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Exalted Venus Sugar Scrub

Exalted Venus Sugar Scrub


Organic and fair trade cane sugar and crushed saltwater pearl, ritually combined with consecrated Venusian herbs, such as lavender, yarrow, damiana, and passion flower, Tahitian vanilla bean, lavender and frankincense essential oils, and genuine copper leaf. Mixed, suffumigated, and prayed over for the blessings of Venus during a supremely fine election that saw her exalted in Pisces.

Use as an all natural, environmentally friendly, and delightfully scented body scrub. In the shower, turn off the water and use the hands to wipe excess water from the body. Pour a small amount into the palm of the hand, rub them together and slowly stroke over parts you’d like to exfoliate for kissably smooth, caressable skin. Rub until the sugar has dissolved, and rinse.

You may choose to soak in the rinsed off Venus sugar, or add some Exalted Venus oil to a bath.

Use before Venusian operations or intimate encounters to prepare thy vessel, to feel more beautiful, soothe anxiety, and create a clean slate for bodily and sensory pleasures. May be mixed with other sugar to make a little go a longer way.

Available in an 8 oz metal tin for $35

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Weight 9.5 oz
Dimensions 3.25 × 3.25 × 2 in
Planetary Body




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Morning of April 7th, 2019, hour of Venus. Chart in the image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

When this series came out, I purchased many different forms, and this was my first time purchasing a sugar scrub from S&S. The formula of this scrub makes it difficult to use (it accidentally got wet and hardened into a solid rock, pretty much), but I figured out how to hack away at the sugar block and get access again. That's the only reason for the 4 stars. In terms of its magical efficacy, it's just as amazing as other EVII forms, and it is incredibly nourishing for my skin. I LOVE the EVII salve, and having the salve as a base definitely boosts the qualities of the scrub. I love how relaxed it makes me feel and how "in love" I am with my own body and self.

Reviewer avatar

This was such a gorgeous scrub!! I think I would say I prefer(red) this over the EVII scrub {which isn't a constant throughout, i.e., I wouldn't say that I like the EVI series as a whole better than EVII as a whole}. But there was something about this scrub's energy, scent, texture(s), components, etc that really did it for me. I was expecting the same with EVII, but that's not the easiest to use. There seems to be a major issue with hardening no matter what I do, and I don't remember this being the case for EVI.

As for the *magic* of this scrub, it was intoxicating in the best way possible . . . very useful for embodying sexy, sensual energy. Soo pleasurable! And chill as hell. EVII in general, while similar, has a major difference to me: it can sometimes feel "too young" to be this erotic~ but EVI is the original NSFW seductress haha


I like to use this scrap to get rid of any stubborn smells in areas like armpits. It also opens up the flow of energy in the body after use. Feels great to apply it together with bath salt in shower.

Great for any Venus remediation!

I bought this for the year's Venus in Virgo transits after an especially chaotic Venus in Leo time, and it has been so good for keeping up my social energy and a good cleansing/balance.

Kelsey Bates
Love the Scrub!

It was hard to use this scrub at first, the loose sugar went everywhere my first attempt. But I ended up getting a "muggle" sugar scrub as a surprise gift from a client shortly after, which has worked out beautifully as a carrier to the EVII sugar scrub. Doubled my supply and cut out all waste.

Lovely Surprise

I would have never ordered this product on my own but I was lucky enough to snag an altar box for this series when the grace period for members was up and of course that meant one of everything! I put off using it for a few weeks but then realized it would be really nice to have a lil exfoliation when taking my shower prior to doing the ritual bathing (which completely slaps btw). I do find that it's essential that you take a small spoon or knife and scrap whatever amount you want to use into a small bowl in order to mitigate moisture exposure but I don't share the opinion of prior reviews that taking that extra step is a detriment. I found this product to be such an unexpected powerhouse....and it made the ritual bathing that followed even more enjoyable and special. I highly recommend!

Tina R.
Intense, pampering, lavender-y goodness

I was so lucky to receive this scrub as a gift and, while I have run into the congealing issues that others have noted because I didn't know to prepare/take care, I take the little bit I need from the tin with a pretty silver spoon I've dedicated to the job and it's smooth sailing from there. I gently exfoliate my face with a bit of this scrub (and apply the Exalted Venus beauty oil afterwards if I really want to feel deluxe) and my skin loves it.

Reviewer avatar

I would have to agree with the previous review re: congealing. My first tin was unsalvageable; oddly, it seemed that storing it in a very AC-ed room hardened the product before I even used it. I tried multiple things to fix it, but to no avail.

