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Oil of the Quicksilver Tongue

Oil of the Quicksilver Tongue


Sundry herbs and ingredients for Mercurial, Venusian, and Jupiterian inspiration and artistry, including white tea, cardamom, coconut, lovage root, sandalwood, sweet pea, celandine, grains of paradise, sumac berry, red clover, passionflower, honey, rue, plantain, deer’s tongue, and orange peel. Ritually harvested oak leaf, lambs ear, and iris petals. Liberty dimes, peacock and macaw feather, forget me nots, alloys of silver + gold (white gold), copper + gold (red gold), fluorite, opaline, and blue opal.

These and more were fumigated and prayed over, immersed in organic jojoba and safflower oils, and left to gestate alongside the rest of the Quicksilver Tongue series since May 21st, 2021. Rosemary, lime, and frankincense.

This is a somewhat subtle and flexible charge (compared to most of our other offerings!) — more of a grower than a shower — something that can be applied for a burst of happy, care-free energy that allows you to enjoy music and art more, socialize and converse in a playful and engaged manner, and leave worries and woes in the wake of a slightly altered-time warp, OR an anointing oil which acts as fuel for the development of Divine Artistry and Great Works over time.

Hopefully all of the above!

Incredibly versatile and yet “blendable” in the ways Mercurial x Benefic influences can sometimes be (it’s easier to remember pain and strife than “you know what… that was a good time that passed by quickly!”), Quicksilver Tongue is a fantastic series for layering with others to potentiate and guide one another’s expression and experience.

Reduces anxious sensations, promotes states of flow, encourages playfulness.

Anoint the self before socializing, or engaging in Art and Artistic processes (whether of your own creation or others). Likewise for any and all instruments of self-expression. The feet for dancers. The throat for singers. The brush for painters. The pen or keyboard for writers. Add to inks, paints, and the like.

Meditate on teachings of the peacock, macaw, precious metal alloys, and opal.

Apply before approaching Muse-figures.

Please note that if one does not choose to devote themselves to Great Works, application is likely to result in the enjoyable passing of time…

Offered in your selection of 1/2 oz standard vial for $77 (with optional Dropper Cap Kit), 10 ml fluorite gem or steel roller for $63, and 5 ml Mini for $33.





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Planetary Body

, ,




HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Friday, May 21 2021, hour of Mercury. Chart in image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Brought joy into my writing

My long-term writing project had been feeling like a slog, but once I started using the Quicksilver oil, I started remembering what I loved about it in the first place and the spark came back.


Love this Oil! A very approachable one, helped ease into Mercury and Venus materia. Super versatile, and smells incredible.

angela kramer
A helpful muse to assist the artist

This oil goes far to unlock feelings of being uninspired and non creative and reminds you that you are the creator of your work and life. Between this one and the Fomalhaut plus Venus oil, I’m really starting to finally step into my inner creative reserves. So grateful for these gifts!

Social Fears Eradicated

Though I initially purchased to aid in the making of a Great Work of Art, this oil has been a godsend for socializing in arts spaces. I am typically very shy but have no problems working the room with confidence with help of the Quicksilver Tongue! Planning on ordering a larger size in the future!

A lovely chance conversation

I applied Oil of the Quicksilver Tongue for the first time as I was preparing to go out for a round of Saturday errands. I applied the oil as the final step to getting ready, walked outside and was going to drop something off to the next door neighbor. As I did so, I instantly ran into another neighbor out walking her dog. I hadn't run into her outside like that in more than a year. We started chatting and after a few minutes, the neighbor I was going to pop in on came outside on *her* way out. The 3 of us have kids the same age (all grown now) and we were able to catch up on how everybody's doing and chat all 3 of us together for the first time in a very long time. It was really nice. So, I would say this oil is fast-acting and fills its purpose!

Ease of talking when not feeling up for socializing

Even as someone with heavy Gemini placements sometimes you can’t shake off the lack of wanting to socialize but plans were made and they’re happening at your house! This is the perfect thing to get through the evening and even enjoy socializing when feeling heavy. Not sure if it helps assuage anxiety but it lightens the anxiety somewhat and makes you seem more at ease to others.


