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Oil of Fomalhaut

Oil of Fomalhaut


Seaweed, blue lotus, aquamarine, mother of pearl, and sundry herbs inclined the influence of Fomalhaut, Jupiter, and the goals of this series’ operation, ritually fumigated and infused in 100% organic MCT oil during Sphere + Sundry’s brief election window. Almost entirely organic, including its absolutes and essential oils.

Anoint the vessel before ritual, journeying, journaling, and meditation, for the purposes of gaining clarity, deeper insight, delving deep into a process, and increasing extrasensory perception ✨

Anoint objects and icons for Spiritual Seeing, divination, and exploration of occult mysteries, artistic pursuits, and scientific studies.

Protects, expands, and illuminates.

Cultivates magical skill and an air of spiritual authority.

Instructs in the carrying, discovery, and cultivation of hidden Power.

Each bottle comes loaded with genuine white gold, and keepsake pieces of seashell and aquamarine.

Offered in a 1/2 oz glass vial for $72, 10 ml flawless glide steel roller ($57), or 5 ml Mini for $30

Note that the rollers for these were originally lapis, but gemstones are being phased out due to leaks or being too tight to roll. Natural materials are not reliably uniform, but steel gives a flawless glide 100% of the time!





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Oil Selection

1/2 oz Standard, 10 ml Flawless Glide Steel Roll-On, 5 ml Mini Vial

Planetary Body

Fixed Star


Benefic, Neutral


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Night of Monday, June 28th 2021. Hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews

I bought this and then forgot I had it for months. And then it just very clearly called to me and became very active. The spirit of this feels very invested in relationship, in teaching and showing and partnering with. I've been working with them to revitalize and rewild my imaginative and dream realms, as well as feeling like the oil is giving me what I need to be safe in the depths, particularly depths of the mystical kind. I also find that I write a lot when I've applied it shortly before writing. Also, this oil has taught me that they can help not just with finding lost objects, but lost parts of the self, lost memories, and so on, and they can help find less tangible things like names, the way forward, the true self, things like that. This oil really does encourage imaginativity and creativity.

Help me locate what is lost. Help me welcome who's been found

I didn't initially plan to work with Fomalhaut - that seemed like an 'intermediate' spirit. Divination, however, strongly - STRONGLY - pushed for Fomy materia, leading me to scrap half my planned order. I know whatever this star is helping me with is occurring on scales and layers I don't understand. I don't know where it's going to lead me, but I know it's going to help me feel safe there, or at least encourage me to feel my terror and let it pass through me. An anchor for exploring the depths of the unknown. Probably good for most others with cPTSD/early childhood trauma. However, possessing such an anchor means you might find yourself heading out to sea more often than you planned...

A Stargate to the Mystic

I have had many wild experiences with Fom oil. It has this odd ability to potentiate incredible synchronicities and mystical sensitivities, while casting a fog of the mind, disguising it's own influence upon the experience.
My favourite moment was a dream I had in the midst of waking, which felt hyper-real, and as though I was receiving a forbidden download where I was in a deep dank cave, with a hooded Master showing me what the planets really were, these morphing multi-dimensional luminous figures moving in and out of dimensions in complex geometric patterns beyond the third dimension, all hazed over in a fog within this pool... disguising their true nature. I woke from the dream astonished, wondering where it came from... it took me all day to remember that I'd been using Fom oil before sleep!
If you wish to explore the mysteries of the deep.. Fomalhaut materia is right for you. The addition of Jupiter to the mix makes it a safe and pleasant dive.

Wide as the ocean!

I only got this oil recently so I’m still working with it and growing, however, I will say fomalhaut feels as wide as the ocean! Calming and a touch energized at the same time, it’s hard to put into words but it's not what I expected (in a good way!)

G. M.
Absolutely Love!

I first worked with the Venus-Fomalhaut oil (which I also love!) and given it's rich, dreamy effects for me, I decided to dive all in on Fomalhaut to see how much the star was to thank in that equation—and it was/is so much to thank!! I find this oil so powerful and spiritually grounding and assuring. I just feel deeply connected and centered when I use it, and it gives a potent sense of knowing and unspoken strength.

Never-Fail Lost Package Locator

I love this stuff so much for all the reasons in the write-up: loopy and dreamy, weird and wonderful, great for meditation, trance, and astral travel. But the most practical use for it I've found is that it's amazing at locating lost packages! I live in an apartment building where things tend to go missing, or where delivery people mark things delivered and then they somehow end up being found at the UPS/FedEx depot the day after I use Fomalhaut oil. Someone on the community suggested writing a little rhyme for my request, and it has worked, and fast, every single time I've done it to locate a lost package (which is five times so far!).

