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Water of the Quicksilver Tongue

Water of the Quicksilver Tongue


Quicksilver Tongue herbal mixture, peacock and macaw feathers, liberty dimes, forget me nots, and ritually harvested plant matter in the apt days and hours, distilled in water freshly collected from the headwaters of Mt. Shasta at the start of our election window via copper alembic, and left to bask on its altar of emanation throughout the day.

Spray the self or working area before engaging in the creation or consumption of Art — writing, painting, playing music, making magic, dancing, singing, producing, &c.

Use to promote good conversation, good times, time-warps, and the Quicksilver-like, to promote playfulness, creativity, and flow.

Mist altars or working spaces.

Each bottle comes with one piece of high grade blue opal and a mixture of iridescent mica. Shake well before use.

Offered in your choice of 1/2 oz travel or sample size for $30 or full 2 oz for $66.





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2 in
Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz

Planetary Body

, ,




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

Creation Date

Friday, May 21 2021, hour of Mercury. Chart in image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Salomeya Sobko

Ironically, I have no words that seems sufficient to convey how crucial this materia has become for me. I freelance as a copywriter, and a few quick spritzes of Mercury Quicksilver water sharpens my mind and gets the words flowing. It has become a major go-to, and I'm currently re-ordering the 2oz with 1/3 left of my smaller bottle lest I run out.

Julia Pappas
Sooo underrated!

I use this when I’m going to be in social situations. I have a bit of social anxiety (which I am usually in denial about) and tend to self sabotage by showing a bit too much of an edge or cynicism. Quicksilver Tongue alerts me to the great fun we are all about to have when the conversation starts! Hasn’t failed me yet and has made some stressful situations into great memories and relationship builders.

Reviewer avatar
Kelly S.
Refresh the imagination!

Whenever I've been on a writing tear and am in that weird place where I'm getting kinda hungry and a little tired but don't want to break my creative streak just yet, this is the stuff I turn to. QT water instantly refreshes me, making my whole body seem to sigh with satisfaction at the first hit of that lovely, soft aroma. It resettles me in my body and allows me to take my sweet time, wrapping things up neatly and satisfactorily. In fact, the time-altering effects really are pretty weird! Time tends to lose meaning when this series is employed, and the water has reminded me of that again and again. Of all my S+S items, this little spray bottle actually seems to be diminishing quickly! Most S+S wares last me way longer than makes any kind of rational sense, but this water is definitely getting used up!

Hypnotically beautiful in the bottle

If you are looking for the most beautiful water, Quicksilver Tongue is like a silverly lava lamp once shaken up and just breath-taking to look at!

In terms of its effects, I would recommend using these waters when you want to bring delight and good vibes to a space and your writing. I made the mistake of spraying myself with QT to get some serious writing done (think job applications / performance-based writing). It was the first time I realized how unhelpful materia can be when used for purposes outside its purview! I didn't use this for some time, because I thought it was off or I didn't gel with it. Nope! I just needed to find the right circumstances for it to shine or for me to shine with it.

So be sure to welcome all the good QT wants to bring to the moment and your writing. It sort of demands that you find the joy in it or (in lieu of that) find good vibes in being!

help in building rapport

You do not need a special occasion to use this water - it feels really good to spray at any time. It is very helpful for group discussions and finding a common ground with colleagues who might think different than you. This series has an advantage above Venus-only materia in that it is absolutely acceptable to use it in the work-related situations.


This water is pure fun and ease in a bottle. Whenever I want to lighten or brighten up, I spritz with this and enjoy the soft buzz that follows. The scent and shimmer are both delightful in and of themselves, and a sense of play and social connectivity are always awakened and well supported by this water!


A really beautiful, shimmery silver-blue water. It smells lightly sweet and floral. I love giving my desk area and self a few sprays before writing or painting-related activities or social events. It helps me get into a more relaxed, loose, playful, and inspired headspace.

Kat B
Rainbows in a Bottle!

