my current art blocks. However, QST in necessary when I work with more intense energies for deep self-healing, to prevent burnout. Much of my issues are rooted in childhood and not being allowed to exist as a kid. QST has taught me that the element of play is very important for my recovery from childhood neglect.


This tincture has an oddly pleasant anise flavor to it that lingers on the tongue and I don't hate it despite not really loving anise. It's... Tasty. I took 3 drops of the QS tincture, sat down on the sofa, and immediately felt like Alice in Wonderland. This is another time warpy series for me in an incredibly relaxing way. I felt comfortable and relaxed and drifted off into an awake trance of sorts. I'm going to try a few drops at bedtime to help with dreams

Wow, love it!

This is by far, my favourite tincture! The smell is wonderful and it never fails to uplift me. This is my go-to tincture for stress relief and for fortification when I need to be in social situations. I dab a little on my forehead and the back of my neck and instantly notice a feeling of elated relaxation. It's been such a blessing through the dreary winter. This tincture alters my mental state in a way that supports my mental health and leaves me feeling more optimistic and creative. In my opinion, it's great for curbing stress-related cravings and for supporting introverts in social settings. I notice that little things don't bother me so much and I even delight in the trickster joviality that this tincture seems to embody. I also have the oil, which is nice, but the tincture really hits home for me. As a benefic triple mix, I use it daily as a versatile self-care staple. It's definitely worth stocking up on this tincture!

writing eloquently

I absolutely love this tincture. Writing used to be SO torturous for me. I started to use the tincture right when I got a writing gig, and now I know how to make anyone laugh or cry with my words. I reached a new level of writing. I have the confidence to express anything with words. Love love love this tincture.

Quick flow state

Induces flow state quickly after application, I found this works much quicker than oil and I prefer it for a solitary endeavours despite all other products in this series are very social. Excellent help for journaling or dream analysis. It taste and smells nice too.

Easy and Useful

This was my first tincture purchase, and I really appreciate how easy it is to use and how nice it makes me feel. I use a drop on my tongue early in the day for easy-going business and fun. I also use it in a diffuser when I have company, and it always facilitates an enjoyable time. The price makes it a great first choice for materia, if you haven't tried a series before.


  1. Among its many other delightful qualities, Quicksilver Tongue provides incredible social support for the reluctant introvert. If you’ve ever felt that “too-much-people-time” emotional hangover from large gatherings and parties (even ones where you’re having a great time!) QT can help, in my experience. A glittering enchantment of a series. Thanks Kaitlin and crew for yet another potent and efficacious offering

  2. Kaitlin’s description of QT is highly accurate. It’s quite a curious ride. So I have ADHD, and in some ways QT is like an ADHD force multiplier. Now some people might assume that’s a criticism, but no way–while there are challenges with ADHD, the fun parts (creativity, hyperfocus, non-linear thinking, among others) are magical and *awesome.* This tincture amplifies those for me.

    Through reading about the QT election, I discovered that I have a natal Saraswati Yoga. My Mercury is also out of bounds and conjunct my MC, but in detriment, and along with some other aspects it makes, the result is that my Mercury is both incredibly demanding and wildly unpredictable. I feel like QT enhances the positive aspects of these configurations–there’s a smooth flow to it and a sparkling playfulness. I would say it’s an altered state of consciousness, but not like any other I’ve ever experienced. As others have written, it’s great for social situations. I have been curious how this will pair with Venus’ Aerial Delight, but I’m worried it might make me TOO devastatingly witty and charming (lol).

    The only potential caution I would offer, and this may only apply to other ADHD kids, is that it will amplify your focus, so, you know, if you’re driving or doing something else where you could potentially get dead, try to make sure at least some of that focus is actually on the danger thing and not just the sparkles.

  3. Kaitlin did not lie in her write-up when she said that this series is a “grower”. I bought this tincture for multiple reasons: I’m in the process of getting a tattoo and I want my artist to have good inspiration, I like to write, I like to journal, and I like to create art for fun.

    My very first time with this series is what I described as “taking a charisma potion”. There was a smoothness with socializing that I do not have naturally and interactions that normally drain me like small talk became much easier.