Loren Fleckenstein
Dreamy Depths

My experience with this oil has been the most magical by far that I've had with any S+S materia. I will start off by saying before I purchased it I had been thinking about the LIC series and that night I had a dream that I was using Fomalhaut materia. Prior to this, it wasn't even on my radar. This is the first time I have ever felt that strongly called to use a particular series. When I unwrapped my beautifully packaged oil, there was a small amount of it that had soaked into the tissue paper. I folded it up, placed it into a tiny cloth bag and placed it under my pillow. Immediately after I had unboxed everything and stored it away until I could properly engage, I ended up finding a bag of eye hooks that I needed for a project I was making that I had been searching for well over a week. The irony was not lost on me. While I kept my Fom oil pouch under my pillow, I found myself sleeping VERY well. I had vivid dreams and woke up feeling well-rested. When I applied the oil to myself my very first impression was it left me feeling so open and almost overexposed. At first it was a little disconcerting but I have really seen the benefits of this. One day after I had applied the Fom oil, I had a conversation with my spouse where I felt deeply understood and recognized, something I have struggled with. For me, it feels like diving in the ocean. It can be a little scary going down deep into uncharted waters but you can find some real treasures down there. It has a really large and powerful presence but is also so calming and peaceful. I have not used this yet for divination purposes but can see how it would be helpful with this and look forward to using it for that in the future. And on a practical note, it is really great for finding lost things. After I finished burning a candle anointed with Fom oil my kids found a small tool they had been missing in the mouth of an old whale bath toy. Go figure.

Heymish Rorke
I have yet to give it its own solo show but EXCELLENT in combo

especially with moon-moon and exalted venus 2. and def does give NUTS dreams. excited to calm down enough to get on that level

Spacious, expansive and deepening

Wearing this oil makes me feel like I’m holding the entirety of the universe within myself. I am absolutely in love! This is by far one of my favorite offerings. After applying it and reciting the prayer my mind quickly settles and I’m able to enter a state of silent bliss and clarity. It acts as a shortcut into a gnostic state for me and offers an easy transition into the right headspace for magic and spellcraft, even when my mind is at its chattiest. I work with it daily alongside affirmations to enhance psychism and intuition. I’m bummed I arrived too late to the party for Moon-Neptune, but this seems like a splendid substitute!

Treasure Finder

I wear this before I go to the beach and I find the most incredible shells and rocks. I also use the body butter at night mixed with cloud kingdom salve and now Luna in cancer body butter too and I fall asleep so quickly. I’m kind of obsessed with Fomalhaut and own almost every type of materia it comes in. It’s such a good “go to” any time for any thing really.


  1. One of the first things I noticed about Fomalhaut wasn’t necessarily the synchronicities but just how much Fomalhaut showed up in media I watched, how much I turned toward watching shows and listening to music that evoked that oceanic feeling. Other times the synchronicities just show up regardless: when the movie of the night has a plot focused on hidden treasure, when a whale jumps out on the TV screen, when I hear a new song about taking a boat out.

    Fomalhaut is a friend of the diviner. Before I ordered Fomalhaut, I made it a practice to begin closing my eyes when I did tarot and letting the imagery and sensations take over, then seeing what card I pulled that evoked those feelings. Fomalhaut puts me in touch with the inner vision, a sense that has historically not been my strong suit. Sometimes I see the exact shapes or an outline of the imagery that will be on the card I drew for the day. Even practicing my visualization skills, I’ve never gotten the results that I get with Fomalhaut.

    Fomalhaut also helps facilitate spiritual relationships and relationships with your surroundings. Fomalhaut can both help set the stage so you can clear a space and communicate with spirits, and can also help you to see spiritual activity that you may not have noticed otherwise.

    An interesting note about the Fomalhaut oil is that it’s one of the first non-BPAL oils I’ve used where my partner commented on it. He said “it smells familiar”, to which I responded “maybe it reminds you of the beach.” ️

    All S+S materia is a journey in a bottle if you’re willing to take it. Some of those journeys we may prefer over others. If you want to walk the spiritual and divinatory path, you may find Fomalhaut calls you…

  2. I love love love this oil. The literal manifestations have been unreal – the first time wearing it my little daughter, who had been shy of the water – begged me to go swimming with her in the sea (we were at the beach) and she spent half the day bobbing about in the water with me floating, jumping, getting her face wet. It was amazing for me because I’m an open water swimmer.

    When I furst put the oil on I felt so empowered, and fillled with a really clear sense of my own value in the world, and such a deep frustration that I hold myself back that I could not help but act in my own interests. And I have been doing so since. In the writeup it says good for finding lost things, for me it has been amazing for finding lost parts of myself, and reclaiming lost power, which I have been sorely in need of.

