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Son of Apollo Powder

Son of Apollo Powder


Sold out — a new batch is available as part of Asclepius IV

Solar herbs of a healing nature, ritually co-mingled on an election featuring the Moon conjunct the Divine Physician’s patron star, Ras Alhague, in trinal application to the exalted Aries Sun conjunct the IC of the chart.

Organic calendula, St. John’s wort, goldenseal, yellowdock root, comfrey root, balm of gilead, carnelian, and 24k gold, fumigated with frankincense during the operation and left to greet the rays of the rising Sun on his day and hour the morning after. Ground to a fine powder under the auspices of Sol.

Apply in the myriad ways magical powders are often used — to dress candles, sprinkle about, add to mojos, etc. Promotes positivity, good health, self-healing, and self-discovery.

100% uncut organic herbs, resin, gemstone, and genuine gold leaf. Add corn starch or another fine carrier to create a TON of your own sachet powder.

Arrives in a 1/2 oz glass vial with cork top for $29, or 2 oz bulk pot for $87



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1/2 oz, 2 oz


Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star

Planetary Body


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

April 12th, 2020, hour of Sol. Chart in image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Aragorn in the Houses of Healing vibes

I got covid last spring which has been one of my biggest fears due to covid's long lasting harms in general but also because I have conditions that predispose me to worse outcomes in the acute and chronic phase. It was rough, but I used this incense twice a day, smoke cleansing the whole body as well as my Paxlovid pills, and saying the prayer to Asclepius. I've been spared of lingering effects, and I think using it so constantly for over a month had other health benefits. It also is great at getting you the resources you need to heal. When I first received this incense, I sat down to meditate and connect with it. It came in a communication that Asclepius is not just the doctor who comes into the room, looks at the cold hard facts, prescribes something or doesn't, and leaves. Asclepius is the healer who sings at the bedside, who bathes the heated forehead, who listens and crys and cares. Big Aragorn in Return of the King vibes. Because of this, I think it's also very useful for healing medical trauma and helping to protect from it.

Saunya Hildebrand

Be prepared-using Son of Apollo powder has been a very healing experience. It can bring up deep down reasons for some physical problems. Personally, I experienced an increase of a particular symptom and then had a very intense emotional cleansing down to the point of old childhood stuff coming up that surrounded said injury. I will say it was heavy-but it healed very quickly-and the emotional stuff has not resurrected since(THAT is a first)-and the physical has been far less than it ever was. I knew it was gonna be some good stuff-but I am blown away at how it worked so fast and so well. Highly recommended.


This and classic Asclepius are my most-used incenses. Its energy is like a ray of sunshine. Whenever I need a little more optimism or pep in my step, this is what I reach for.

insanely versatile

I love including a pinch of this powder in healing magic, cleansing charms, and other incenses. It seems to ameliorate most minor issues just by being present/included. Perhaps it brings with it the proverbial ounce of prevention!

Bright, soothing energy

I adore this incense. It is tied for my favorite Sphere and Sundry incense (tied with Regulus!) and use it at least weekly, if not daily. This incense fills you with a bright sense of reassurance and healthfulness. It has helped me through many illnesses in my family: I am able to stay more grounded and even-keel as I care for my sick family members. For me, the Son of Apollo line has a strong emotional support aspect. This incense is one of my staples from Sphere and Sundry.

Diane P.
A must-have

This incense is one of my Sphere + Sundry must-haves. It is so useful.
It's perfect for cleansing during the ritual bath. I use it for petitions to Asclepius on behalf of loved ones. It has also come in handy for preparing a space with a lot of stuck energy, to be cleaned. It really worked to break up the muck.
I got the larger size, and am so glad I did. What a fantastic deal-- it seems to last forever. Absolutely worth the money.

#1 pick for just like, anything, ever

My favorite incense. So easily accessible and immediate - I feel an undercurrent of radiance, drawing me in, warming from the chest out, soothing and clearing. Sort of feels similar to the physical and soul level after effects of a good back rub. Smells kinda like the air vented from a drier, but also like smoke from an outdoor oven. It sparks and flashes when I burn it. I have a Libra sun and tend to run cold, and I sleep easily using it before bed.

Soothing Smoke

I love this incense. For people new to S+, know that these are true incenses and may have a little learning curve. I like working with it as a magical powder as well. I had the son of Apollo 3 powder and this is even better since it is versatile acting as both an incense and a powder.

Protip: try cutting a small amount of your powder with arrowroot to make a dusting powder that will last. This is only my recommendation for powerfully stretching powder, not for lighting as incense (not sure how that would work out) but in my experience arrowroot powder feels like a magnifier for the energies promoted by the base materia.

Comfort in Times of Need

I’ve used this powder in different ways: in my son’s hair when he had a head cold; dressed a candle with it when my 80-year-old mom was in the hospital after having had a seizure (she was released just 3 days later in unbelievable condition); and dressed candles for my 93-year-old cousin as she was transitioning as well as her two daughters. I find this powder gives comfort and heals what needs to be healed. It’s easy to work with. It’s like having support I can lean on whenever I need it. So grateful to have this on hand.

Helping hands

I used both Asclepius and Son of Apollo incense interchangeably smoke bathing myself almost during a ritual leading up to a follow up important medical appointment where I’d been trying to get an issue taken seriously and had been fighting to get into the ‘right hands’. The incense does clear the space, but I also found it very helpful, and did in the days after find myself in the ‘right hands’, rather amusingly given I’m not from Greece and don’t encounter many Greek doctors… the doctor/surgeon/‘right hands’ is a Greek doctor (who trained in America in the speciality I ended up needing). No matter whether you would consider that a lucky coincidence, beautiful synchronicity or helping hand. Regardless of which, I found the incense very helpful and it aided in providing me in what I needed and was working towards.


  1. I love this powder. I’ve used it in so many different ways. Mixing with oil and anointing a candle, myself, or items I wanted to use for energy scraping. Sprinkling it under my pillow. Putting it in a locket. I want to use it for a spray and floor wash too.

    It has a really comforting, warm feeling to it. Like letting the light in. I went with my gut on which one to choose, going back and forth on SOA vs. Asclepius III. It can be hard to choose! I went with SOA for several reasons. I need to clear bad energy originating from someone with a Cancer stellium and I thought the solar energy made sense for that. I also thought about the line about helping with excess yin energy. My own chart is quite watery.

    This also felt like a good fit for 4H Sun family issues and processing grief I hold from losing my dad when I was a kid. It’s really been the right fit for all of these things and has proven to just be such a versatile materia for all these different healing and purifying uses.

  2. Powders are great for their versatility and the Son of Apollo powder is an absolute workhorse. I added just a little to a glass bottle full of Florida water and it makes a great room clearing spray, hand sanitizer, linen spray, doorknob cleaner, etc. I really like using it on my bed linens in the morning after I wake up. It clears away all the sleepiness from my room.

    SOA powder feels bright and sunny, as opposed to the Asclepius 1.1 items, which feel serious for whatever reason. It’s got big cheerful nurse energy, if you know what I mean. So if you need that sort of energy in your life, this powder is perfect for you.

  3. If you ever wanted to engage in solar remediation, found Golden Sol or Exalted Sol to be too much to handle, I feel like Asclepius takes that hotness and makes it more bearable, and much more internalized into self-healing. Yes, warm and sunny along the lines that you would find with Regulus, but without R’s “bigness”. Asclepius more like carves additional channels for the solar experience to run internally, perhaps into places you didn’t know were hurting. Apollo is an orderly god, and there’s a certain need for putting things in its place that is part of this energy.

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