One of the things I love about this oil (and this series) is how blendable it its. I blend it with VAD for parties and social gatherings. I blend it with LiC for creative boosts. I blend it with Regulus III when I need to be the center of attention but don't really want to (public speaking, for example). I'm going to ty it with Door Key oil next for writing sessions, but of course, this oil is great on its own for that, too!

Buoyant and uplifting

The oil didn’t do much for me at first until one day I dropped it! This opened the roller ball cap wider and I realized oops I just wasnt getting much product out. It smells slightly of graphite like a freshly sharpened pencil! I actually love that. It reminds me of the sensation of the first day of school as a kid and getting new art supplies.

Kait L
Euphoria in a bottle

I’ve been using Quicksilver Tongue during writing sessions, and the results have been amazing. I go into a kind of euphoric but hyperfocussed space where I’ve been doing some of my best creative work. I’m loving the vibe of Quicksilver Tongue. Sometimes I just put it on to get into that cosmic flow state.


This is my favorite hybrid series S+ has created. The oils are the most powerful testimony of the election in my opinion, and Quicksilver Tongue does not disappoint. I find it lends a softer sociability than say Venus' Aerial Delight, but it better suited for a more creative or artsy gathering - perhaps small talk at an art opening or art house film premiere. It's also the perfect companion for arts and crafts on a stormy day.


  1. I love this oil so much! It brings out a delightful impishness in me, slipping past all internal barriers to creativity to let me just ~play~! I’ve found it to be wonderful for everything from divination to poetry-writing, singing, and fused-glass-making. As someone with a Mercury-ruled chart, it has also helped me find more joy and freedom in self-expression as a form of creativity, and I’ve been adorning myself with handmade glass jewellery and iridescent feathers ever since it came into my life.

  2. I’ve found this oil to be incredibly effective for opening up the doors to inspiration, either by putting some on your temple, or by fixing a candle to it and saying the Orphic Hymn to the Muses. It’s also effective whenever you need to enhance communication, either in person or writing.

  3. Wonderful oil for passing enjoyable time, great for space from stress and enjoying the current moment. This is my go-to for traveling on holiday as it’s great for enjoying an adventure or fun times with friends.

  4. This oil works FAST & is powerful in my experience! The “grumpy” walls between my daughter and I were obliterated into blast’s of “I love you’s!” and games of imagination ensued with laughter! Not only a grumpy ice breaker for two moody mercurial aloof ones, this oil touched me deeply in a way that reconnected me to music. My love of music has returned & with a healing I have needed. I feel it’s bonding aid through “fun times” with others is enough to be simply amazing. It goes to work though! As a professional intuitive per say, I also dab this on my throat before sessions with clients & the channeling of information just flows & flows… so smitten & won over with this Quicksilver Oil!

  5. Obsessed with this. Its mere entrance into my life marked a creative upswing, never mind more purposeful use. Excited to initiate a Musing practice with it.

  6. Just a wonderful option for passing some enjoyable time, in or not in others’ company. I often apply when spending quality time with friends or doing home projects, when I’m feeling stressed it also has an effect of allowing one mental and emotional space to enjoy time and go with the flow. It also comes neither with the sort of lazier or indulgent effects of some Venus series nor a hyper mental focus of those of Mercury. Really nice compliment to a lot of scenarios!

  7. This oil singlehandedly kicked me out of an artistic funk that left me burnt out and unable to create for a long time. For almost a year, I could not draw a line or write a word.

    I even approached Oil of the Quicksilver Tongue with skepticism, which goes to show you how deep my burnout was, how jaded I had become with my lack of creativity. So one day I decided to sit down with a notebook and pencil and just let the lines flow, let the words and images unfurl, however crappy. I anointed myself and got to work.

    In two months, I’ve created more art than I have in the last year and a half. I cant even tell you how. All I did was anoint myself with this oil, and I would get into a zone where I not only felt compelled to create, but also to finish what I started. And so I did. Over and over again. Incredible doesn’t even begin to describe the power of Oil of the Quicksilver Tongue. Truly.