    I have amazing technicolour beautiful dreams too, although it can wake my up several times a night with the beauty so not exactly restful sleep sometimes!

    And I love the smell, it smells exactly of the fresh sea, I could sniff it all day.

    It is pretty hypnotic, if I go for solo walks I can get totally absorbed in the beauty around me, but in a kind of faery way, not a venusian way. I could have sworn the surface of the canal turned to a quicksilver mirror I could have stepped through, for example. It is excellent for my creativity and for storytelling, and for accessing symbols and mysteries from other worlds for telling here.

  3. Applying this oil adds a palpable depth to my abilities for engaging with clients for astrology, ensuring clearer vision to offer the wisdom and guidance they need. It rouses empathy, psychic ability, spiritual insight, cleansing and healing. A new favorite!

  4. The first thing that hits you is the smell- you really do feel like you’ve stuck your nose in a salty cave by the sea as soon as you twist off the cap!
    I’ve been using this oil before tarot readings, both for myself and others, and the results have been very consistent. Readings flow much more easily, cards resonate more meaningfully, and messages come through clearly and unambiguously. I used to struggle, especially when reading for myself, with intuitive hits getting caught along the way in a net of self-doubt and second-guessing. With Fomalhaut, I relax the muscles of judgement and operate from a place of true intuition.
    I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is working to develop their intuition and/or any sort of channeling ability.

  5. Upon arrival, I found that this lovely oil had leaked slightly in transit. Not wanting to waste it, I slathered it on to my wrists. Lo & behold, an essay I had been struggling to write on dreams as oracles, portals, and their importance for indigenous tradition and personal ancestral practice, more or less completed itself in a few hours. When applied intentionally, this oil is distinctly time-dilating & mind-expanding. The sea-funky smell dissipates on application. It’s close to Moon-Neptune oil in aroma & character, but distinctly stronger in its effects – tidally powerful rather than subtly influencing. I love it!

  6. Anointing myself with this oil before my daily Vedic meditation practice has enabled me to go much deeper during my sessions. I don’t consider myself a great meditator but this oil makes me feel more confidence about my practice and helps reaffirm my commitment to continue meditating.

  7. This offering is so beautiful! I use the oil for divination and meditation, it supports me in using ‘sonar vision’, seeing things more intuitively. I do notice that I need to be calm when I use Fomalhaut oil. When I’m in a state of overthinking and over analyzing, Fomalhaut just confronts me with the fact that my mind is going crazy (and in that sense this offering teaches me something always). When I’m ready to dive into the depth of the ocean, Fomalhaut takes me there. Thank you again Sphere and Sundry!

  8. No other series from S+S has been a doorway to the mysterious and otherworldly than this series.

    The “getting to know you” phase in particular had deep, transformative messages in and out of dream states and sleep.

    I’ve literally gotten occult messages from disney characters when layering with Venus materia.

    A series of unfathomable depths and possibilites.

  9. Take me to the sea…

    With candles lit and Epsom salts swirling in the tub, I applied this oil to my temples, base of neck and third eye, prepared to journey the depths of spiritual waters…

    While I tend to require significant ritual/ceremony to enter truly altered states, I found myself quickly slipping into oracular vision— exploring realms beyond the veil- gently held into this world by the grounding scents of the sea.

    This magic was a catalyst for oracular journeys of the stellar (sky spirit) variety and I look forward to carrying it forth with me in group trance ritual.

  10. I would recommend this to anyone who works with scrying. It’s great for either anointing the scrying surface, the scryer, or both.

  11. I love this series! It’s definitely helping me sleep and have very vivid dreams. I’m trying to find some lost items so I’m hoping it will assist in that as well!

  12. Incredible oil. I tend to see clouds the shape of a whale whenever I wear it. 🙂 First time I applied it, I felt the feeling of being on the water too, like I was standing on a boat. It was incredible. Very loud (in a beautiful way), deep, series; a gentle, joyous healing that plays wonderfully with my natal Fomalhaut placements. One of my favorite series yet.

  13. I love this series and all the ways it supports me when I dive into my divination tools. My standard MO is to overthink things (Sun+Mercury in Aquarius) so to get out of my analytic thinking space I use Fomalhaut Oil. I dig the initial waft of ocean … the scent reminds me washed up kelp beds drying in the sun. I can’t wait to pair this with the new Moon series .

  14. This is such a deep, sleepy, special oil. I used it along with the smoke before bed and couldn’t believe how deeply I sank into the depths of my unconscious. Truly special.

  15. I find this just like Im at the beach with something that Ive put the lid on only to find it has sand in the lid as to the screwing back on is now gritty/crunchy. It’s actually a comforting thing and put a smile on my face. The oil is significant in that I feel able to detach from my surroundings and drop quite simply into what I am intending. Divine

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