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Mars-Jupiter Kolonía

Mars-Jupiter Kolonía

Water from Mt. Shasta combined with a small portion of hydrosol, grain alcohol and fossilized red coral, fumigated at the height of Sphere + Sundry’s Mars-Jupiter election and left to incubate for a year and a half in our consecrated herbal blend. Organic essential oils, alkanet, and 24k gold flake.

Use to cleanse and tonify the Martial and Jupiterian Spheres, and related channels within the vessel and auric field. Can also be applied to objects.

Sanctifies the hands (and/ or feet!) before compatible activities.

Offered in a 1.7 oz glass woozy bottle for $35, or bulk 5 oz for $95.




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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Creation Data

June 21st 2022, hour of Mars. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body



Benefic, Malefic, Neutral

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ani Mir
Well behaved Mars

I have a poorly behaved Mars in Aries that has way too much influence. This kolonia directs, tempers, and hones my power.
This is perfect for the morning before I do my qi gong with use of diurnal materia. It brings out the best in martial qualities to get my ass in gear, and gives me resolve and push through without agitating me or building too much heat. Encourages movement but I can still sit and focus if required…warrior meditator. Even pairs well with Luna in Cancer series because I have a moon in Scorpio ;)
Pleasantly surprised and impressed!


This is one of my favorite kolonias. The color has an extremely magnetizing quality to my eye. I find myself reaching for it constantly over other kolonias which surprised me at first, but this is a very usable Mars for every day use. Very refreshing.

Boost of energy!

Been using this series for working out. My martial qualities are a bit underdeveloped, so applying this before a run or prison work outs helps give me the jump I need rather then lethargically attempting these things. Also the Jupiter aspect of this series, makes me feel like Im not gonna overdo it actually.


I have a very strong natal Mars so I'm sometimes hesitant about martial materia, but I really feel the buoyancy and support of Jupiter here. I've been using this to help with executive function + before exercise.

Gorgeous Ruby Power

I've been so into the cleansing forms of series lately and this one is GORGEOUS. First of all it's the richest most lovely ruby color which I really enjoy. I also find that using cleansing forms of more energetic series really helps when you want to layer a charge; I have used this Kolonia before applying the Mars~Jupiter oil with much success. I highly recommend this!

Helpful cleanser for the Mars sphere

My Mars is not easy for me to access, given its house placement and sign. The Mars-Jupiter kolonia has made it possible for me the access the power of the series as a whole, because I first needed to cleanse my own Martial sphere. It works like a charm, and I love the scent and energy of it! I use the kolonia as a primer for the oil, and the oil seems to work much more readily for me now that I've been using the kolonia.

Angela Kirby
smooth and jobs done

It feels good, I feel inspired in a way thats stoic, with a mission. Very good of course, thank you


I struggle with certain forms of executive function, and this Kolonia immediately cuts through the fog allowing for concise prioritization and action-taking. Plus, it smells INCREDIBLE.


So energizing and feels so good. I definitely need to use on a regular basis. I’ve been using only during mars day and Jupiter hour or mars hour for remediation. I work nights and typically use it in the morning before I go to bed which I would not at all recommend lol.

It gives me the push I need to take action to take care of my body.

Currants with a Current

I have using this kolonia almost daily for a couple of weeks. Just a few drops are needed as the scent is powerful. Deep inhalation, skimming my hands over my face and head and then a full body tapping session. My aim is to get the inertia out and energy circulating. It's a very smooth and forward vibe.

The scent is spiced red fruits with an iron tang. Sweet and vitalizing, currants with a current.


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