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Water of Mercury in Gemini

Water of Mercury in Gemini


Dill, wormwood, parsley, marjoram, bayberry root bark, mullein, skullcap, and seeds of fennel, caraway, and celery, along with opal and sour patch kids, distilled via copper alembic in water freshly harvested from Mt. Shasta. Finished with grain alcohol to help preserve, colloidal gold, and colloidal silver.

Use as an aura or body spray for a Mercurial boost, to help clear the field of stuck energies.

Can also be sprayed over altars, desks, and throughout conference booths or shopping areas to stimulate commerce and conversation.

Offered in a 1/2 oz travel or sample size for $27 or full 2 oz for $64, featuring a keepsake opal.





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 0.80 × 0.80 × 2 in
Creation Date

Hour of Mercury, Mercury in Gemini on the MC. Moon DOE. June 23rd, 2022. Chart in image gallery

Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Chart Remediation

Mercury — Good for people who are Mercury deficient and need support for the natal Mercury

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
quick low-presh smart brain/good luck/charm-charm

a very good choice if you just want a small boost, as a layer with other stuff, or as a layer to speed up the effects of the oil &/or salve. its great for its quick action and also for being an option that doesnt need to be a whole-day commitment like the heavier forms, nor does it give you the strength & sometimes whiplashy feeling of the kolonia. I think it smells nice & sometimes I mist it over my computer when I want it to work faster. very very convenient choice for increased ability to perceive and articulate complex info quickly, to read and write quickly, to speak with a little sparkle, and I think its kind of lucky and maybe makes me funnier? great choice


Really really like this water for immediate effect it has on me and environment. Adds swiftness and resourcefulness. Excellent before wring promos or journaling, phone calls or tarot reading.


First of all, I love that this water smells like candy to me! Gemini is my 9th house and MiG materia has such a lightness to it that really helps me clear through my to do lists without getting bogged down in the details.

Fun and Zoomy

I love how fun this materia is, while still providing a dose of productivity. The first time I applied it, I was running around the house doing chores while singing and dancing like a madman, but I got a lot done! It occupies your mind with the fun stuff to remove the drudgery, and then you end up accomplishing more than you realized. It’s also very chatty, in a fun way—great for socializing, with more emotional distance/less magnetism than the Venus Aerial Delight series.


Using this water is almost like an inverse of the kolónia for me. When I use the kolónia I feel myself gently removing anything that has snagged on my energetic field. Using the Mercury in Gemini water makes me feel like I can move smoothly through my day and I won’t be caught or bogged down by anything, as if I’ve become more aerodynamic.

Ezra Solomon
Supports a More Playful Mode of Expression

To preface my review, Gemini rules my 10th house, I am a Virgo sun, and I have an ascendant conjunction between Mercury and Venus in my 1st. I got a small Water to hold me over until I can splurge for a big one because I expected to love this Water. I did!

The Water is great for layering with other materia such as the Foggy oil and various EV II items. Additionally, it's been nice for supporting a mode of verbal expression that is more playful or enthusiastic and avoids taking things as seriously as I might otherwise. Pairing the Water with Froggy materia or the Door Key oil also gets me more verbal when I need to be in social situations (so far)!

Lastly, this series may enhance my ability to draw new-to-me Geminis beyond my natural affinity for attracting other "children of Mercury" - thanks S&S! I feel a lot of affinity for all things Mercury and am pleased with this series.


Ok let me preface this review by first letting you know I was and am a huge fan of exalted Mercury materia! This is such a different vibe and I want to talk about why.

This water is a godsend for the scent-sensitive! I have, at times, enjoyed the effects of materia but struggled with the smell. This is because I am just especially sensitive by the way but I know some others may be as well! EM is very strongly lemon and herbal scented. It’ll wake you right up which is great if that’s what you want. It’s allll business though! This water is way more playful and easy. That’s the word that comes as I have been using it anyway. It’s easy and makes all other tasks easy. If you gameify your life at all, you’ll love this stuff!


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