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Thema Mundi Attuning Tincture

Thema Mundi Attuning Tincture


Round 2 of Thema Mundi will ship as soon as mid-January, or as late as March. Updates will be given in the Client Community as they become clear!

Orders from this batch will ship as soon as mid-January, or as late as March. Updates will be given in the Client Community as they become clear! Images and more thorough offering descriptions are also coming soon. 

A blend of all of the EDIBLE herbal blends in the 7 series used to create the Thema Mundi, combined over 7-days of cloistered ritual, detailed extensively in the write-up. Where no edible blend was made (malefics), a token, homeopathic amount of the main blend was used.

I will endeavor to work up a full 100+ ingredients list, but I know there’s vodka! And edible 24k gold.

Thema Mundi will be bottled to order exclusively by its Creatrix, in Miron violet glass akin to its altar cloth, preserving its contents for years to come.

This materia has been through 14 highly elected consecration procedures since 2019, in a process that is likely impossible to faithfully recreate for another 28-years. It is *extraordinarily powerful*, and limited edition in the truest sense.

Making your selection displays the price.

Note: While this contains nothing inedible or poisonous, it was not created in a commercial kitchen to GMP standards, so it is not suitable or intended for consumption. Keep this (and all our wares) out of reach of children. Do not use while pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Any internal consumption undertaken at the user’s sole risk and liability.





Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

.5 oz Violet Glass w/ Dropper, 1.7 oz Violet Glass w/ Dropper

Creation Data

See Chart Details in Gallery.

Planetary Body

, , , , , ,


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
expansive & perspective-widening

I'm coming at this from a somewhat different perspective than some other reviewers, in that I've been ingesting it every day! Bc my outlook with S&S materia, even the most precious stuff, tends to be: gnosis and change comes through interaction and use. What I can attest: my capacity, just in general, feels tremendous. Not in the sense of "I can do more," capitalist productivity wise, but in the sense of: my impulse to do spiritual work for Others (and for the world, esp in these times) is renewed 10-fold. My spiritual and creative endurance is higher; I'm not tapped nearly as quickly. I'm resting when I need to rest and working when I need to work. I've also had more resilience and bird's eye perspective in some unexpected (and heartbreaking) interpersonal conflict, which TM absolutely helped with. This is rock star stuff.

Sheer-lee Tali Jongbloed
We're in war zone so not yet arrived

Some insights I have and shared from the energy synch us that people need to respect all parts of society including creative people who can't just do any job, children, women, lgbtq and men, and listen to their war veterans and whistleblowers especially to homeless and or people who were tagged crazy. That correlates with the elements of fertile earth and fertility (blood sacrifice actually causes infertility as it signals death and beheading of children and people not life), clear water, emotions, care, clean air (space, respect), and enough warmth or light (fire). Also storm (children, changing of the weather - moat children are in horrid situation so climate "change"). A bomb is more beneficial on industrial zones like even 70 precent of oil mines as there are cleaner energies and after a bomb only forests and extinct species of life grow - and they flourish relative to these areas! So amazing product. You don't have to do the rite to gain the benefits. I highly recommend. Do it sovereign, but do it. Interact with thema mundi chart weather by this product or in your own way

Maria S

One working later, my entire life has changed. I'm not even sure how to explain what this does, but it makes it possible to change your life. It feels like a "cheat code" to hack into the core of the matrix and change the rules. It does have somewhat psychedelic effects and a strong "halo" effect -- the changes it brought into my life were rumbling and building since the moment I ordered it, strengthened significantly when it shipped, and started to land when it arrived. I am not surprised (because S+ always delivers what is promised!) but I am stunned. I can't wait to discover what further changes I can make with this.

One drop

I’ve only taken one drop so far and perhaps more time should elapse before I write a review but these initial first impressions are pretty incredible. The world is just a little more sparkly and the power of my choice is illuminated in every passing moment. Also I just realized my order was unexpectedly upgraded. Perhaps a divine mistake by the team. This bottle will probably last me the rest of my life if I take it at this pace. As always, I heed the warnings that ingesting this is at my own risk but I felt something just *holding* the bottle too.


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