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Saturn in Aquarius Incense + Powder

Saturn in Aquarius Incense + Powder


Gum elemi, borneal camphor, myrrh, feather, and blue apatite, ground with ritually consecrated organic Saturn in Aquarius herbal mix, grains of paradise, and white gold.

Burn as an offering to Saturn, to activate talismanic items of a Saturnian nature, activate sigil shoals, and fumigate petitions.

Add to freezer spells and use in bindings — of the self (to good/ desirable habits, for instance), or 3rd parties.

Use to ward and protect interior spaces; to simultaneously clear and charge altars, and to smoke bathe the body to supplement transient doses of Saturn in Aquarius energy.

Provides constructive support, mental clarity, and reinforces boundaries.

Arrives in your selection of glass 1/2 oz cork top vial for $33, or 2 oz bulk pot for $99.

Note that Sphere + Sundry’s Incense Powders are designed to be burned *without* charcoal, on beds of premium ash in a firesafe dish or plate. Pour ash, then pat or use a tool to create a relatively smooth surface. Pour the desired amount of Incense Powder into the palm of your non-dominant hand, and use the other to assemble a thin peaked mound, line, or sigil, pinch by pinch. These can be quite thin if desired. The neater and more ridged your shape is, the better it will burn! Light the top of the ridge to ignite.

Taking time to prepare Incense in this way can be a meditative and centering experience, and allows the practitioner to create custom burn times with zero waste. If your line ends up too long, simply use a knife to ‘cut’ the fresh powder away from the ignited portion to use later. 



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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Creation Data

Morning of January 23rd 2023, hour of Saturn. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body


Fixed Star


Malefic, Neutral


FIRE HAZARD — Never leave fire unattended. Clear away packing materials before burning and do not close the lid on boxes while a flame is burning


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Powerful incense

There is such a complex quality to the energy and aroma of this incense. I could never describe it in words, but it's powerful. Serious, deep, ancient. Focused, distant. I don't use the incense much but when I do I'm really taken by it.


This might be my most used incense. Brings clarity, clear-headedness, releases brain fog, and also the added benefit of reinforcing borders and boundaries - after all, good fences make for good neighbors.

Laurence BL
Amazing product and great smell

I absolutely LOVE the smell. Sometimes I just smell it and I feel immediately that my mind is more present. I don’t use it on myself, but I’ve used it to communicate with Saturn and to add to my wards and it has worked really well.

Personal Boundary Setting

While I know that this isn’t really recommended for Venus, my chart is ruled by Venus in a conjunction with an Out of Bound Mercury in detriment. While in some ways I love this combo, I think it is one of the aspects in my chart creating my ADHD symptoms. When I wear Saturn conjunct Venus in Aquarius, I am much more productive. I can focus on my work and get things accomplished.
While I wouldn’t wear this on a date. I do wear it to work or to meeting where I need to get things done.


My Saturn is in Cancer and I never feel quite right or comfortable working with anything Saturn related. The scent is beautiful which is a plus, but the powder itself is very accessible and welcoming in a very RULE and Boundaries kind of way. I'm specifically using the powder for warding and binding work with very impressive results thus far.

Big Structure Energy

Beautiful powder! I love the scent of this series and this powder, like all other S+ powders, packs a real punch. So far I have used this with huge success to bind troublesome people but it's also amazing for creating/maintaining structure which is invaluable to me as a self-employed person. I really highly recommend this!

Robert Walker
Saturn in Aquarius: Sanity Benchmark

It's in the title. I've been doing the lovely liturgy and burning the incense on one of the Saturn hours of Saturday, and Saturn hours of other days, in the context of more general sacred practice. It's helped me cut through personal b.s., and in fact older people and people in authority have been most kind lately. The Deneb Algedi incense, which I had before, was also great.


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