  8. Absolutely in love with this oil, which I apply before singing devotional songs to the Muses. My writing has begun to flow in all sorts of new directions and I’m enjoying the process in a way that feels new and exciting. Lovely to enhance flow and poetry.

  9. I am a graduate student in Vocal Performance. This oil is the PERFECT support for developing my musical skills! Its Mercurial aspects keep me sharp while I am practicing. The Venusian influence helps me be more intentionally expressive while I am performing. Also perfect for when you are giving presentations in classes, charming the Tongue to be more erudite and, well, sharp! The time effects are potent as well. When working for me, I quickly become more engaged in the work I’m doing, entering that wonderful ‘flow state’. This effect can also be dangerous if your work environment has a social element though! One quick conversation later and your whole day is gone!

    Love the oil, I hope to try more of the series too.

  10. I use this oil in the mornings to support my writing practice. Gemini energy can feel scattered and ungrounded to me, but this feels like the best balance of mutablity for quick wit and expansive creativity.

  11. This oil is wonderful. I’ve only used it twice thus far but as a ‘social lubricant’ it can certainly assist in breaking the mood into tense social situations and allowing for witty repartee and a bit of timey-wimey skipping. The scent is also divine!

  12. Amazing! This oil (and everything else from this series) is unlike anything else I’ve tried from S&S; it’s very subtle… until it really kicks in and then it’s incredibly potent and nearly intoxicating. Time stretches in psychedelic-esque ways, talking becomes truly a joy, and artistic work feels wonderful. Another great offering from S&S

  13. A subtle but lovely, soothing oil. Definitely the most subtle S+S product I’ve used thus far. It took a few tries to understand it, but now I find myself using it on a daily basis to help with writing, daydreaming and even some nice relaxing, dreamy yoga.

    I’m considering buying more!

  14. I’m absolutely obsessed with the Quicksilver Tongue Oil. It’s definitely as fun as everyone says and wonderful for creative endeavors, but personally I’ve found it incredibly helpful for coming back into myself. As a Gemini rising with a less than ideal Mercury placement, this has been so healing. My social anxiety is eased and socializing flows. It gets me out of my head and helps me enjoy the moment while being the most charming version of myself. It’s become my go-to to then layer with other materia depending on what I’m going for.

  15. As a quite “Mercury dominant” individual, I was really excited for this to arrive. This is the perfect blend to amp up natural mercurial attributes without tipping into “OMG I had too much coffee and can’t stop talking” persona. The added soothing nature of Venus plus a dash of wise Jupiter has made this my “go to” pretty much every day. I have gained time when my management of it catastrophically failed, completing things by due dates against all odds. I have also felt a quickening of time when getting through long meetings or other tasks keeping me from more enjoyable ways to spend it. Bonus, wearing it on “off time” had led to almost a time stopping feeling allowing me to bask in time with my partner, getting lost in books or creative projects, and generally just feeling maximum enjoyment of things I associate with this election.
    I do a good deal of public speaking and training for work and this oil combined with Quicksilver Honey gives me a boost, making me feel confident and approachable to my audience. The anxiety mitigation here is absolutely wonderful, and helps me connect more deeply with my mercurial nature. Social anxiety disappears almost completely, allowing me to enjoy myself in situations that might usually feel over stimulating.

  16. I think this may be the most fun series that S+S has released.

    It can definitely be used for standard Mercury remediation and I’ve used as such. But be prepared for random portals to Hayao Miyazaki worlds to magically appear, as well.

    I used this to help with driving in India for instance. And it was great for both navigating the chaos and also making what otherwise be stressful fun, but the animals in the road were also very communicative and joyous and happy. It definitely added a dimension to the music during the vacation and in general now that I think about it.

    Excited to continue to explore the magic of this series.

