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Quicksilver Tongue Steep + Smoke

Quicksilver Tongue Steep + Smoke


100% ingredients list (all organic or wildcrafted): a delicious blend of elder flowers, peach, white tea, red clover blossom, meadowsweet, coconut milk powder, celandine, catnip, agar agar, sumac berry, safflower, plantain leaf, passionflower, orange peel, mugwort, honey, fenugreek, damiana, ashwagandha root, angelica root, blue poppy seed, rue (nominal, homeopathic dose), slippery elm bark, and red raspberry leaf.

Ritually crafted following fumigation during Sphere + Sundry’s Quicksilver Tongue election, a Tropical take on Saraswati’s Sidereal Yoga.

Steep and add to floor washes or baths to draw divine inspiration, promote artistry, and leave anxious sensations in the wake of a slightly state-altering time-warp.

Smoke to do the same (pairs well with Mother Mary Jane…).

Offered in your selection of 2 oz clear top tin for $33, or 4 oz for $60.

Note: While this contains nothing inedible or poisonous, it was not created in a commercial kitchen to GMP standards, so it is not suitable or intended for consumption. Keep this (and all our wares) out of reach of children. Do not use while pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Any internal consumption undertaken at the user’s sole risk and liability.


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Planetary Body

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Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Friday, May 21 2021, hour of Mercury. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. Excellent for creating, visioning, and very mercurial in the various ways and days you can engage with this material. Amazing amazing amazing. The muses continue to bring fruitful art and beauty in significant ways.

  2. I am in love with this whole series. I have multiple items, but the steep and smokes are one of my favorites due to their versatility. Make tea, smoke, add to baths, add to floor sweeps or to floor washes, you name it. As a tea, I find the taste to be light and delightful. It does bring about a feeling of carefreeness and social tact when in social situations. I have also delved into more philosophical conversations when this materia is utilized. I used this most when drawing and it allowed me to feel deeply connected with my art.

  3. This has quickly become my favorite smoking blend. It almost buzzes – so brimming with inspiration! It is perfect for moments when I need to leave behind the anxieties of the day (work, news, other chaos) and move into a space of creativity and openness. It helps to open the mind, yet remain centered in the body so art/movement/music making are hot hindered.

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