This is definitely the prettiest of all the S+S waters I have, and the effect is equally lovely! I’ve been slow to review the Quicksilver Tongue series because I’ve been trying to use it sparingly in anticipation of an upcoming project, but I’ve used the water enough times now that I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts. Personally, I find this spray to be the most helpful for blessing my creative tools (mostly pens, as well as my computer!). In my experience, it does make it quite a bit easier for me to switch into creative mode. I’ve also used it on a more limited basis as a spray for improved social communication, and it’s worked well for that purpose too! I will say that in my case, I’ve noticed that putting it directly on my skin can make me feel a bit itchy, but I haven’t had that problem when I’ve sprayed it on my clothes or another surface instead. Just a heads up to make sure to do a patch test, for anyone out there who has sensitive skin! In any case, I’ve found this spray both helpful and delightful to have around, and I’m very glad I purchased it.

Water of the Quicksilver Tongue

Delicious-smelling and a great aid for looseness and having some plain old fun. I like to spray it in my office before I write nonfiction and on myself before I meet up with friends. Good times!


How pretty this series is. The muse makes herself known all over it. The little flowers in tact in the powder, the hypnotic shimmer in the hydrosol. You know it's inspiring when you can SEE that IT is inspired. Double that when you know it is a marriage between the vedic saraswati yoga and the tropical zodiac. I love this spray for instant shifts, and I think out of all the hydrosols I've used that this is the most dramatic of them all


  1. I’ve been using this water for a lonnnngggg time and it has been so potent when running my dnd campaign! Words just come to me easily (despite my Pisces Mercury) and I feel supported in a very imaginative way using this lovely concoction!

  2. My writing partner and I really had such incredible communication and finished the first draft of our project while actively using this. I’ve been able to sit for hours and just have joy in my writing.

  3. A buzzy little jolt of clarity, I enjoy this spray when I need to create and co-create. The smell is also enjoyable, it definitely doubles as a nice, subtle perfume.

  4. This stuff is unreal. I love the cosmetic and metaphysical aspects. I would spray it on me and my partner before social situations and often the ‘time skipping’ would be real. Jovial, playful, and fun!

  5. This was my first S+S purchase. Felt fitting as a Gemini Sun and Mercury native. This spray has a light, bright, and playful energy which is perfect for socializing as well as writing. I had some daunting essays to write as part of school applications and these waters made the whole process a lot more accessible, less heavy. I think when it comes to writing, this is a great tool to use if you struggle with your inner critic getting in the way of your words. I found that ideas flowed a lot more freely, and it allowed me to save the editing part for later, as opposed to editing myself before I’ve even gotten the words out. Excellent for anytime when you want to have your sharpest wits about you without losing your sense of humor and fun.

  6. This water is potent! The best way for me to describe it is to give an example: I used it the first time on myself late at night. I realized there was going to be a livestream marathon the next day I wanted to watch (AGDQ), and thought about cross stitching while watching. The next day I woke up way earlier than I usually do to catch the start, which I’ve ever done before, and I cross stitched for 10 hours that day. I made progress with blistering speed! The day after I thought, oh there’s no way that was QST’s influence, that was a coincidence. I attempted to keep working on my project, but was distracted and tired as usual and maybe got in 15 minutes of real work. There’s something about this that just smashes all your art blocks and puts you in a state of flow. Can’t recommend it enough!

  7. So for me, I feel like potency/ease to work with goes from water – kolonia/tincture – oil/powder, so the QST spray is probably the most accessible form for QST (and mind you QST was already accessible to begin with). It’s also the lightest in potency for me, and really seems about facilitating verbal conversation. I would definitely spray this around work spaces.

  8. I love this water, I got it to see if I vibed with this series and it has far surpassed my expectations. I find myself wanting to create art again after years of feeling unmotivated. My partner and I had a lovely time conversing and unwinding at the spa, and I find myself much more willing to let go and be playful in my day to day. I can’t wait to get more from this series!

  9. I absolutely love the Quicksilver tongue series, this water smells amazing and it is soo pretty, i love the color but more than that i love the relaxed and carefree, joyous attitude when i wear it. I feel more creative and a lot more social.

  10. Quicksilver made manifest! Love to use the spray to open the metaphorical window on date nights with my partner. Seemingly new conversations are lively and engaging and the ‘time warp’ or losing track of time is definitely present.

  11. This water is by far one of my favorite products. It is also extra atheistically pleasing! I am in the process of writing a book and this water helps the words flow. Literally!

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