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Mars-Jupiter Water

Mars-Jupiter Water


A warming and leathery scent, calling forth a dignified, mature, and sophisticated — yet classic —  masculinity.

Organic and wildcrafted hydrosol of Mt. Shasta water distilled with yohimbe and cinnamon bark, nopal cactus, tribulus fruit, horny goat weed, and chili, with roots of kava kava, ginger, maca, fo-ti, and nettle, red root, cayenne pepper, ginseng, and fossilized red coral. Colloidal gold. Tulsi and frankincense.

Mist lightly over the crown of the head as an aura spray, or above altars.

Can be used as a room spray before activities in alignment with Mars-Jupiter’s arcana (physical activities, strategic brainstorming sessions, productivity).

Arrives in the Client’s selection of half ounce travel size/ sample spray for $30, or full 2 ounce for $75.





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Planetary Body



Benefic, Malefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
The cool after the fire

I held off on this review until I had more opportunities to experience this one to see if it would be consistent. I normally get the oils, but this time I also went with the water for reasons I don't remember now. It's the effect of the water that is fascinating me.

The water doesn't get the scent of leather or clove or anything even remotely as described in the other reviews, I reliably get cold ash, like it's well after a raging fire, and I'm looking at a cool, cleared space, with a quiet focus on what I'm going to build next--possibly turn the ashes into the soil for a new garden?

I'm a Scorpio sun+rising with Mars in Aries, so the cooling and meditative plotting quality comes in extremely useful, if unexpected to the point of being a bit disconcerting at first.

Diane P.
Buoyant Executive FUNction

I have a lot of Aries in my chart, so was afraid this line might be too fiery for me. Thankfully, that's not been the case at all. I find this materia to be exactly what I needed-- drive to get my chores done, but with lightness and enjoyment. Yes... fun! I'm really grateful for this.

Shift into Productive Mode

I don't usually use this water alone-- I like to spray myself to signal shifting gears into Let's Go mode, followed by the oil for more lasting energy support. I wasn't sure about the smell at first, it struck me as very clove-heavy, but after hearing others describe it as leathery I am now smelling a more complex, nuanced "masculine" scent profile that's grown on me. Love it as part of my Mars-Jupiter layering. This series has helped me so much!

Tay Nicholas
A quick reset

This water is perfect for when I’m stuck and need to switch gears. It’s immediately orienting, uplifting and motivating. Aids in task imitation, physical exertion and creative flow.


I really love the smell of this water! I tend to like more masculine scent profiles and my only wish is that it lingered longer. I've started lifting weights again so I spritz myself and my weights for energy/empowerment.


Love this - removes mental sluggishness and brightens my mood, particulary when sprayed with intention and prayer.

William Wallace
Mars-Jupiter is impressive

After reading about Mars-Jupiter I was immediately and strongly drawn to it. After I received it I got caught up in other things and set it aside. A week or so ago I began experiencing an uncharacteristic combination of lethargy and anxiety. I didn’t take to my bed but I did trudge through my days. A couple of days ago I noticed the Mars-Jupiter and with just a quick blessing I sprayed some on the back of my neck. Within minutes something changed. I have been doing this for several days now and here is what I perceive: I am less anxious and much less lethargic. More satisfaction in my daily chores. The sense of a strong hand on the tiller. I want to experiment more. Very impressive. Thank you.
William Wallace

Angela Kirby

I had been on a journey working away for a few days and after driving home on a hot day I dipped into the M-J Water …. I have a feeling of vibrancy & insightfulness in the creative arena and with an overall beautiful cooling frequency tone

Excited energy burst

I've been using this on days home with my kids (of which there have been many over the holidays) when I need to have energy to play, take care of the house, and cook all in one day. I find that a spray of water on my feet and my back give me a boost in the moment and then sustained energy as I move through the day. I've been pairing it with oil on my feet too. The water really brings the energy on right away.

Erika Hill

Mars-Jupiter Water


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