  17. I love the Quicksilver Tongue oil. Though I have to say that I still need to discover more of its potential. So far this materia has supported me tremendously in creative writing projects. It has also supported me in enjoying art / music / books (yay for the bath salts too, definitely helps me to enjoy and receive, while the oil supports me in actively creating too). A few times I’ve used the oil when reading tarot. I’ve developed this habit / ritual of chanting a Saraswati mantra when reading tarot, Since a year or two ago. This little ritual made me grab the oil for reading tarot; and I have to say that the materia was very supportive in reading cards too besides books. Looking forward to discover more of the potentials of Quicksilver Tongue, because I feel like there’s much more Mercurial diversity in there than I have discovered yet…

  18. For those jonesing for Mercury Cazimi, Quicksilver Tongue has got you. While more subdued than MC this is a very effective oil for putting your nose to the creative grindstone.

  19. I decided to use the oil of QST on Mercury’s day, hoping to tap into that piece for communication. I have to say that communication today has absolutely been facilitated, boosted by Jupiterian and Venus tinges. As opposed to the S&S Exalted Mercury materia, the Mercurial charge in this is more muted, and bolstered by an increased positivity and sensitivity. So far I’ve had conversations that I was dreading that have been unexpectedly pleasant. I would be interested in using these for creative endeavours.

  20. I love Quicksilver tongue. Although Gemini is my 8th house, I knew this oil would give me a creative boost and it has! Perfect for getting those artisic juices and loosening a loquacious tongue. Highly recommend!

  21. The charge of this oil is subtle, and builds over time. I notice it most when I stop using it for a while and return to it. When I return to it, I am filled with a sense of appreciation for the world and its beauty, and uniquely keyed into my own values – aesthetic and otherwise. I am prone to frequent overwhelm as to my own inadequacies in the face of all the world’s evils, but when I wear this oil – at least initially – I am filled with a kind of soft focus arousal that makes me creatively productive, at least for a while.

  22. This is such a fun oil. All my jokes are funny even when I’m not trying. I get more frequent compliments. It’s also great for giving presentations

  23. Although it wasn’t my intention when I bought it, I’ve found this oil really good for socializing and having a chill time. It definitely is good for creative work too, but as mentioned in the series write up, benefits from another influence to provide focus and prevent distraction (I layer with Aldebaran). I love the smell!!!

  24. Gentle light and uplifting oil! As with the talismanic perfumes for the Quicksilver Tongue series, the aroma is pleasing as well as subtle. I have found Oil of the Quicksilver Tongue easy to layer, both with the perfumes from this series and with other series. I find the perfumes from this series smell “intoxicating.” I’ve also noticed, as written in the description, if applied without a direct intent, time flies by. (In my experience, layering too much with the perfumes from this series.) While enjoyably passing time is pleasant, this series has much to offer regarding creative and artistic endeavors. I like to use this oil as a stand-alone, then smell the perfumes instead of laying them.

  25. I find this to be a lovely oil for engaging in anything social and mercurial. I had a presentation to give at work the other day to around 100 people. I had been stressing over it for a week or so. The day of, I applied this oil along with Jupiter in Pisces oil and found I wasn’t even nervous when the time came for me to speak. I also got excellent feedback after the presentation.

  26. Big uplifting, creative energy with this oil! I’m a mom of a preschooler and my depression can make it hard to really get into the games and activities my kid wants to play, but with this oil, stepping into that imaginative, child-like space is easy and fun. Time really does fly in a joyful, peaceful way with this oil. I’m very grateful for the help stepping back into my inner child and learning to enjoy the simple things again.

  27. An introvert’s best friend! I’ve been using QT for band practices, playing shows, and attending other social functions for about a month now. I’ve found it to be super helpful in getting me to relax, open up, and be playful/confident in both music and conversation.

    Layers nicely with Asclepius III for soothing social anxiety and stage fright. Blending with additional Jupiter materia is great for writing and creative experimentation.

  28. Tried just a little little dab of this as soon as I got it. I started singing almost immediately, and I really don’t sing that often! Soon I started to feel very mellow, a little stoned, and my husband and I started to talk about magic. He didn’t even try any and he was definitely feeling the effects. Despite our efforts to get ready to leave, we both just continued to talk about all the magical rituals we were looking forward to trying and what they would look like. It was a lot of fun! I’m excited to try this before I do some creative writing. Wonderful, as always! I’ll update this the more I use it. Thank you! Much love

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