The next tin I purchased remained in its original/ intended condition for a while, and I was very careful to take care of it properly. The main thing was ensuring not to get the contents wet. In order to do this, I would put a certain amount into a cup & use that in one sitting.

Currently, I'm dealing with extreme hardening of the scrub again. I don't know why, because the first Exalted Venus scrub didn't run into issues like this. Going to try some more things to soften it, and hopefully it will be good as new soon!

Technical specs aside, this is a heavenly-scented scrub & its effects are just as celestially soothing. It feels like providing a buffer between oneself & the rough outside world. It's interesting: I've noticed that, as the scrub eliminates roughness & reveals lovely, smooth, rejuvenated skin, one is left with a sort of "like attracts like" situation; negative, old, difficult energy has been sloughed off, and so you are less likely to draw in more of the same. While a bit more specialty (to me) than other materia Forms, it's such a beauty & delivers the sweetest blessings!


This smelled sweet and sugary and floral, and was a great scrub. However, the oil + sugar did tend to congeal upon itself, and once its into a block, its really hard to parse out. Other than that, its lovely.

Heavenly scrub

Especially to those without a bathtub, this is heavenly. While the bathsalts also do work as a scrub, an actual scrub materia is still easier to work with. Leaves skin soft and Venusian smooth. Easy to mix and match with other products as well. Light and ah, so so very sweet.


  1. This offering is stellar for “preparing the vessel for Venusian operations.” I combine the sugar scrub with organic raw honey to make a pre-date ritual body scrub, both infusing myself with romantic intention and asking for the vessel to be honored and beautified. To make this work logistically, draw the bath and have your pre-poured dishes of the scrub and the honey within easy reach. Use your hands to grab each raw ingredient, rub them together, and smear the sugared honey all over your torso and relevant parts. Chant affirmations or prayers as you rub, or simply focus on letting the energy soak into your root, second, and heart chakras. After I feel “done,” I rinse off and soak in the rinse water for a bit. The first time I did this, I found it easy to overcome an internal barrier and take great pleasure from, ah, a very receptive activity that doesn’t normally do it for me.

  2. I love this scrub and have already found myself rationing its use! It’s certainly an enjoyable product on purely the physical level, leaving skin silky soft. But the emotional relaxation and gentle tranquility that spreads in its wake is possibly an even greater joy. I use this scrub when I need to relax, to calm racing thoughts, and ground myself in the present. It works a treat and smells divine to boot

  3. I find this product very calming to use in the shower. If I am in a stressed mood or tired, using this scrub takes the tension out of my shoulders and neck. Much preferred to regular soap, which I have used in the same shower for comparison.

    The product is great for exfoliating any body part that needs it. I’m not that well-versed in using sugar scrubs for the body, but now wish I had used more earlier in life because they are pleasurable to use.

    Other observations:

    The loose sugar mixture of this scrub comes in a tin and I found the sugar could get caked in the grooves of the lid after a few uses. That caused the lid to get stuck when not in use until I ran it under hot water. After that, I kept the lid unscrewed and resting lightly on the open jar when not using the product. This seemed easiest since I don’t have a lot of strength in my grip.

    Otherwise, this is a lovely tool for pampering yourself. I reccomend it.

    Magically speaking, I always notice a relaxing effect and the effects I associate with Exalted Venus in general. This can add to a feeling of being open to playfulness, sleep, and light leisure activities.

  4. I decided to add this to a container spell for ensuring good relations and cooperation among a group of people starting a new venture, and it worked wonderfully despite the diverse and somewhat explosive mix of personalities involved.

    It’s also a lovely scrub, of course. It exfoliates without being harsh and leaves me feeling relaxed and pampered.

  5. Magic aside, this is an excellent body scrub. The addition of the crushed pearl keeps it from melting away too quickly the way other sugar scrubs tend to do, and also lends enough grit for a nice, satisfying exfoliation. It doesn’t leave your tub all slippery. The description doesn’t mention another great feature of the product, which is that is changes color when it comes into contact with water (be careful about dipping a wet hand in the scrub because of this — better to shake it into your palm). This makes for a visually appealing bath soak once the scrubbing is done.

    As for the magic: I again miraculously found myself with nothing to do at work this week and therefore managed to spend loads of time with my guy, taking naps, eating well, enjoying the verdant countryside and, uh, other Venusian activities.

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