    I bought this series mostly for my writing but my focus ended up being on art. I’ve been interested in art for my entire life but the last time I remember being this devoted to it was when I was a teenager. I thought when I purchased the QST tincture that if I fell into art, it’d be solely for fun.

    I did not realize the time I’d spend pining over art supplies. The time I’d spend looking up calligraphy tutorials, the way my calligraphy got better, neater, more consistent once I regularly began partaking in this tincture. I didn’t realize that a purchase of cheap watercolors and a brush would throw me head-first into an obsession with learning watercolors and wanting to paint in ink. I looked at art classes at a local university and felt sad when I didn’t see anything specifically devoted to watercolors. When I had money to spend recently, for the first time in years, I didn’t look at Sphere and Sundry but instead I looked at art supplies.

    If you’re picking a form of materia, the tinctures bring something out of you. They unfurl parts of you that you thought were dormant in incredible, powerful ways. You can feel the tinctures take root and eventually blossom. Quicksilver has done that with my interest in art. I went into this series hoping it’d help me with my writing goals. I think it might do that someday, but my soul is telling me to ride this wave. I think QST is awakening parts of me I’ve been neglecting for all these years.

  4. This is one of those series that really consistently and strongly comes through for me. The way it helps spark and sustain creative outflow comes as no surprise, but the way it facilitates and sustains my ability to operate in social situations does. It’s like borrowing the powers of an extrovert for a time; not that I become more gregarious, as such, but more that I’m not drained by a higher intensity of socialability than I typically am. One of my favorite recent series (I mean, what’s not to love?). I’ve used it both on my person and mixed in with art materials, with very satisfying results. Thank you Kaitlin + crew for making such a good one.

  5. I have been working with this tincture as I have been working on some writing and let me tell you it has helped my writing so so much! I feel my ideas just flow easier and I’m able to express myself better. Highly recommend!

  6. First of all, I love that the base of this tincture is absinthe. How fitting (and delicious!)

    QT is one of those series that basically feels like “me”. Whether it’s because I have both Sun and Venus in Gemini, or because this is an overall subtle series, I don’t know. (Both? I have a similar feeling about MiS, which is my natal placement, although of course the *results* are very different.)

    It’s definitely been a “grower not a shower” for me. I got this tincture (and other items) when the series came out at the end of October 2021 and started using them…and November 2021 I finished a multichapter story I had started a year and a half ago. I looked back at this and went “oh”. I was able to sustain and be sustained by my creativity during a tremendously stressful time.

    This tincture has been useful and fun while writing, reading, listening to music, making jewelry, hanging out with cool folks, shopping for art supplies…I should also say that I generally experience the time effects as time passing more *slowly* than I think it is…that I have more time to do the creative thing I’m doing.

  7. This is one of my most beloved S+S items. I have been using it in and on everything I can; one of my favorite methods is to add a few drops to the water when I paint with watercolors. Did I mention that I paint now? I had never in my life considered painting before I started regularly using this tincture. Now? I love it! I’m not very good, but I love it anyway, because it’s FUN and QST really is all about play. Anyway, do not overlook this series and this item in particular! I think I just talked myself into a backup bottle while writing this review.

  8. I’ve been using this tincture while filming and editing a class on watercolor painting. The main benefit I got was while doing voiceover and editing – got all of it on the first shot, something uncommon for me.
    Words flow and the editing was smooth, I still had some technical issues but I guess that can’t be helped 100% as mercury was in pisces.
    I look forward to experimenting more with this while I’m painting as well!

  9. The wonderful uplift from the absinthe brings an immediate smile to the user (me!). I work as an astrologer and teacher, and give a lot of presentations to groups of students. I always use QT before I go on to ensure that my speech is creative and inspiring, and mind nimble while juggling many ideas. Layering with Regulus Materia gives an extra boost of warmth. Love love love. <3

  10. The Quicksilver Attuning Tincture has been one of the most helpful tools for getting through creative stagnancy. The taste is a bit bubbly, anise-like, and sweet—not as bitter as some of the other attuning tinctures. I feel more curious and playful, following internet rabbit holes down to always interesting ends. I feel my mind moving faster, but also in a more joyful way like someone skipping at a sunlit park.

