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Venus in Libra Ritual Honey

Venus in Libra Ritual Honey


Honey is commonly used in Hoodoo and other traditions as a sweetening influence, to improve relationships or scenarios where softening and the promotion of love and good will is the goal. As honey bees pollinate flowers, which are allied to Venus, and produce the sweet, golden, incorruptible nectar that is honey, these animals are sacred to her.

Wildflower honey, mixed with a ritually consecrated herb mix sacred to Venus, essential oils, vanilla beans, and whole honey bee. Venus was ritually called upon to empower this mix to sweeten the hearts, minds, and tongues of those to whom its charge is applied.

This ritual honey comes in a wide mouthed tin about two ounces in total size, which can be used as a pre-fab honey jar spell by submerging icons or small pieces of paper with names, sigils, or images. This is a sympathetic method for improving your relationship to a given person, drawing them to you and making them think and speak more ‘sweetly’ of you. It can be used to draw lovers and romantic partners, improve relationships, or to enhance glamours.

One example of a honey jar spell to draw a marriage partner would be to submerge a ring in the honey alongside some small pieces of paper sigils, or just your written desired qualities and outcome. Put the jar under what would be the partner’s pillow or their side of the mattress.

Another example to improve the relationship between others would be to write both their names on the back of small photos of them and submerge these in the honey together, before hiding it somewhere on their property or where they both regularly visit.

To promote self-love and acceptance, icons of your own and affirmations can be submerged. To cast glamours and enhance other people’s perception of you as beautiful, charming, and attractive, print your current social media photo. To draw attract clients and money, print your logo and some money that clients have paid you for your services.

All of these would best be done at an empowered time, such as the full Moon or while Venus is strong in her day and/or hour, but since the honey has already been ritually consecrated, it has a powerful charge either way.

The honey can also be used as a component in other magical works related to these principles, if you would rather use it many times instead of dedicate the charge to one honey jar working.

To leave room for images, papers, and items, the tins come half filled with about an ounce of the blessed honey mixture. Honey crystalizes over time and can be restored to a liquid state using warm water. Includes instructions for this, and basic ideas for ritual use.


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3.85 in
Planetary Body




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Friday August 24th, 2018, hour of Venus. Chart in the image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews



I've used this honey both in offerings to Venus and... well, mostly I've eaten it. I fully accept the risk in my sovereignty as a Venus devotee who likes the taste of tasty things: it's some of the best honey I've ever tasted and I cannot help myself. It's gorgeous stirred into the VAD steep & smoke (sweet with floral, hello), but it's also a beautiful and embodied experience to just take a little spoonful and savor it in front of the Venus shrine.


Except that this honey feels delicious and cheerful to consume, I like to use it as lip balm for beauty routine. Other use is to mix it together with Quicksilver tongue honey when I like to sweet talk someone or get my request approved / needs met. Works magically :)

Sweet & Cheerful

I use this honey in my tea for those times the weight of the day feels crushing. It's an "emergencies only" item since Venus materia has a habit of unearthing lots of anger for me. But those times where I'm at peak rage and it just can't get worse, this honey is excellent for looping back around to calmness without doing something destructive.

Also, I am not a honey person. I hated it as a kid and since my tastes have not changed at all, it says a LOT about the magic within that I can consume this without upchucking.

Reviewer avatar
Really divine!

Honey is some of the best materia. I am in love with both this & the Exalted Venus II! They're perfect. I use for everything, magical or not (because all occasions are energetic, and materia — like this honey — allows us to enhance or change things due to its specialized energetic charge). Definitely recommended if you want to manifest your Venusian desires!


I intended to reserve this for container Magick but ended up using consuming most of it - just a calling of sorts. Sure enough after breakfast tea and a little bit of this, beautiful and serendipitous days followed. Handsome colleagues dropped by, people were kinder and in higher spirits. If I could just have a lifetime supply I'd be set

Melinda Lim

I was fortunate enough to get one of the small altar boxes during this series launch and the honey is such a lovely item! I like to make two cups of tea on Monday nights - one for me and one for Venus as an offering- and add this honey in it. It’s extremely relaxing a perfect way to unwind before bed.


this whole series is divine, and this honey in particular encapsulates its energies so beautifully - the intoxicating buzz of the hive and the sweetness that comes in relationality - i first used this honey as a straight face mask which made my skin glow with otherworldly radiance, and little drips of honey made their way over my lips and onto my tongue on more than one occasion, fully savoring the absolute deliciousness of it. since then i've used it in a honey jar to sweeten a challenging professor in my grad program (who i'm now on delightful terms with after a heart-to-heart the next lecture after deploying said honey jar), in a spell to soften and sweeten our home after some particularly rude guests took advantage of my space & hospitality, and most recently in ritual for my bees (as i'm a beekeeper) to invite a wild swarm into some empty hives. this is the first ritual honey i've acquired from S+S and it absolutely lives up to the standard of quality and magical potency of their other materia. hats off once again!

Julia Pappas

I know you're not supposed to eat this but I couldn't stop and I'm not that into honey. Just one more lick. Just one more. Just another one and that's it. Oops, I got some on the lid, I have to get that too or the jar won't close properly. OK just one more.

Angie Morrill

I am so glad I purchased this honey! I used part of it for a honey jar, which worked beautifully until I was done with the spell. I kept it on my Venus altar and dabbed it on my rings before I went out and I have to say, I had a very Venus friendly season! I also used it on candles for sweetness and attraction. I still have a good amount left, and I am waiting to see what sweet things I want Venus to bring to me, because I know this honey is a powerful tool for attraction.


  1. I am so glad I purchased this honey! I used part of it for a honey jar, which worked beautifully until I was done with the spell. I kept it on my Venus altar and dabbed it on my rings before I went out and I have to say, I had a very Venus friendly season! I also used it on candles for sweetness and attraction. I still have a good amount left, and I am waiting to see what sweet things I want Venus to bring to me, because I know this honey is a powerful tool for attraction.

  2. This potent honey canister is packed with allies to make your life more Venusian. Use it to anoint candles, to add to a sweetening jar (or use the whole canister for a sweetening container), add a bit to your bath or use it as an offering.

    When I add a small amount to the melting wax pool of a candle dedicated to communication I had great results – people not only listened to me more closely they also sought out my opinion. Using this honey has helped improve my overall communication: I carved symbols into beeswax candles, mixed some of this honey with other high quality honey, rolled candles in it and then lit them. I also added a small amount to my incense warmer and then added frankincense. It smelled great and created a relaxed, lighthearted Venusian vibe. It’s such a fun, voluptuously magical product!

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