  11. I gifted a bottle to my Bf for a writing project 4 months ago. I didn’t tell him much about the nature of QT, and I’m not sure how much he even uses it, but he keeps it in his bag. Since then, the offspring of a legendary musician has started renting & playing music upstairs, with lots of music practice and a few dinner parties, and my bf suddenly took up music again after many years, so the house is now filling with instruments. Totally unexpected but delightful developments..

  12. I am not always a tincture person, but I was definitely called to try this one and was not disappointed. QT is such a versatile series already, and being able to ingest and embody its wisdom and inspiration has lead to not only creative output, but creative connections. The social quality of this series cannot go un-mentioned, as I definitely have felt QT expand and enrich my personal and professional connections in ways that have introduced growth, creative potential and opportunity in many new and exciting ways. I love the Jupiter/Mercury/Venus combination, it layers so well with so many other series. (My personal recent favorite being QT + Regulus III)

  13. I’m on a second bottle of this tincture— it’s incredible. I was in a bit of a rut as far as finding a purpose to create, and this almost instantly helped me re-remember that the creativity itself is the purpose. For some reason I find it hard to explain this sort of issue to others, but Kaitlin’s work has a way of addressing things like that. Super thankful for this series.

  14. For me, this tincture having an absinthe base is about tapping into all the Green Fairy creative context as well. The taste is absinthe-like (hello anise!), and for me the effects have centered around quickness. This is about FLEET, of mind and spirit. Lightness and speed is a gift my friends.

    Wouldst thou like to scamper?

  15. I enjoy this tincture a lot. Helpful before creative work, and I’ve noticed the sense of time flying- and also, of actually working quick-quick-quickly, which is uh, highly unusual for me. Also applied it before a dinner party and held forth with some funny stories, lots of laughing and merriment. I usually go to Venus in Libra for being social, but this turns out to be a great alternative.

  16. I’m a maker so I expected that this tincture would help with my creative endeavors. It’s really great for translating ideas into objects, which is always a challenge for me. I have a tendency to get stuck in the details of planning, overcomplicating a process that should be straightforward. But this tincture gets me out of thinking and into doing.

    The bonus is that it does more than amplify creative experiences. It really helped me tackle a cleaning project while keeping a good mood. I loathe cleaning and am constantly reorganizing. It’s a stressful cycle, so to be able to get through a cleaning project while feeling peppy makes this an invaluable product. Highly recommend!

  17. I’ve engaged with this tincture to assist with ease in writing. I don’t directly approach any planet while applying or using this series; instead, I focus my altar space and prayers to The Muses. It has opened up such a beautiful new practice that has allowed me to soften from my anxiety and let the words flow as their meant to. I recommend this to all Mercurial folx who need a release from the pressure and tightness that can occur from Mercury overwhelm and to help allow the creativity to pour from your fingertips. The tincture provides relaxation and a certain trust in where you’re headed—and the results on the other end have truly been remarkable

  18. I take a drop of this before music lessons and the time warp effect can be insane! 45 min that used to go arduously goes in 15 and a ton of tiny details easily learned and retained. Highly recommend anyone who needs help with learning.

  19. This is incredible! Super effective, fun, listening to music is a heightened experience with this tincture. Practice time with instruments is a lot more inspired. One of my hustles is singing and with this I perceive a sweeter tonality to my voice. Get ready to vibe with this tincture ✨✨

  20. Absinthe, oh absinthe, you have helped awaken hidden messages for me over the years. This tincture has quickly become one of my favorites and most used. I notice I have been keeping it in a prominent place in my ritual space when I log in for astrology, tarot, and occult courses/calls in this highly virtual learning age. Preparing myself by using the QT tincture has increased my absorption of knowledge and heightened my creativity when thinking through my own manifestation and spell work.

  21. I absolutely adore this tincture. It’s a perfect *zing* in a bottle, and I find is an incredible tap into the QT series. It smells delicious and I’ve anointed several of my art supplies: paint brushes, performance shoes, etc., and find that it is a powerful connect to the muses. I also love to versatility of this series and being able to use it for three planetary influences. Adore this tincture so much – stellar as always.

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